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Artisan Bespoke 002

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Our Luxe range uses the absolute finest natural comfort layers and handmade spring units. This range easily rivals the most expensive mattress brands in the UK at a fraction of the cost. This mattress combines a two tier handmade calico spring unit with 100% natural fibres. If you like a medium feel and only the absolute finest will do, then this is the mattress for you.
GSM: 3600
Pocket Springs: 2508
Natural Fibre: 100%
Guarantee: 10 Year

The firmness of the mattress you desire is determined by a few factors. Your weight and height, and the mattress of your choice. The upholstery layers are the very top comfort layers and give different degrees of firmness alongside the spring unit which should be chosen based on your weight.

A dual-layer of calico springs and ultra-deep comfort layers make this our highest specification highly responsive medium feel mattress. The handcrafted double spring unit accentuates support and Natural Fibres include soft bamboo.

This is a medium feel highly responsive mattress featuring 3600GSM of 100% Natural Fibre breathable fillings. This is coupled with a Dual Layer Pocket Spring support system for the ultimate in progressive support.

The top Comfort Layer is provided by 1200GSM of Blended British Wool & Cotton in a 50/50 blend. The next layer of soft Bamboo helps give a medium feel in the top layers of this mattress.

The next layers of 1200GSM of Pure Horsetail and then more Blended British Wool acts as a firmer insulator layer against the lively twin spring system.

If you turn frequently during the night then this mattress is ideally placed to help facilitate moving during the night without waking the sleeper due to the responsivity of the Spring System.


Artisan Bespoke 002
DEPTH 27-30cm
Rated Excellent Trustpilot
How it will feel

This model has an overall medium feel in the upholstery layers and medium lively support system with the twin up pocket springs. It comes in variable spring tensions which are tailored to your weight. Please choose the correct spring tension based on the table to the right or call for advice.

7-9 ST 9-11 ST 11-13 ST 13-15 ST 15-17 ST 17-19 ST
5’ - 5’3 Medium Medium Medium Medium Firm Firm
5’3 - 5’6 Medium Medium Medium Medium Firm Firm
5’6 - 5’9 Medium Medium Medium Medium Firm Firm
5’9 - 6’ Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
6’ - 6’3 Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
6’3 - 6’6 Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
How it will feel

This all Natural Fibre mattress uses a double tier calico spring unit, combined with deep natural fibre comfort layers, for ultra responsiveness.

The 100% Natural Fibre content means this is a highly breathable mattress to help regulate body temperatures. If you’re a fidgety sleeper the lively spring unit will help you turn and move during the night unlike slow to react memory foam and one-sided mattresses.

We have always said in order to see if you are getting a good buy you have to be able to do ‘like for like’ comparisons with a similar model. This is why we always disclose the entire GSM and spring detailing to assist.

Rated Excellent Trustpilot
8 Reviews
Don't just take our work for it! Here's what our satisfied customers had to say about the Artisan Bespoke 002.

8 reviews for Artisan Bespoke 002

  1. Gran

    Wanting the best bed we could afford, we looked at the top ranges on the high street and were staggered at the prices. Looking online, we came across John Ryan quite by chance. Obviously we had doubts at buying a bed online, but asked lots of questions, read reviews, and finally put in an order. We were not disappointed in the quality and comfort of our Artisan Bespoke 002 bed, comparable to our previous Vi- Spring bed. A small problem with the upholstery on the headboard was speedily remedied. Personal customer service was excellent from the outset, with individual advice on every detail.
    In our opinion, this is a company with high standards in which a customer can put full trust. Gran

  2. Jonathan


    Ordered Artisan Bespoke 002 Kingsize in ‘Medium’ tension, plus a 4-drawer base. Ordering by phone was informative & straightforward, and an early delivery was accommodated because of our holiday commitments. Delivery itself was also well-handled. Although the quality of the bed was faultless, unfortunately after delivery we found the mattress more ‘medium-firm’ than expected, and after three weeks spent trying to get used to it, it became clear we needed something softer. After discussing this with JohnRyan, they agreed to a ‘Soft’ tension replacement without any quibbling whatsoever. The mattress arrived last week, and it is now perfect for us. The quality of their product really is superb, but I would suggest to just be certain that you have really ‘spent time’ trying the equivalent Vi-Spring bed so you know what to expect in terms of firmness. I’d also suggest you consider the bed’s height, as the mattress level is quite high off the ground compared to our old bed; this isn’t any problem, but it surprised us when the bed arrived. It does make the bed look quite luxurious, even in a larger room, but you may find your feet may dangle off the ground if your’e short! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending both this bed, and JohnRyan. Jonathan

  3. James

    We chose the Artisan Bespoke 002 zipped and linked super-king mattress. The mattress was delivered on the pre arranged date by caring couriers but unfortunately had been marked prior to delivery. One phone call to factory – beds and a new mattress was ordered on our behalf to swap over within a few weeks. We have now had the mattress for a few weeks and it is as JR described , although we have complemented it with a good quality topper . I would highly recommend John Ryan . An excellent product at a fair price. James

  4. Darren Jackson

    First class service and advice given was the best I’ve experienced, the advice given by Julie in helping me decide what mattress was most suited to our requirements was absolutely spot on.
    The delivery men Anton and Roy were very courteous, smartly dressed and professional and seem very proud in what they do and who they represent John Ryan.
    I ordered an Artisan Bespoke 002 the quality of the mattress is equal if not better than its comparison Vi spring Tiara Superb at a fraction of the price.
    I’m absolutely delighted with the service and product, I will certainly will be recommending John Ryan.

  5. Faheem Khan

    I have had this mattress for about 6 years now… not sure why I haven’t written a review yet! I have since bought other mattresses from JR without hesitation, solely based on the experience with my Artisan mattress.

    We got a custom size and different tensions on either side – and I can honestly say nothing bad about it! It is extremely comfortable, and when my wife shuffles around in bed, I rarely feel it. It is most noticeable when we go on holiday and some places have really bad mattresses… My word, it amplifies and underlines just how good ours is!

    £2000 on a mattress seems like its ostentatious… but really, if you spend a minimum of 6 hrs a day on it… over 10 years (guarantee period)… It is about 50p per sleep… And since it will probably last even longer than that, it is probably only ~35p per sleep ?

    Don’t compromise on your mattress quality, you spend far more money on things which mater far less to you (expensive dinners, new coats, pub nights!); And you cannot put a price on good sleep.

    Don’t hesitate, just buy it… you won’t regret it. And no, I was not paid to write this!!!

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