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The Origins Range

Our Origins range represents our starter models and provides the minimum standard you should expect from any of our Luxury Mattresses. These have been specifically designed to achieve the best mattresses you can get within this price range.

Origins Comfort 1000
Perfectly balanced and great value for money, this mattress combines pocket-springs with deep man-made fillings, to create the softest sleep surface.
Origins Pocket Reflex 1000
An excellent ‘all-rounder’ with layers of soft foam and polyester over pocket springs, which provide comfort, durability and a supportive firmer feel.   
Origins Pocket 1500
Our most popular man-made, natural fibre mattress combines a 1500 pocket-spring unit with layers of luxurious fillings, for a soothingly satisfying sleep experience.
Origins Pocket Latex 1500
Combining a quality 1500 pocket spring unit with a deep Talalay latex comfort layer. Mixing both progressive comfort with traditional support. A medium firmer edge progressive feel.

The Artisan Range

Our Artisan range of Luxury Mattresses are as bespoke as you can get. All mattresses within this range can be tailored precisely to your needs by altering the spring tensions across the entire mattress, or by combining two different spring tensions (such as medium in one half and firm in the other).

Artisan 1500
Unbeatable in terms of components and price, this natural and man made fibre mattress offers exceptional levels of comfort and support.
Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000
Two tiers of spunbond encased premium pocket springs, and 85% natural comfort fillings combine for a truly tailored sleep experience.
Artisan Naturals
Our best selling natural fibre mattress, packs the finest fillings on a calico pocket spring unit, to create the perfect medium feel for this price
Artisan Latex
The Artisan Latex is the only mattress in the Artisan range that is 100% plant-based that makes it not just suitable for vegans but anyone who is sensitive or allergic to animal fibres.
Artisan Bespoke 004
Hand crafted with 100% natural fibres and vanadium coated pocket springs, this tailored sleep experience includes an additional layer of breathable bamboo.
Artisan Luxury
Sumptuous layers of 100% natural fibres, and a tailored tension calico pocket spring unit create the softest feeling sleep surface.  
Artisan Bespoke
The ultimate in firmness and 100% natural fibre fillings, this mattress provides soothing medium support, through tailored calico pocket springs.
Artisan Bespoke 002
Our highest specification mattress uses a double tier calico spring unit, combined with deep natural fibre comfort layers, for ultra responsiveness.
Artisan Bespoke 003
One of our finest natural models, combines dual layers of calico springs with breathable fibres, to regulate body temperature and create a comforting cool sleep surface.  
Artisan Sublime
Ultra breathable layers of natural organic plant fibres compliment supportive vanadium coated calico springs, to create the most sumptuous medium feel sleep experience.

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Extra King Size Zip and Link Mattresses From John Ryan by Design

When it comes to buying a mattress you should take your time to consider the options. There are a wide variety of products to choose from and you don’t want to end up getting something you’ll regret. At John Ryan By Design we sell high-grade mattresses that are designed to give you the best hand-made mattress you can get for your money. We’ve built our reputation around our knowledge, respect and integrity.

Mattresses are our passion, so we want you to be able to understand every aspect of the buying process. We’ll answer any questions you have on size, material, build quality and feel. After you know everything there is to know, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Our extensive product range includes a collection of extra king zip and link mattresses. This kind of mattress utilises bars and zippers to create a unique bed. The zips and bars can be linked or separated, resulting in two singles or one big bed. Extra king zip and link mattresses can be crafted with alternative spring tensions on each side, making them suitable for people of all body sizes.

What are the dimensions of zip and link mattresses?

Our zip and link mattresses are made up of three categories:

Kingsize ziplink – (5’0 x 6’6”) – Compromising 2 x 2’6” x 6’6” beds

Extra king ziplink – (6’0 x 6’3”) – Compromising 2 x 3’0” x 6’3” beds

Super king ziplink – (6’0 x 6’6”) – Compromising 2 x 3’0” x 6’6’ beds

What types of extra king zip and link mattresses do we offer?

Our extra king zip and link mattresses are split into two categories:

Origins – Entry level extra king ziplink mattresses at an affordable price

Artisan – Bespoke extra king ziplink mattresses for individual preferences

For someone who wants an affordable mattress, our Origins Pocket 1500 is a great choice. Coming with a three year guarantee, this mattress is comfortable and excellent value for money. Another popular mattress is the Artisans Natural, made from 85% Natural Fibres. The Calico covering ensures extra support, while the ten year guarantee means you’ll have a long-lasting experience. Such is our faith in the Artisans Natural, we believe this product is where we stake our claim as mattress specialists.

Why buy a John Ryan Mattress?

We believe in offering a personal service that goes beyond selling mattresses. We want our customers to know we deliver our promises on time and right first time with high quality and superior performance. We’ll make sure you understand spring tension, material and the number of pocket springs. No detail is irrelevant.

A crucial part of our business is the 60 day ‘Love It or Return It’ guarantee. If you aren’t happy with a mattress after 60 days then we’ll collect it free of charge and give you a full refund. We’re not interested in making quick money.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your new mattress.

If you’d like to know more about our mattresses then we’re available to chat over the phone. Get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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