Natural Cot Mattress

Our Natural Cot mattress has been made with your little one in mind. Using 100% Natural breathable upholstery this two-sided cot mattress comes with 2 covers for your convenience.

Lambs Wool500gsm
2 CoversWater resistant
100%Natural Fibre


The John Ryan By Design Cot mattress has been designed to support babies. To help them sleep soundly throughout the night. We have taken our experience in natural mattress fibres and latex to create the perfect hypoallergenic cot mattress. This cot mattress offers your newborn baby the firmer support they will need during their infancy blended with incredible natural breathable fibres. This ensures a temperature controlled nights sleep where your baby is supported and comforted where they need it.

This cot mattress comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Conforms to BS1877-10: 2011+A1:2012 and BS7177: 2008+A1:201

Support Layers

Our cot mattress support unit is provided by natural coconut coir which has been sprayed with natural latex. The latex coating provides a more responsive and progressive support for the coir.

Coconut fibre is incredibly tough yet highly elastic so can provide excellent rebound properties especially for mattresses. Coir is naturally resistant to salt water and perspiration meaning it doesn’t degrade with moisture.

This latex coir support layer is 3750GSM. This mattress is suitable for up to a 2-3 year-old child not exceeding 16kg in weight.

Comfort Layers

This cot mattress is upholstered with Natural lambswool. The 500 GSM layer is incredibly soft, breathable and 100% natural. It acts as a very soft comfort layer for little sleepers allowing breathability and temperature regulation.

Wools main benefit is that it is incredibly breathable allowing it to wick away both moisture and increases in temperature when it is placed against say a warmer sleeper. It has the opposite effect when it is cold, of helping to trap warm air and release heat against a colder body.

As wool is a durable material it also lasts for years compared to synthetic fibres which can break down relatively quickly when flattened.

Upholstery Layers

Our Natural Cot mattress features a 3750GSM coir and latex support layer which gives little sleepers a firm but progressive support.

This is then topped with 500GSM on each side, of pure lambs wool. This gives a soft and breathable comfort layer perfect for delicate sleepers.

The mattress then features a water resistant and hair proof internal cover. So if any accidents occur it protects the core mattress from damage.

It is then covered with a microfibre pinsonic zipped cover. Adding a final soft layer to the mattress. This is machine washable at 60degrees.

We also supply an additional external cover to assist when changing the mattress. We find parents find having a spare cover a god send!

It is a fully turnable cot mattress meaning you can use both sides.

LayersNatural Cot Mattress
Total Depth10cm
1Pinsonic microfibre zip on cover
2Hair proof water resistant spun bond
3500GSM Lambs Wool
43750GSM Coir sprayed with Natural Latex

How it will feel?

This cot mattress has been designed to accommodate even the heaviest of newborn babies. It’s firm support unit is ideal for babies who require more support.

Babies require a firmer support as they are less capable of keeping themselves aligned properly during the night. This is because babies are still getting used to movements and are really dependent on their parents to help support them during the day, the same is true of the mattress.

The 100% natural lambs wool topper will add a super soft, breathable comfort layer for your little sleeper.

Cot mattress sizeLengthWidthDepth
120cm X 60cm X 10cm120cm60cm10cm
140cm X 70cm X 10cm140cm70cm10cm

Cot Mattress Safety

Fire retardancy or FR applies to all mattresses and every product sold in the UK should adhere to these standards. The standards are set by British regulations (BS 5852: 1982 Part II & BS 7177). You can check products by inspecting the FR label. An example of an official label can be seen below and we have a detailed article dedicated to FR in mattresses here.

This ensures that the product won’t combust when either a lit cigarette or a match is dropped onto it. It should smoulder but never ignite, the tests are stringent for good reason. A cot mattress should always carry this label.

Conforms to BS1877-10: 2011+A1:2012 and BS7177: 2008+A1:2011


Below are three comparison models to help give you an idea of what you can get for your money. We always advise that you compare the GSM and spring count of each layer to fully assess against other models. If you need further help please get in touch with our friendly expert team on 0161 437 4419.

LayersBoori Natural Pocket Sprung Cot MattressLittle Green Sheep Organic Cot BedSilent NightJohn Ryan Natural Cot Mattress
Retail Price£299.99£199.99£249.99£165
1100% Cotton Cover (Non removable)Single Cotton CoverUnknown cover fabric2 Pinsonic microfibre zip off covers
2100% British Wool (No GSM)Wool layer (No GSM)AirStream™ 50% Recycled Foam Free Fibres (No GSM)Hair proof water resistant cover
32 Layers Spun bond pocket springs (No count given)Coir & latex layer (No GSM)Spun bond pocket springs (No count given)500GSM Lambs Wool
4Coir (No GSM)NANA3750GSM Coir sprayed with latex
Cover Washable?NoYes (Unknown temperature)Yes at 40 degreesYes at 60 degrees
Total Depth10cm10cm10cm10cm


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