Fusion 3 Mattress using 100% natural latex

Javier asked
4th September 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am considering to buy your mattress Fusion 3. Your website states that it is manufactured using only 100% natural latex. Please could you provide some factual evidence of that.
I don’t want to waste a fortune on something that turns out to be not true. I know I have no reasons to doubt your website statement, however I have already seen everything in this world….

1 Answer
answered 3 years ago

Hi Javier,
Thank you for your question.
John Ryan By Design Ltd has been trading for over ten years and we are only a handful of Companies that aim to give the customer full and accurate details with regard to the fillings that are within our mattresses.   
Oeko-tex is a safety standard applied to the Latex manufacturing industry. Quality latex should always be Oeko-tex tested and certified. All our Latex is fully certified with the Oeko-tex standard. All of our latex products are routinely tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex Standard. Our products not only meet the requirements, but they were evaluated as class I.
We only offer 100% natural latex variety in our solid core latex mattresses. They can be turned rotated and flipped like a traditional mattress. We only recommend solid core as its consistent and so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, no hidden surprises!
Our Fusion 3 mattress is made of 100% natural latex and is breathable and very responsive.  The core mattress provides a firm support whereas the additional topper allows you to sink into the mattress before reaching the solid core below.  As this mattress is made of Natural Latex, this should be placed on to a solid base as if using a slatted base, over time, the latex will form between the slats.

I hope the above is of assistance to you, however, should you require further advice please do not hesitate to contact our small friendly team who will be happy to answer any further questions.
Kind regards Julie