What is the correct Mattress type

Juli branch asked
2nd August 2017

Hello. I have a bad back which coincided with changing my mattress about 6 years ago. I have since changed it twice more and still have problems.

My back always feels immediately better when I sleep in hotels so I still think the problem is the mattress. I recently slept on the FLEX IGUAZU VISCO in Spain and was going to buy one but apparently the hotel one is different to the one you can buy in the shop?

Which mattress type would you recommend please and is there somewhere I can try it? I live in Tunbridge wells. memory foam is too soft for me but viscose is better. Thanks.

1 Answer
Lee Lelant
answered 5 years ago

Good Morning Juli,

Thank you for your question. We’ve written extensively about what the correct mattress type is and it’s different depending on your height, weight and sleeping requirements. The best mattress is one that’s spring tension is tailored to your bodyweight and has the right comfort feel in the upholstery layer for your sleeping preference. ie side sleeper or back sleeper.

Unfortunately, I can’t find much information regarding this mattress online other than it being a foam mattress.

As a comparison, with hotels in the UK we compare our Origins Pocket 1500 mattress to the Premier Inn Hypnos mattress; This model is a great all-rounder as it is designed to hold a vast array of body weights. However, this is a pocket sprung mattress as opposed to foam.

If you were wanting to stick with foam then I would recommend our Hybrid 5 mattress.

This is the slightly firmer feeling mattress of our Hybrid range. It has a total depth of 28.5cm and as such is a very deep mattress but is also supportive. This mattress combines a layer of Laygel and then a layer of Reflex foam. As such it seems to be similar to the Flex Iguazu Visco from the limited information I can find.

The inclusion of the Laygel in this mattresses construction means that it has a spring like feel to it.

We don’t have a showroom of our own. However, we compare this range to the Tempur range that can be found in any Furniture Village, House of Fraser, Harrods or And So To Bed store.

I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Kind Regards Gary