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magz-1965 asked 26th November 2017

Can you tell me if an ottoman divan base is suitable with a zip and link mattress

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Amy Woolley Staff answered 1 year ago

Good morning,

Thank you for your question.

The Zip and Link mattresses are suitable to be used with an Ottoman base.

Ottoman Base

There are three standard sizes of Zip and Link available;

King size and Super king Zip and Link mattresses are standard sizes and can fit into/onto any standard bed frame  but obviously, cannot be separated. Extra king is a specialist size and only suitable with the appropriate Divan Base.

Remember when selecting your headboards for ziplinks that you will need 2 x singles (or 2 x 2’6 for King zip and link) in order that the beds can be separated without removing. If you go for a one piece headboard then it will have to be removed when you separate the beds. Also be aware of the design, when the beds are together the headboard has to look like one piece, so the sides that butt up together should be verticle no fancy shapes or protrusions (metal headboards). One of the more popular designs chosen for a Zip and Link headboard is the Warbreck.


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