January 2019

Best Sleeping Positions If You Suffer From Back Pain

Do you often wake up with back pain? If so, you’re not the only one.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people’s sleep experience to suffer because they’re constantly waking up to aches and pains in the morning. You might be surprised to learn that most back pain isn’t actually the result of a serious medical condition like fibromyalgia, or arthritis. More often than not, it comes from a combination of stress, your mattress, and consistently adopting awkward and uncomfortable sleeping positions.

With this in mind, we wanted to go through some sleeping positions you can try if you suffer from back pain, in order to help you get the soothing night’s rest you deserve.

On your side with a pillow between your knees

Side sleeper with pillow between legs

One position you could try if you’re often uncomfortable in bed is sleeping on your side, so that your left or right shoulder makes contact with your mattress, while placing a pillow between where your knees meet. The pillow will actually help to keep your hips, pelvis, and spine more aligned. Remember, whenever you sleep on your side, try not to sleep on the same side every night. This can lead to other health issues, such as muscle imbalance and even scoliosis.

On your side in the fetal position

If you prefer sleeping on your side but you don’t like the sound of using a pillow between your knees, then try to curl up into the fetal position before you drift off. This means tucking your knees in towards your chest, while you curl your torso towards your knees. By doing this you’ll open up the space between your vertebrae, which can help ease nerve pain and weakness. Keep in mind, this position is definitely not ideal if you suffer from arthritis, as it’s best to keep your body straightened as much as you can.

On your back with a pillow under your knees

back sleeper with pillow under head and legs

Many people find lying on their back to be the most effective sleeping position when it comes to relieving back pain. If you prefer to sleep on your back, then try placing a pillow underneath your knees so that your legs are slightly elevated. This can help to keep your head, neck and spine rested in a neutral position, putting less pressure on your back and other pressure points.

On your stomach with a pillow under your abdomen

Sleeping on your stomach is often not the most ideal position for back pain, partly because it can end up putting more stress on your neck, leaving you with neck pain in the morning. However, if you really prefer this position then you could try placing a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen, as this will help to relieve some of the pressure. It can also aid in relieving any stress that’s placed on the space between your discs, making it more beneficial if you suffer from degenerative disc disease.

No matter what sleeping position you prefer, it’s important to focus on the alignment of your spine when you sleep and remember that your mattress can play a pivotal role in relieving your back pain.

Firm Orthopedic Mattresses can actually cause back pain

We get so many customers who have been told to choose a firm mattress to help with their bad back. There are many discussions in our Ask a question section where people have been given the incorrect advice that the best mattress for a bad back is a firm one. The mattress industry has even invented its own term for these super firm concrete like mattresses, Orthopaedic. However, did you know that a firm mattress can actually cause you more distress and back pain? We’ve written a really detailed article all about it here and what to avoid. 

Spring TensionWire diameter (Gauge)Weight Range
Soft1.2mmBespoke Tension (Please Call)
Medium1.4mmUpto 16 stone
Firm1.6mm16 stone plus
Extra Firm / Orthopaedic1.9mm20 stone plus

What you really need is a mattress that is supportive for your bodyweight and everyone’s weight ranges are different. That’s where you need some expert guidance which we can provide. So why not get in touch before spending a fortune on a firm mattress that may actually make your sleep worse!

Your mattress matters when it comes to back pain

At John Ryan, we take the quality of your sleep seriously, and we’re proud to offer a range of Luxury Mattresses for Back Pain, which are tailored and tested to give you all the support and comfort you need to alleviate those aches.  

artisan naturals mattress

Take our Pocket Sprung mattresses that utilise individual springs, cushioned in their own breathable pockets, to fully support the whole of your body and adjust themselves to the pressure the shape of your body makes. There’s also our Origins 1500 and our Artisan Naturals mattress, which are designed to help support and soothe you if you frequently sleep on your back and suffer from back pain.  

By choosing the right mattress, you can make your mornings waking up to back pains a thing of the past, and we are here to guide you through all the options available to you. We’ll find you a mattress that’s tailored to your height and weight, and that’s able to adapt to your every movement and sleeping position.  

So, for more information about mattresses for back pain, get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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