Toppers for the Artisan range

Chris asked
20th October 2014

We bought an Artisan bespoke zip and link super king size nearly three years ago. I am interested that you now recommend a mattress topper, and we are looking for a suitable wool or wool and cotton mix, but cannot find anything that is 6’6″ long. Can you help?

My wife finds our mattress too firm now, where’s I am still happy. Suggestions please Thanks Chris

1 Answer
answered 8 years ago

Hi Chris,

Although we do not sell natural fibre toppers, we do sell latex, memory foam or hybrid foam toppers.

If you specifically want natural fibres as per your post, please visit Soak & Sleep as they have a wide range of that type of topper.

I note that your wife if finding the medium tension firm and the use of a topper will soften the feel for her.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419

I trust that this helps, kind regards.