12 st with a new hip, he’s 17 st with back pain, split tension?

Pauline Wilson asked
5th January 2019

Which type of mattress? Present is a seal posture pedicure firm bed killing me but great for hubby . Looking to change our 2 1/2 year old mattress as I am so uncomfortable

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Amy Woolley
answered 1 year ago

Hi Pauline,
Thank you for your question.
Your body weights dictate that you would need to opt for a dual spring tension of Medium and Firm.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium (1.4mm)
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm (1.6mm)
Available in Bespoke Products (Please Call)Soft (1.2mm)

We can offer dual spring tension with any model in our Artisan range in sizes King and above. 
You will most probably find that the reason you are experiencing so much pain is because your mattress is much too firm, with the hip, shoulder and back problems you have mentioned I would recommend that you look at a model with a medium upholstery/ feel.
The Artisan Naturals is our most popular, unbeatable model with 85% natural fibres. Containing a huge GSM of fillings, including wool and mohair, on a Calico pocket spring unit. This medium feel hand crafted mattress is where we stake our reputation as ‘The Mattress Specialists’. The closest comparison we make to this model is the Vi Spring Regal Superb, which you can find in a Furniture Village showroom to try out.
 John Ryan By Design Artisan NaturalsVi Spring Regal Superb
11200gsm Blended British Fleece Wool and Cotton.900gsm Blended real Shetland Isle Fleece Wool and Cotton
2Hairproof Cambric CoverHairproof Cambric Cover
31250gsm Rebound Poly Cotton1200gsm long stranded Horsetail blended with British Fleece Wool
41500gsm 100% Pure Mohair1000gsm Bonded British Fleece Wool and Cotton
51600 Calico encased Pocket Springs [ 49mm ] [1.28mm ]1720 Calico encased Pocket Springs [48mm ] [1.28mm ]
Total GSM3950gsm3100gsm

It would cost £1235.00 for a Kingsize mattress with a dual spring tension. This is priced particularly low in comparison to more established brands in order for us to set the bar in comparing branded mattresses with similar components. If this is in the region of your maximum budget then you will be getting the best mattress you can buy.
Please view the recommended mattress and give the office a call on 0161 437 4419 to discuss this further.
Kind regards,