February 2022

The no turn mattress scam

So you're searching for your new mattress and you see an icon with 'No turn mattress' and think brilliant that will save me some effort! But let's dig a little deeper behind this 'benefit' and explain why it's not in your interests to choose a no turn mattress over a traditional two-sided mattress.

Updated 2022: With the influx of one-sided boxed mattresses such as Eve, Casper, Simba, Emma, Herdy and any Pillowtop mattress you may be fooled into thinking this is a time-saving benefit. However, did you know that there are serious drawbacks to one-sided mattresses that manufacturers don’t want you to know?

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You are effectively buying half a mattress! Scandalous!

A one-sided or no turn mattress can’t be turned so surely that makes mattress maintenance far easier?

We explain why you need to carefully consider whether you’re ready for the potential drawbacks of a one-sided mattress.

No turn mattresses Guide

Before spending a significant amount on a new no turn mattress you really need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Our guide below will explain why you may want to think twice about these mattresses.

What is a One-sided/ no turn mattress?

A no-turn mattress means you can only sleep on one side.

A no turn mattress is not a benefit to you. It’s yet another marketing trick, such as inflated spring counts. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a feature it’s simply one of the drawbacks of these mattresses. We have written previously about the one-sided mattress problem which should be read in conjunction with this article.

A one-sided mattress has fillings such as foam or high loft fibres in the top layer of the mattress. These can’t be turned over because if they were, they would get crushed and potentially not return to their usual shape or feel. You also cannot sleep on the other side.

No turn bed scam

You often find this with boxed foam-based mattresses, like Casper, Ev, Simba etc where they layer up softer foams and fillings on top of a firmer foam support system. There are also pocket spring one-sided mattress models that use this method as well which can be found in all the retailers like Dreams, Bensons and the like.

For the most part pocket spring one-sided mattresses are designed that way to save costs as you only have half the fillings needed in a mattress and can still charge a regular price for them.

If you see a ‘No turn’ label or feature you know that a mattress is one-sided and you need to carefully consider whether you’re happy to settle for only being able to use one side.

Why is it no turn?

It is a no-turn mattress when it only has Comfort Layer fillings on one side. Rather than the traditional two-sided mattress. So when it wears out (usually twice as fast because it can’t be turned) you can’t turn the mattress over and use the other side.

Also when the mattress settles over time, there is no way to even this out. To ensure the longest lifespan for a mattress you should always aim to turn your mattress each month to help reduce settlement.

Premier inn hypnos mattress pillowtop
The Pillowtop is one of the worst construction methods of one-sided no turn mattresses

The sales pitch from one-sided mattress retailers makes you think this will save you effort.  However, not being able to turn or rotate your mattress will simply reduce its lifespan dramatically. The real reason why mattresses are No-Turn is because of the construction method.

With memory foam and boxed mattresses, they are built up in layers of foam from a firm reflex support foam to softer memory or hybrid foams. They can only be made one-sided as flipping them over would crush and damage the softer top foam layers as they don’t have the resilience of other fibres such as Natural upholstery.

There is also an argument that No-turn mattresses allow manufacturers to reduce the amount of upholstery fillings in their mattresses. As they are only upholstering one side. It also means that in cheaper mattresses larger cruder spring units and large sections of foam can be used to bulk up the base of the mattress. Our main issue is the fact that these one-sided mattresses cost the same as a two-sided alternative. So why should you settle for half the fillings for the same price? The answer is you shouldn't.
Our main issue is the fact that these one-sided mattresses cost the same as a two-sided alternative.

What is a turnable mattress?

A turnable mattress is also known as a 2-sided model. You can use both sides of this mattress meaning you’re going to get twice as much life out of your mattress purchase compared to a one-sided mattress. Buying a turnable mattress is a far better investment. By being able to use each side you can even out wear and reduce settlements. Most memory foam and boxed mattresses are one-sided. Whereas most pocket sprung natural fibre models should be two-sided.

Should I turn my mattress to extend its lifetime?

Yes, you should, but the construction of this type of one-sided mattresses makes it impossible. You can rotate the mattress to even out wear, but you cant turn it or you would be sleeping on the rock-solid underside.

All mattresses should, at least, be rotated 180 degrees, if they can’t be turned over, once a month to help even out wear. If not the mattress will settle far quicker leaving potential dips and sags. Mattress maintenance and care are essential to ensuring your bed lasts for as long as possible. if you fail to turn and rotate your bed it will settle and potentially dip far faster as wear is being concentrated on the same spot night after night.

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No turn mattresses are usually cheaper foam models
No turn mattresses are usually cheaper foam models
The only reason you should chose a 'One sided bed' is if its half the price!
The only reason you should chose a 'One sided bed' is if its half the price!

What if I cannot turn my mattress?

If you physically cannot turn the mattress yourself we would still recommend you buy a two-sided mattress because when one side wears out, which it inevitably will if not turning or rotating your mattress monthly. You still have the option of gaining some assistance in turning the mattress.

Even if this can only be achieved annually. The other side of your mattress will be brand new and provide you with many more years of comfort rather than having to be disposed of.

There a few exceptions where a one-sided mattress is acceptable but these are very rare. For example, a pocket sprung and natural latex mattress would use a one-sided construction method, however, it needs to have a significantly high GSM of fillings which reduces the issue with it being one-sided.

Latex has a very high resilience and response rate so it doesn’t suffer like cheaper foams or polyester to sag and dip as quickly.

John Ryan Hybrid Mattress with topper
Adding a deep topper can help reduce the issues with one-sided mattresses. Click to view mattress toppers.

How to spot a no turn or one sided mattress

There are a number of tricks and murky descriptions that retailers will use to sell you a no-turn mattress. Sometimes without you even realising it. Here we list some of the key terms or descriptions of mattresses that can help you avoid buying a one-sided mattress by accident.

Remember: unless you’re paying half the price then you really shouldn’t opt for a one-sided mattress unless necessary.

One-sided mattress terms to avoid:

  • ‘No turn’
  • Pillowtop
  • Limited turn
  • Rotate only
  • Anti turn
  • Single sided
  • Deep topped

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No turn or one-sided mattresses should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. There are a few rare cases where they are acceptable but always double-check why this model isn’t two-sided first.

All of our hybrid and latex mattresses come with our dual construction method, not seen in many of the retailers. This constructs of a high-quality memory /hybrid foam base with a matching high-quality topper. This means that you can rotate and turn the topper when you normally would turn your mattress.

The easiest way to remove the drawbacks of a no-turn mattress, however, is to buy a two-sided well-upholstered mattress.

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