Using a mattress topper on different types of mattress

Paul asked
31st January 2017

I’m thinking of buying a (latex) mattress topper but have never used a topper before. But I’m not sure how it would work / feel different with different types of mattress:For example, on a tufted pocket spring mattress, would the topper sink into the tufts and so give a slightly undulating top layer or would it smooth out the feel of the mattress into a flat layer? Conversely, suppose I used the latex topper on a flat topped (e.g. memory foam) mattress; to what extent would it contribute to not retaining heat like memory foam does?

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answered 4 years ago

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Mattress toppers are used primarily to provide an extra layer of comfort on a mattress or to soften a mattress which has started to feel too firm. Our latex and hybrid foam toppers are designed for use with mattresses of a similar construction, which do not have tufts. If you used one of these on a tufted mattress, it will not provide a flat sleep area and you may then have the undulations you refer to.

If used with a memory foam mattress, it should reduce the level of heat generation being felt from the mattress, however, it may not totally eliminate it. The latex and hybrid foams are cooler in the feel to memory foam. We usually recommend that you mimic the construction of your mattress with a topper i.e. with a naturally upholstered mattress it is best to stick with natural fibres in the topper. This is also why we make the toppers to accompany our latex and hybrid foam mattresses.

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