Is it possible to put a piece of plywood to stop dipping mattress from sprung slats?

aaronharris0 asked 8th February 2018

Hi there

I’ve had two mattresses now which dip in the middle (just got a new one and while it was okay at first its started to dip within a week). I’m guessing from your site this is because of the sprung slat system I have. Is it possible to just get a piece of plywood to stick on top of the slats and should these fit the size of the bed frame?


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Lee Lelant Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your question.

We usually advise when using any sort of slats to place an old duvet atop the slats to stop the mattress becoming indented.

Similarly, if you’re finding that your mattress is dipping then you can get some standard sheets of either MDF, plywood or peg board to place on the slats. You only need something like 3mm. It’s personal preference on whether you want a whole piece to fit the bed or you could also have it in 2 half pieces.

Introducing this to the bed should firm it up and stop any further dips.

If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.