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Martine Gough asked
28th November 2016

What is the difference between pocket sprung and hand nested pocket sprung ?

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Lee Staff
answered 5 years ago

Hi Martine,

What an excellent question!

Right, this is quite a woolly term so we will answer with a bit of background to help our readers.

The difference isn’t really between a pocket spring and a hand nested one. The difference is between a nested pocket and a ‘hand’ nested pocket spring.

All springs could be said to be nested when they are placed together to form the unit for a mattress. Spun bond springs are glued together then nested to the required size. Cotton or Calico pocket springs are nested before they are stitched together as one unit.

Calico pocket springs can either be hand or machine made which is where hand-nesting comes in. We would say that only a spring that has been hand placed and stitched into its calico pocket could be classed as hand nested. Very few manufacturers do this, like one or two.

Other companies may claim hand nested, but what they mean is the springs are made via a machine and encased say in a cotton pocket and then ‘hand nested’ into the spring stitching box where springs can be stitched together. More on that here! We would advise that you ask in detail what the retailer considers to be hand nested, whether it’s made and placed in a pocket by hand, remembering only a select few will do this as its incredibly time consuming, or simply nested together before being glued or stitched.

We hope that helps but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, John and Ryan.