What is white fibre?!

John asked
9th January 2015

Do you have any idea what “White Fibre” is?
I’m thinking of getting a mattress from you that’s close to the spec of ViSpring’s Realm Bedstead Firm.
They list loadsa natural materials but there’s also this “White Fibre” stuff.
Vispring‘s brochure ‘suggests’ they only use natural fibres – but it doesn’t actually say that clearly.
I need natural materials as my wife suffers from night sweats on artificial mattresses.

1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 6 years ago

Hi John,

Thanks for your query. It’s caused me to scratch my head slightly and do some investigation. White fibre is a very strange term that sometimes is used for polyester or any ‘white fibre’ origin unknown. I.e. synthetic fibres bundled together as the mysterious ‘white fibre’ title. That said most manufacturers simply state polyester rather than the slightly confusing white fibre?


Vispring usually uses all natural components and when I’ve checked their website the model contains no mentioned of white fibre. Vispring are a fantastic mattress manufacturer and I would doubt they would list such a confusing material in their product specification which is why I’m scratching my head!

Can I ask which brochure you are looking at? Is it a Vispring brochure or third party catalogue? It seems very out of character for their high-end mattresses?

We would advise against any specification that gave such vague terms. Vispring would certainly never use such a classification in our experience. If you could provide some more detail it would certainly help us further to assist!

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John & Ryan