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  • Mandy says:

    I have just bought my first slatted bed base and have been advised to put something between the slats and the mattress to protect the mattress – suggestions have included sheets of hardboard and a blanket/duvet. I haven’t done it yet – should I?

    Hi Mandy. Absolutely Yes.
    If your mattress is one sided then it will be severely lacking in any kind of upholstery – just enough to keep the spring unit stable from the fabric on the underside. If using a one sided mattress on a sprung slatted base the lack of any wadding or upholstery will have a tendency to contour to the slats and therefore give you the hump back bridge effect i’e will create a dip in the middle of the mattress.

    If you have a full two sided mattress then the slats will have a tendency to dig into the underlying upholstery. There are plenty of comments here about this. Please take the time to read through. John and Ryan.

  • Victoria says:

    I emailed and called asking about this as all the mattresses only compare to divan mattresses and not bedstead however the company they refer to does actually do these mattresses specifically for this type of bed without the need to lay on a hard base unfortunately I did not get any response from JR even though I called and was assured I would get a response that day so will now be going with vi spring I am looking at the 2 k mark so am happy to spend it elsewhere for good customer service.

    Hi Victoria. So sorry you have had cause for complaint, particularly about our service.
    I have looked into this and can assure you that an email response to your inquiry was sent to you at 2:49 on Friday 13th. The line of inquiry is as follows:

    Your inquiry was received on Friday 13th at 09:26
    You phoned Julie at around 14:00 to say you have not received a reply. Julie explained to you that we receive a considerable amount of emails each day and Gary tries to answer them in order. Julie did acknowledge your urgency and said she would ask Gary to reply asap.
    Gary responded at 14:49 the same afternoon.
    You mailed again on Monday evening at 20:33 to advise us you had gone elsewhere.
    On Tuesday morning Julie replied to you at 09:58 to inform you that a response was sent out and asked you to check your spam folder.
    You then got in touch with Julie at 15:27 to say that you have checked your folders and still no reply.

    Obviously something went wrong somewhere down the line and as we received no notification of returned mails we can only assume that once we press ‘Send’ it goes to the specified address. We do take complaint and dis-satisfaction very seriously hence the record of all inquiry. I would have liked to have been the one to supply you with your mattress, but I can understand the obvious frustration you must of felt in the belief your inquiries were being ignored. I can assure you this was not the case but somewhere down the line between us and yourself the response email was never received.

    I hope this response will shed some light on what happened and I appreciate your comment in order for us to have the opportunity to give our side of events. John and Ryan.

  • David Negus says:

    Hi there, great website but it can’t find anyone else on here that seems to have had my problem so am hopping you guys can help……..

    I recently bought a really nice wooden frame bed, a super king as we have just had twins and as we already enjoy morning cuddles with our 5 year old we knew we would need more space than our old double bed had!

    My wife has previously had back problems and so additionally we decided to treat ourselves to a memory foam mattress to help her, immediately though we didn’t have a great experience. The bed has 2 supports running the length of the bed offering support to sprung slats, the effect on the memory foam is that it pushes the middle 3rd of the bed up, similar to your hump back bridge theory but in reverse!! When you lie the width of the bed you feel like your head and your legs are lower than your torso…..obviously I’ve tried lowering the support legs but then you feel the actual bars and you get a sort of wave effect where it dips slightly in the middle and raises where the bars are…. In hindsight I think we bought the wrong mattress but want to make the best of it if we can. I am toying with the idea of ingestion in some sold slats……what do you think…….or is a mattress change the only way??????? Looking forward t hearing from you, many thanks

    Hi David,

    I think that the solution to your issues may be the laying of sheets of MDF across your base under the mattress to flatten out the effects you are currently experiencing as detailed in the post above. What you are trying to create is a flat surface upon which your mattress will lie, eliminating the ridging and dipping your have at present. Please let me know how you get on. Kind regards Mike.

  • Micah Morris says:

    Hello guys
    I am in the process of purchasing a mattress and have a question about placing a piece of mdf board under the mattress. I have read on several websites that this will cause the mattress to collect moisture and mold. Can you speak a little about this?

    Hi Micah,
    There is an alternative to MDF if you are concerned about moisture, although we are not aware of the issue you refer to. If you use peg board instead, this has holes in allowing the mattress to breathe fully and no doubt avoid any issue with damp or mould. Regards Mike.

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