August 2018

10 Tell Tale Signs You Need a New Mattress

Have you found it hard to get a good night’s rest lately? If you’ve ruled out other possibilities for why you’re not sleeping well, it could be time to check your mattress. Being comfortable in bed plays an important role in getting a proper sleep and if a mattress doesn’t give you that comfort you need, then it’s time to replace it. We’re listing ten possible reasons why it could be time to get a new mattress.

1. You don’t feel restored when you wake up

You know you’ve slept well when you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. But if you wake up feeling really groggy and continue to feel drowsy during the day then it could be a sign that you’ve not been able to get comfortable in bed. And your mattress could be the reason. If you’re finding this to be the case on a regular basis, then there’s a good chance that your mattress needs replacing.

2. You’re aching and sore

Do you feel stiff and achy when you wake up? This could be due to sleeping on a failing mattress. Over time, mattresses can lose support, causing your body to sink down and be held up by the springs. Low-quality springs, especially cage sprung beds, may lead you to develop pressure points in your shoulders, neck and back which can cause aches and pains. The position you sleep in can play a big part in the type of mattress you need. You can take a look at some of our mattress recommendations for back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

cage sprung mattress spring details
Cheap cage sprung mattresses cause endless sleep problems!

3. The mattress is over eight years old

Age is an important consideration for a mattress. Warranty factors into age, with many customers believing that the length of a warranty is the same as the expected lifespan of a mattress. This isn’t the case, as a mattress can break down long before the end of the warranty period.

A warranty can cover certain parts of a mattress, like the springs, but it doesn’t cover comfort. We’d recommend replacing most mattresses if it’s over eight years old.

4. The mattress is sagging

If you’re suffering from back pain then it’s worth checking a mattress for potential sagging. The process happens for a number of reasons. The most common is when comfort layers compress, especially if the layers are too thin or not adequately layered. Thin layers will compress far quicker than thicker loftier upholstery layers. In the worst case, sagging can occur when a cheap spring unit fails. Sagging is nearly always irreparable and can lead to an uncomfortable sleeping sensation. Our Origins 1500 Pocket mattress is designed to provide a lasting amount of support, with high GSM upholstery layers which help protect against sagging.

5. You sink into a mattress too much

Even if there isn’t any noticeable sag, you might still feel as if you’re sinking into the mattress too much. The feeling of being swallowed into the mattress! Again this can be down to compression or in foam mattresses the breakdown of the foam layers within it. A mattress that has been worn down to this extent can affect sleep negatively and leave you feeling tired the next day.

6. Roll together

Do you find yourself rolling into the middle of the mattress during the night? This can be down to wear and tear of the support unit, especially with cheaper spring units. It can also occur if you don’t frequently turn your mattress and fibres settle in one place, usually the middle. This combined with compression can lead to a sag in the middle of the mattress. Meaning during the night you and your partner roll together. Zip and link mattress can be an excellent way to combat this and also provide two tailored sleep solutions by having split spring tensions.

Artisan Bespoke 004 mattress
A zip and link mattress can eliminate roll together

Our Artisan Naturals comes with 1600 pocket springs that are protected with a calico covering. This adds another layer of support, ensuring the mattress will endure for years to come. The Artisan Naturals can also be made as a zip & link mattress to minimise potential roll together or differently weighted sleepers.

7. Your dust allergy is acting up

If you find yourself sneezing constantly in the night then this may be a sign that you need a new mattress. Dust mites are one of the most common allergens and they can flourish in old mattresses, especially if they haven’t been maintained by frequent turning and rotating. To combat allergies, you could invest in a dust mite resistant mattress cover and be sure to wash your bedding regularly on a hot long spin wash.

8. Your weight has changed

It’s possible that you may have gained or lost weight during the life cycle of a mattress. A mattress may have supported you a few years ago, but that could have changed based on any change in weight. If you’re over 18 stone (114kg), our resilience mattress range is specially designed for heavyweight sleepers.

9. You’re more comfortable in other places

If you find yourself getting a better sleep in a different bed or on the sofa, then it’s time to get a new mattress. Your own bed should be the most comfortable place in the house and should help you to feel relaxed and recharged ready for the next day.

10. You’re sleeping on a bouncy castle

Having a stable bed is crucial for sleep. If you turn over in the night and it feels as if you’re rocking in a boat or are on a bouncy castle, then it means that your mattress is showing signs of transference. Transference is when any movement is echoed through the mattresses spring unit each time you move. You find this a lot with cage sprung mattresses and open coils. If so it’s time to replace it for a pocket sprung version.

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