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Trisha asked
6th July 2015

I have been searching online for months for a new mattress (and keep coming across your site- very useful). I am female- have lower lumbar damage and weigh 13.5 stone. I love firm cool surfaced mattresses.
I bought a silentnight pocket sprung latex 2800 mattress 2 wks. ago and I hate it. I still wake up sore. 🙁
I rolled into the middle on the first night and that happens nightly. The dip is mild but gets worse throughout the night. It’s still visible to the eye even hours after I get out of bed. (it seems to readjust by nightfall)
I am puzzled though- I’ve researched latex and it appears that it should retain it’s shape and adjust immediately so I don’t know why my mattress stays sagged.
I am hoping to return the mattress for a refund. I am hoping you can help me get a new one and would appreciate your advice both for why this may have happened and what new mattress to get.

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answered 6 years ago

Hi Trisha,

Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to advise what the problem may be, however, it may be related to what type of base the mattress is placed on. In some slatted bases, there is a significant central ridge, which can either result in lumping in the middle if the ridge is raised or dipping if the ridge is lower in the centre of the slats.

We do have a pocket sprung latex mattress in our Origins range, which may be suitable, however, I would urge you to call the office, once you have resolved the refund issue, to obtain more specific advice as to the suitability of this mattress or any other product in our ranges.

The Origins Pocket Latex 1500 combines a quality 1500 pocket spring unit with a deep talalay latex comfort layer. Mixing both progressive comfort with traditional support. A medium firmer edge progressive feel.

Origins luxury latex mattress by John Ryan

Your bodyweightThis will feel
Under 10 Stone / 63kgVery Firm
10-12 Stone / 63-76kgFirm to Medium
12-14 Stone / 76-88kgMedium to Firm
14-16 Stone / 88-101kgMedium
16-18 Stone / 101-114kgMedium to Soft
18 Stone / 114kg PlusPlease call for advice

To discuss this further please contact the office on 0161 437 4419 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

Kind regards,