John Ryan By Design Mattress Advice Required For Dismayed Hypnos Mattress Owner

Andy Ross asked
24th October 2018

I’m looking for a recommendation on which of your mattresses would be best for my wife and I.
Over the last 10 years we have been happy with our Sealy pocket sprung mattress (1000 springs) which had a memory foam top layer. A year ago we decided it was time for this to be replaced and after 6 months of researching beds and visiting bed retailers we decided to purchase a Hypnos Maple Superb – however this has turned out to be the worst financial decision we have made as it cost around £2,000 and has left my back, shoulders and hips in agony. I am still at a loss as to why the purchase tuned out so badly as it seemed to tick all the right boxes. Having given this mattress as much chance as possible we are now looking at replacing this.
With regards to our sleep preferences/mattress feel preferences and weight:
Myself – I have tended to sleep mostly on my front over the last 10 years but have recently found this less comfortable and have started sleeping mainly on my side but with a bit of back and front sleeping thrown in so need something that covers all bases. I like a balance of a comfortable feel but without too much sink that means movement is restricted. I am 6ft 4 inches and weigh around 14 stone.
My wife – Preferred position is on back but similar to myself, sleeps in all positions over course of night. Her preferred feel is soft but supportive. She is 5ft 10 inches and weighs 10.5 stone.
We prefer a Super King size and like to have a zip and link mattress. We have a solid base that we intend to keep.
Thanks in advance for your advice

1 Answer
Lee Lelant
answered 4 years ago

Hi Andy, 
Thanks for your question. 
At your body weights we would match you both with a Medium spring tension to get the right level of support;

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium (1.4mm)
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm (1.6mm)
Available in Bespoke Products (Please Call)Soft (1.2mm)

Every pocket sprung mattress has 2 elements to it; The spring where the tension is determined by your body weight and the fillings that sit atop those springs which in turn provides the “comfort layer” as these are what you are in direct contact with. 
Sleeping positions do factor into the choice of mattress; Side sleepers generally need to avoid anything too firm in the top layers otherwise this will lead to pressure point pains in your shoulders, hips and knees. On the flip side of this, front sleepers need to avoid anything too soft in the top layers otherwise this will lead to an unnatural arch in your back. 
I’d advise here to go for something more medium feeling in the comfort layers so it doesn’t alienate anybody either way. Have a look at our Artisan Naturals or Artisan Bespoke 004. Both have that medium feel giving a slight sink but not too much. The main difference here is that the Bespoke 004 will be ever so slightly softer and has a full 100% natural fillings as opposed to the 85% in the Naturals. 

Your existing solid base will be fine for use with either model; It will simply give the mattresses a slightly firmer feel overall. 
I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.
Kind Regards, Lee.