Headboards explained

Headboards add that finishing touch to your mattress and base providing both style and function. The days of plain or drab headboards are now behind us, as an array of different styles, fabrics and finishes are now available. Here at John Ryan By Design, we offer a range of 7 different styles of headboard to suit all tastes. This article tells you everything you need to know about headboards.

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Headboards don’t just add style to your bed but also prevent pillows from slipping down the back of beds, prevent you marking your walls and can provide that snug feeling to your overall sleeping experience. There are many different manufacture methods of headboards from solid wood, metal to padded upholstered headboards.

Our headboards are made by hand to the same high standards as our mattresses and base products. We make them in all our standard sizes and the headboard heights can be found here.

Our John Ryan By Design Origins and Artisan headboards are available in the following styles:

Styles of John Ryan By Design Headboard

  1. Forbes headboard
  2. Bella headboard
  3. Laura headboard
  4. Leah headboard
  5. Warbreck headboard
  6. Georgia headboard
  7. Derbyshire headboard

Forbes headboard



Bella headboard


Laura headboard


Leah headboard


Warbreck headboard


Georgia headboard


Derbyshire headboard


Headboard sizes & dimensions

Headboards are all standard widths in line with the mattress sizes, see the table below.

The height of our Artisan headboards is 48″ / 1.2m and the height of the Origins headboard is 54″ /1.3m.

They use standard headboard bolt fixtures and can be raised or lowered depending on the depth of the mattress.

Headboards for Zip & Link Beds

When it comes to zip and link beds you have two options with headboards. You can have either:

  1. One piece headboard – useful if you’re not planning on separating the mattresses but are using the zip & link for different tensions like a soft/firm split or to reduce movement from another sleeper.
  2. Two-piece headboard – this allows the bed and the headboards to be split. This is useful for guest houses or spare rooms where you may split the beds dependent on the guest.

Please leave us a note in your order when ordering a zip and link bed with headboard as to which of the above you prefer. Our friendly team will, however, call once the order is placed but it is worth bearing in mind how you want the headboards to work.

How are headboards attached to beds?

Headboards are attached using headboard bolts. These bolts are placed through headboard fixing slots and are then hand screwed into screw grommets in the back of mattress divan bases. You can move the headboard up and down to the desired height. This is useful as some mattresses, particularly our models, are quite deep. Being able to raise the headboard is useful. So the design of the board only starts where the mattress finishes and not part way down the mattress.

Usually, headboards are fitted when the bed is delivered.  Our delivery staff deliver to the room of choice and will assemble as part of our service. If buying base elsewhere where you may need to self-assemble the grommets should be identified by small stickers on the base at the head end.

headboard bolts
Headboard bolts

If buying base elsewhere where you may need to self-assemble the grommets should be identified by small stickers on the base at the head end. You may need to pierce these carefully with a Stanley knife to get through the upholstery.

High-quality headboards should have runners in the headboard fixings. These prevent damage to the fabric, especially in zip and link beds that are being moved or adjusted frequently. The runners can be seen here as a grey plastic protector.

John Ryan Silver Hopsack 3
Headboard runners


Need more help with choosing a headboard? Why not contact our small expert team for some advice on 0161 437 4419?