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What is the best mattress for a £2000 plus budget?

If you are lucky enough to have a budget of £2000 plus when looking for a new mattress then you're in for a real treat with the amazing luxury natural fibre options available to you. When spending £2000 plus on a new bed you're going to have the pick of the finest beds available in the retail market.

You’ve well and truly moved away from the mass-produced cheap models and are moving into high end territory.  So this should be really good news for you. As you have a budget that lets you choose a truly fitting model based on your body weight, sleeping preference and comfort level. All of which will help provide a far better nights sleep for you and your partner.

This guide will explain exactly what you can expect for your £2000 plus bed budget.  Let’s discuss in more detail the £2000+ mattress choices and how to choose the best mattress.

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£2000+ is where high-end natural fibre bespoke mattresses are available. Click to view.

It’s worth considering that a quality mattress and good nights sleep should be budgeted and planned for. If you opt for a cheap discount mattress you may end up making multiple purchases every 2-3 years meaning its a false cost-saving.

Mattress Price RangeAverage Retailer Life SpanCost Per Nights Sleep
£10007 years0.39p
£20007 years0.78p
£30007 years£1.17

What to expect from a £2000+ mattress

So what can you expect for your money in terms of support units and fillings from a £2000 plus mattress? By understanding whats available for your money you can avoid cheap mattress models hiding in this price point and reduce the selection of mattresses you’re looking at.

Meaning you can quickly compare a handful of quality natural fibre beds before making your mattress decision. By knowing what to expect you can avoid salespeople’s spin, marketing tricks and make the process far simpler. Saving you time and money when looking for a new mattress.

Tufted mattress cover

Mattress Support

Support for your £2000 mattress should be provided by a calico pocket spring unit with no exceptions. At this price,  synthetic or polyester covered springs will not suffice and should be avoided. You should expect the highest quality, breathable, forged pocket springs.

Pocket springs are the best form of support in a mattress and calico springs are the highest quality offering both breathability and ultimate progressive support. Pocket springs will individually contour to your body weight. They also reduce transference and provide a really robust support unit for your mattress. This results in less settlement or sagging issues if the mattress is looked after. Calico pocket springs are hand sewn together rather than glued making them even more responsive. They are also made of a natural calico covering to help airflow and reduce synthetic fibres in your mattress.

At this price point, you should easily avoid open coil spring units, cheap foam support or synthetic covered pocket springs.

John Ryan Calico encased mattress springs
Calico Pocket Springs are the highest quality. They are breathable and offer unparalleled support.

The support gauges offered at this price point should offer bespoke tensions based on you and your partners bodyweight. Choosing the correct spring gauge, which is always based on your body weight (not to be confused with comfort feel of the mattress which is based on the upholstery on top).

If you want to understand more on spring tensions then read our detailed guide to work out the best tension for you and there’s also a spring tension table below.

Spring TensionWire diameter (Gauge)Weight Range
Soft1.2mmBespoke Tension (Please Call)
Medium1.4mmUpto 16 stone
Firm1.6mm16 stone plus
Extra Firm / Orthopaedic1.9mm20 stone plus

How many pocket springs in a high-end mattress?

In terms of how many pocket springs you should look for the number is around 1500-2000 in a ‘one layer’ spring method. At this price, you should avoid the minimum 600-850 spring count beds (usually found in £500 beds or £750 mattresses). Opting for around 1500- 2000 in a single layer of calico encased pocket springs. Anything over 2000 will use a dual-layer construction method. This is fine if it is still using Calcio encased pocket springs in a twin-up style.

However, if it uses additional layers of synthetic micro springs to bulk up the spring count you need to take care. Micro springs are mainly used in a mattress at the detriment of upholstery comfort layers which we will come onto next.

In terms of gauge and tension choose this based on your weights. If you and your partner are in different weight brackets then a Zip & link or Split Tension mattress should be a standard offering for £1500. This way you can both get the perfect spring tension for you in your new mattress. At this price, you shouldn’t be compromising. As always you need to ask any retailers the exact spring tension and or gauge to know this.

Upholstery in a £2000+ Mattress

Now you have a better understanding of the spring support used in a £2000+ mattress the next area for consideration are the upholstery layers of your mattress which provide comfort. These are also known as ‘Comfort Layers’ of the mattress.

The overall comfort ‘feel’ of your new mattress is based on the type of upholstery these layers comprise of which should always be 100% natural at £2000 plus. How they are layered will directly impact the feel. This is where most care needs to be taken when choosing a new bed as its where the retailers’ information starts to become really tricky to interpret. As they don’t want you to know whats inside their beds.

You’re going to be faced with a number of

  • Fillings
  • Brand names
  • Woolly nonsensical descriptions
  • Vague benefits

The key is interpreting these descriptions for what they really are and not falling for sales tactics being used.

For a £2000 mattress you should expect 100% Natural Fibre fillings.

If you are looking at beds and mattresses that are described by phrases like ‘Contains Horsehair’ or ‘Including Cashmere’ then these are usually lip service tiny amounts. Would you believe that there is no law against these containing as 1% natural fibre blended then with 99% polyester or other synthetic white fibres?

White cashmere cross section
The key to finding the perfect mattress is knowing exactly what’s under the covers. Meaning knowing the exact amounts of fibre fillings.

You need to know what the GSM (Grams per square meter) of each fibre is within a mattress. Without this vital figure, you’re left guessing what’s in each mattress and rolling the dice with your bed purchase.

In a £2000 mattress, you can expect your new mattress to contain around 3500GSM of fibres as a minimum in a quality kingsize mattress. For £2000 shouldn’t be looking at synthetic foams unless you really love them. If you’re looking for a foam mattress then have a look at a 100% Natural Latex model instead which are far more breathable, are two-sided and will last far longer than their memory foam counterparts.

Below is a list of the types of Natural Fibres you should expect to see for £2000 in a mattress. You may see more premium fibres like Pure Cashmere but beware the blends (or lack of detail) as theses are too expensive to be found at this price point. The likelihood is they have been blended with cheaper synthetic fibres.

Upholstery LayerFibre TypeHow it will feel?Price Point
Wool (Pure)NaturalSoft/MediumHigh-End
Cotton (Pure)NaturalSoftHigh-End
Latex (100% Natural)NaturalMedium/FirmHigh-End
Coarse CashmereNaturalFirmHigh-End
BambooNaturalSuper SoftExpensive / Exclusive
Horsetail NaturalFirmExpensive / Exclusive
AlpacaNaturalSoftExpensive / Exclusive

Mattress Detailing for a £2000 Bed

For your £2000+ mattress you should be expecting the most exquisite details in the mattresses construction style. There should be no machine side stitching or ‘polyester covers’.

Mattress Detailing refers to the stitching method, construction skill and cover fabric type of the mattress which at £1500 should be bringing you all sorts of loveliness. Things you should expect/demand at this level:

  • Hand Side Stitching (at least 3 rows)
  • Natural Fibre Covers / Viscose (No polyesters)
  • Hand Tufting
  • Hand Tape Edging
  • Chemical Free Fire Retardancy Methods

So we have worked out what you can expect for your money so its time to see which are the best mattress models for £2000 out there using real-life retail mattress models. We’ve reviewed hundreds of mattresses out there at £2000 and here are a few to give you a basis for comparison.

We will provide 5 different mattresses at around the £2000 market, including one of our own models for you to see what you can expect. If you want to view even more then please have a look here at our online Mattress Comparison database.

At the £2000+ mattress range you should expect 100% Premium Natural Fibres
At the £2000+ mattress range you should expect 100% Premium Natural Fibres
A calico encased pocket spring unit in tailored tensions is essential at this level
A calico encased pocket spring unit in tailored tensions is essential at this level

Best Mattresses for £2000 plus

So we have worked out what you can expect for your money so its time to see which are the best mattress models for £2000 out there using real-life retail mattress models. We’ve reviewed hundreds of mattresses out there at £2000+ and here are a few beds to give you a good basis for comparison.

We will provide 5 different mattresses at around the £2000 market, including one of our own models for you to see what you can expect. If you want to view even more then please have a look here at our online Mattress Comparison database.

Vispring Imperial Mattress

We will go to the finest mattress manufacturer (apart from Savoir) which is Vispring. Your £2000 + top range mattress is the Vispring Imperial coming in at £3420 for a kingsize.

We really love Vispring mattresses and their construction method as they are a top-notch mattress manufacturer. Not only are they 100% Natural Fibre but they use some absolutely brilliant mattress detailing in their range. The Vispring Imperial is a great example of the high-end build quality for the £2000+ mattress. It has a softer feel and is 25cm deep and not too heavy for those who struggle to turn mattresses. It is a two-sided mattress.

The Vispring Imperial mattress features:

  • 200gsm Bamboo
  • 1,200gsm Blended British fleece wool and cotton.
  • 1,200gsm Long-stranded horsehair, enclosed in a hair-proof cambric cover
  • 1000gsm of Bonded British fleece wool and cotton
  • It is upholstered with a Wool spring protector pad
  • 1720 pocket springs, 48mm in diameter, sewn into individual calico pockets and hand-formed into a honeycomb-nested unit.
  • 3 Rows of Hand Side Stitching.
  • Softer feel in the upholstery layers
  • 3600GSM

This is all wrapped in your choice of the finest Belgian ticking from the VI-Spring collection, this mattress is hand tufted with felt washers and benefits from three rows of genuine hand side stitching. This gives the mattress an exquisite, tailored finish, but more importantly, it gives supportive strength to the mattress edges that lesser beds need a metal rod to achieve.

Vispring imperial mattress review
Image taken from: https://www.jonesandtomlin.co.uk/brands/vispring/bedstead-imperial-mattress

This Vispring model features 3 rows of genuine hand side stitching and felt washers. Both of which are high-end mattress detailing touches.

Harrison Spinks Harrogate Silk Mattress

Harrison Spinks is one of the best UK mattress manufacturers. Making a mix of mid to high-end mattresses. This model is a 100% natural fibre mattress, as you would expect for £2675. Sold exclusively through Feather and Black online. This is a medium-firm feel mattress, provided by the 16,000 plus springs. You do need to consider whether or not you’re happily sacrificing upholstery layers for more springs – given the maximum depth of a one-piece mattress is 35cm, there’s only so much you can fit in.

Harrison spinks mattress
Image from https://www.featherandblack.com/mattresses/bespoke-pocket-sprung/harrogate-silk-mattress

It’s hand side stitched and contains Cotton, Hempure, British Wool, Horsehair, Egyptian Cotton, Mohair, Cashmere and Silk. Given the amount of springs and space we would guess that some of these fibres are blended as an individual layer of each one would take the depth far higher than 35cm. Sadly there’s no GSM, blends or further detail given on how these layers are arranged.

  • Fillings – Cotton, Hempure, British Wool, Horsehair, Egyptian Cotton, Mohair, Cashmere and Silk (No GSM Given)
  • Contains 18,000 Revolution pocket springs in the mattress using world-leading spring technology, made from British Steel – read our article on spring counts here to assess the benefit.
  • Revolution pocket springs provide double the support with two springs combined into one. The outer larger spring provides comfort for the lighter parts of your body, and the inner, smaller spring supports the heavier areas of your body such as your hips and shoulders. The Revolution coil sits in a pocket that helps air flow through the mattress which keeps the filling clean and dry whilst providing a comfortable and highly supportive night’s sleep
  • Four layers of High Density pocket springs (micro springs)
  • Four rows of hand sewn side stitching for edge-to-edge support
  • Padded handles
  • Distinctive Feather & Black coloured piping which is expertly finished to completely bind the layers within
  • Available in four split tensions – Gentle, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm (No spring gauge given assumed its 1.2,1.4,1.6 and 1.9)
  • 7-year guarantee (we would expect at least a 10-year guarantee at this price point)

This is a well upholstered and constructed mattress. Ideally, you would need more information about the layers and we also wonder why it has such a low guarantee of 7 years given the price point. It will provide a medium-firm feel for sleepers up to 16 stone.

John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Goat Angora Pocket Spring Mattress

John Lewis & Partners starts to really flex its mattress making muscles when you start to shop at the £2000+ level. One of their best with a 100% natural fibre content is the Ultimate Collection Goat Angora Pocket Spring mattress. Which is one of their medium feel mattresses ideal for those who like a soft sink but with some support.

We need to provide a disclaimer as this mattress contains 24,000 springs. Yes, you read that correctly! We don’t agree with having endless layers of tiny springs so this is the biggest drawback of this mattress. However, the Natural Upholstery and fact the mainspring unit is calico encased mitigates this somewhat. What’s interesting is that there no reference of the number of pocket springs in the mainspring unit. So we’re not certain the 24,000 is accurate.

This model retails at £3900 for a kingsize.

  • Kapok Tree Silk & Wool Blend (No GSM given)
  • Leckford Linen & Egyptian Cotton Blend (No GSM or blend given)
  • Yorkshire Hemp, Cotton, British Fleece Wool, Angora goat hair (ethically sourced) Cashmere hair and Silk blend. (No GSM or blend given)
  • 8000 HD (Mini) Springs (No tension or gauge given)
  • 4000 Micro Springs
  • Revolution Nature Core Calico Pocket Springs (No number tension or gauge given)
Cutaway of the John lewis Angora mattress
Image from: https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-partners-the-ultimate-collection-goat-angora-pocket-spring-mattress-medium-king-size/

This model is primarily made up of softer fibres such as wool and sink. Careful maintenance is required with this mattress due to the high Wool content which has a habit of settling. So you will need to turn and rotate this mattress regularly each month to even out the natural settlement. This is the same for all Wool filled mattresses regardless of the brand. This mattress is two-sided so you can use both sides of the mattress, meaning you can get twice as much lifespan when compared to a no-turn mattress such as memory foam or other one-sided mattresses.

It’s a shame that there’s no GSM or blends of the natural fibres making it really difficult to compare. Also the mattress insulator layer (the one directly on top of the first layer of micro springs has some 6 fibres blended together. Meaning you may end up getting a mismatch of fibre benefits. We only tend to blend two fibres together at any one time. Blending more than this can negate each fibres own specific properties.

This mattress is a medium feel for those under 16 stone.

John lewis angora mattress review
Image from: https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-partners-the-ultimate-collection-goat-angora-pocket-spring-mattress-medium-king-size/

Hypnos Clarence Sublime Mattress

Hypnos are another of the UK’s quality mattress manufacturers offering a range of entry-level to higher-end mattress models. The Hypnos Clarence Sublime mattress is their highest-end model in the Regency mattress line. It retails at £3499 for a kingsize. Featuring 100% Natural fibres and some nice mattress detailing to boot. Again, it is frustrating at the lack of detail on the exact components, this is where Vispring shines in providing exacting details.

The Hypnos Clarence Sublime is a medium feel natural fibre mattress.

  • Filled with luxurious layers of sustainable, natural fibres including the finest wool from the pure environment of New Zealand. (No GSM or blend given)
  • Upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of Pashmina, Bamboo, Wool and Alpaca, which help regulate body temperature and to ensure a fresh and hygienic night’s sleep. (No GSM or blend given)
  • Tailored with 3 rows of genuine hand side-stitching for edge-to-edge support, and hand-tufted for longevity.
  • Covered with a Wool and Viscose Belgian Damask to provide a soft and breathable surface. (No GSM or blend given)
  • UltraSens™ 17 pocket spring system. Each spring has 17 active turns within its unique 3-tier configuration, providing seamless progressive-support and unparalleled comfort. (No spring count, gauge or details given)
Hypnos clarence mattress review
Image taken from: https://nowtobed.co.uk/hypnos-clarence-sublime-mattress

Now you may be asking what the Ultra sens pocket spring is which we have written about here. It’s basically a large barrel spring, so it is wider in the centre and then narrows at each end. This ultra sense pocket spring has been created to try to offer a better support unit. It’s not clear if these springs are calico encased which they should be at this price point.

We will leave it up to you to decide whether it is worth the extra spend vs more natural fibres.

John Ryan By Design Artisan Sublime

Our Artisan Sublime mattress gives you a great comparison model for this price point with 100% natural fibre content and a vanadium coated calico pocket spring unit (hand-tied) with a medium feel and soft sink. This mega deep hand made mattress is ultimate in luxury beds.

Our ethos has always been to make the highest quality mattresses but also letting you know exactly what’s inside them. Our Artisan Bespoke Sublime contains 5400gsm of Natural fibre fillings on a calico pocket spring unit, to create the perfect medium feel with a soft sink mattress.

Hand made here in the UK it costs £3145 for a kingsize a 10-year guarantee,  free delivery and interest-free finance options available.

This model gives a deep medium feel for a sleeper up to 16 stone. Extra deep fitted sheets will be needed due to the extra depth of this mattress. The Pure Horsetail acts as an excellent breathable and responsive layer above the calico pocket springs which are the same style as the ones used in the Vispring model above. This is a two-sided mattress model so can be turned and rotated fully to extend its lifespan.

artisan sublime full bed
The Artisan Sublime is the most decadent in our range. Two-sided, hand made and 100% Natural fibre with a dual calico encased pocket spring.
  • 800GSM Soft Bamboo
  • 1200GSM Alpaca
  • Hairproof Cambric Cover
  • 1200gsm Pure Horsetail
  • 1200GSM Organic Flax
  • 1000GSM Natural Coir
  • 2508 (2 tiers) Calico encased Vanadium Coated Pocket Springs [56mm] [1.40mm]
  • Total GSM: 5400gsm
  • Depth: 27-30cm
  • 3 Rows of Genuine Hand Side Stitching
  • Chemical Free Damask Cover

What else can I get for my money?

Now we’ve shown what you can expect for around £2000+ for a new mattress you may be wondering what else you can expect if you increase your sleep budget.

  1. What to expect from a £500 Mattress
  2. What to expect from a £750 Mattress
  3. What to expect from a £1000 Mattress
  4. What to expect from a £1250 Mattress
  5. What to expect from a £1500 Mattress

Below is a handy guide of exactly what your money should buy you when choosing a new mattress.

How much to spend on a double mattress?What can I expect for my money?
Under £500Will not get you much at best a 13.5 gauge open coil/cage sprung with a thin polyester layer or a solid foam mattress.
£500Entry level spunbond springs with some form of synthetic upholstery. Usually one sided mattresses.
£750The beginnings of a basic pocket springs unit with 800 – 1000 count. No substantial amount of filling other than foams and synthetic materials. Two sided models.
£1000Should get you away from most low ranges and into the mid-range pocket spring models.
£1250Should get you a decent pocket sprung mattress with some Natural Fibre content.
£1500Should get you many manufacturers mid-range models with Natural Fibres
£1500-£2000Should get you a Hand Made primarily Natural Fibre Quality Mattress
£2000+You should expect 100% Natural Fibres and Traditional Hand Made Construction Method.
£5000+A Bespoke Hand Made Sleep System, High-end Spring Units & Featuring the Worlds Most Luxurious Natural Fibres.


If you have over £2000 to spend on a new mattress you’ve got a selection of wonderfully handcrafted mattresses available. Featuring the highest GSM Natural fibres and calico encased pocket springs. It’s at this price point where you should leave behind mass-produced models and start to choose a truly tailored sleep experience.

Independent mattress manufacturers can often offer far more at this price point than larger competitors can due to their higher operating costs. It also is a price point where you can start to expect tailored spring tensions, zip & links or split tensions. This is especially useful if you and your partner are different body weights. It means no more compromising.

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