August 2013

The no turn mattress scam

So you're searching for your new mattress and you see an icon with 'No turn mattress' and think brilliant that will save me some effort! But let's dig a little deeper behind this 'benefit' and explain why it's not in your interests to choose a no turn mattress over a two-sided model.

With the influx of one-sided boxed mattresses such as Eve, Casper and any Pillowtop mattress you may be fooled into thinking this is a time-saving benefit. However, did you know that there are serious drawbacks to one-sided mattresses that manufacturers don’t want you to know?

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A one-sided mattress can’t be turned so surely that makes mattress maintenance far easier? We explain why you need to carefully consider whether you’re ready for the potential drawbacks of a one-sided mattress.

What is a One-sided mattress?

A no-turn mattress is not a benefit, but a necessary requirement for most memory foam and foam based beds. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a feature it’s simply one of the drawbacks of these mattresses. We have written previously about the one-sided mattress problem which should be read in conjunction with this article.

A one-sided mattress has fillings such as foam or high loft fibres in the top layer of the mattress. These can’t be turned over because if they were, they would get crushed and potentially not return to their usual shape or feel.

Why is it no turn?

These ‘No turn’ or one-sided mattresses are made using the principle of a firmer base layer being layered with softer layers on top. So you start with the firmest and work your way up getting softer the higher up the mattress. If you imagine the memory foam or latex top layer as the softer mouldable layer of the bed with the firmer reflex layer as the base.

Premier inn hypnos mattress pillowtop
The Pillowtop is one of the worst construction methods of one-sided no turn mattresses

If you also had a soft memory foam layer under the base say to make it two-sided, it would become compressed very quickly as the entire weight of the sleeper and mattress would be pressing down on it. It would be crushed over time and become useless. This is why these mattress types are always no turn.

The sales pitch makes you think this will save you effort but actually not turning or rotating your mattress will simply reduce its lifespan dramatically.

There is also an argument that No-turn mattresses allow manufacturers to reduce the amount of upholstery fillings in their mattresses. As they are only upholstering one side. It also means that in cheaper mattresses larger cruder spring units and large sections of foam can be used to bulk up the base of the mattress.

But shouldn’t I turn my mattress to extend its lifetime?

Yes, you should, but the construction of memory foam means this is somewhat impossible. You can rotate the mattress to even out wear. You can’t turn it or you would be sleeping on the firm reflex layer which would give a completely different feel to the mattress and damage the top layer as the weight shifts onto it.

All mattresses should, at least, be rotated 180 degrees, if they can’t be turned over, once a month to help even out wear. If not the mattress will settle far quicker leaving potential dips and sags.

All of our Artisan Mattresses are two-sided and fully turnable
No turn mattresses are usually cheaper foam models
No turn mattresses are usually cheaper foam models
The only reason you should chose a 'One sided bed' is if its half the price!
The only reason you should chose a 'One sided bed' is if its half the price!

Doesn’t this mean my mattress is of a lower quality to a traditional mattress?

Not necessarily it is just a different construction method, what we are doing is giving you awareness not to consider a no turn mattress as a benefit or deal maker when out looking at mattresses. Foam mattresses can have many benefits, such as allowing progressive comfort with their layering, but the drawback is that it is always going to be a one-sided mattress.

It must be said that a one sided mattress if only rotated will naturally have a shorter lifespan than a two sided fully turnable mattress

What’s the solution to no turn mattresses?

We acknowledge the drawback of no turn mattresses and our unique design of mattresses gives you the possibility of a partial turn mattress with our hybrid foam mattresses for this reason. Buying a mattress is usually a significant expenditure if you’ve done your research and are truly buying a fit for purpose mattress.

John Ryan Hybrid Mattress with topper
Adding a deep topper can help reduce the issues with one-sided mattresses



All of our hybrid and latex mattresses come with our dual construction method, not seen in many of the retailers. This constructs of a high-quality memory /hybrid foam base with a matching high-quality topper. This means that you can rotate and turn the topper when you normally would turn your mattress.

The easiest way to remove the drawbacks of a no-turn mattress, however, is to buy a two-sided well-upholstered mattress.

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