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Shanae asked
1st December 2013

Hi john & Ryan I stumbled across your site and glad too as I have been looking for a bed for me and my soon to be husband in a couple of months. We both live with our parents so I will be living with him after we are married. I have been searching high and low for a firm mattress that is still cushiony and loved the sleepmasters savoy divan (Bensons) in kingsize, luckily I found your site which clearly explained the cons of this bed!

I also looked at all the silent night beds as this was initially my price range (800) and found one that only is in Bensons Mirapocket supreme in Extra Firm but tbh I didnt feel comfortable as it felt too hard for me. Now heres the problem I am a petite 5’2 and weigh 8.5 st and my partner weighs nearly 22 st(nearly 3x my size but I love him!) and he is 6’2. I am an extremely light sleeper- I wake up to the sound of a crackling fire in a bin 5 metres outside my bedroom window and it doesn’t help his size when he rolls and moves positions the whole bed moves with him. He sleeps in practically every single position and tosses and turns while I wake up just with my own turning. I have been looking for a bed that is as firm as possible only because of him although I have my own orthopaedic mattress bought by my dad whcih is utterly hard my hip bone ache but I bare with it I dont know what to do or which bed to buy. I know the reason why I love the Savoy because it was so high and luxurious looking but I did think it sunk in too much even though it was meant to be ‘firmer’ which confused me since all the beds in bensons were either SMF & extra F and it did not feel firmer than the medium Astoria bed by sleepmasters. To add, my partner can sleep on anything he’s like a big log or whale and all the beds we looked at and he sat on sunk right in. Please can you give me an option of what we can do?

thank you in advance!


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Lee Staff
answered 7 years ago

Hi Shanae.


Thank you for your enquiry via our website.  As you have obviously read, to find a mattress that will suit you both is difficult bordering on impossible. Taking your budget into account and from what you say I feel that our Origins Pocket Latex 1500 may be the one to go for.  I would recommend the zip and link option, one side medium spring tension for yourself and one side firm for your soon to be husband.  This option would also help stop the disturbance when he moves in the night.


Origins luxury latex mattress by John Ryan


Even though as your weight is on the lighter side and for you yourself we would not really recommend, I think in this case some sort of compromise has to be factored in. Your hubby needs to be the priority (I’m sure this will be his mantra for the rest of your married life – men eh?) – for support – comfort but more importantly – longevity. 22 stone of rippling muscle will quickly take its toll out of many mattresses and it is this factor also that brings me back to the latex model. To make this also right for you, I would strongly suggest the use of a decent topper (put on the wedding list) to give you a little more comfort. If you have been sleeping on an ortho mattress – this will be heaven for you.


Best wishes for your future to both of you.  If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419


Kind Regards