May 2019

Why Are People Flocking Towards Wool Mattresses?

It’s no surprise that wool has become such a popular choice of mattress material. Having been used since the Stone Age, it’s one of the most adaptable natural materials around, and can be found in everything from cardigans to carpets – and more importantly in mattresses.

We wanted to go through some of the reasons why people are flocking towards mattresses that use wool as an upholstery fibre, including how it can constantly get hot and bothered during the night, and also plenty of people who frequently get far too cold too. If this sounds like you, then a mattress with wool fillings could be the ideal solution to stop your disturbed sleep.

A wool mattress is extremely breathable, and has natural insulation and moisture-wicking properties. All of which work wonders for regulating your body temperature. Keeping you nice and snug during the winter months and cool during those hot summer nights.

It’s springy and supportive

Despite the fact a wool mattress is sumptuously soft to the touch, it’s also incredibly springy and supportive too. In fact, wool fibres are also resistant to tearing, meaning they are actually able to bend back on themselves.

Our most popular Natural Fibre mattress, the Artisan Naturals, contains a massive 1200GSM of Blended British fleece wool and cotton on a Calico springs/” class=”” >Pocket spring unit. This ensures that the mattress can offer progressive support, and a much higher level of comfort for a better night’s sleep throughout the lifetime of the mattress.

Allows you to breathe easier

If you happen to suffer from allergies, then a wool mattress can provide you with some soothing relief. This is because wool fibre in a mattress is naturally antibacterial and can trap floating dust, making it more effective at helping you breathe better than any synthetic fibres.

Also, no allergy-inducing chemicals need to be added to a wool mattress, because wool is inherently fire-retardant and has a higher ignition threshold than many other fibres.

Wool is wonderful

To sum up, any mattress that uses wool as a Natural Fibre is able to provide a much higher level of quality comfort and support, while regulating your body temperature, far more effectively than synthetic man-made fibres.

Whether it’s used as a top comfort layer, or further down in the mattress’s support layer, wool is incredibly versatile and multifunctional. Plus, we only use British Wool in our Luxury Natural Fibre Mattresses, as this guarantees the highest quality of material. This also helps to support the UK farming and textile industry, and reduces the distance the material needs to travel, making it much better for the environment.

The wool mattresses we offer at John Ryan include:

  • Artisan Naturals 1200GSM Blended British fleece wool and cotton.
  • Artisan Bespoke 004 1200GSM Blended British fleece wool and cotton + 1000GSM Bonded fleece wool and cotton.
  • Artisan Luxury (Our softest wool filled model) 1200GSM Blended British fleece wool and cotton + 1000GSM Pure British wool.
  • Artisan Bespoke (Our firmest upholstery feel) 500GSM Pure British wool + 1200GSM Blended British fleece wool and cotton.
  • Artisan Bespoke 002 1200GSM Blended British fleece wool and cotton + 1000GSM Bonded fleece wool and cotton.

Want to know more about the Natural Fibres we use in our Pocket Sprung Natural Fibre mattresses?
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