Really soft bed required as existing bed too firm

Hi E asked
3rd December 2018

Hi, I am a side sleeper who likes a really soft bed. For years I’ve had an old mattress and a fairly cheap foam topper from eBay which has been fine (although topper is quite saggy now). Recently bought a new house and a new mattress (pocket sprung – medium) but it is much too firm for me. I’ve tried lots of mattresses in shops and I think I’m very particular! I really want something soft that my shoulders sink into – right now when I wake up I have to re-click them into place. Will one of your toppers work? Can I return them if not soft enough?
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Guy Blundell
answered 1 year ago

Hi Elena Goodfellow
Thanks for your question 
If you believe your mattress is isn’t soft enough in the comfort layer. A topper would always be a great option. Toppers, in general, are only used to soften down the overall comfort layer or extend longevity. You can replicate this initially with an old duvet to see if this does allow more of a sinking feeling in the comfort layer. 

If this doesn’t help, then you have had a mattress that is simply just too firm for your preference in the comfort layer. 
If you were looking for the softest options in our range these would be either the Artisan Luxury or the Origins Comfort 1000. Both of these are the softest in their ranges with the Origins using predominantly more synthetic fibres and the Artisan Luxury using 1000% natural fibres. 

I hope this helps if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419