What sort of mattress protector would you recommend for an Artisan Naturals mattress?

Taras asked
25th October 2016

There are some extravagant (and some costly) mattress protectors out there such as wool toppers but seeing the sumptuous layers on the Artisans Naturals do I need nothing more than an extra sheet?Then again, there are waterproof sheets but surely these act as a membrane and counteract the breathability of the materials used in the mattress?Going full circle, perhaps the wool topper is the way to go to give breathability, some absorbency, washability and ultimately protection.

1 Answer
answered 3 years ago

Hi Taras,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We would always suggest waiting until you have had your mattress for around 4 weeks before deciding whether a topper is necessary. However, in the meantime, we do recommend that you use a mattress protector and there is an article here on the very subject, which you may find interesting. The Artisan Naturals and in fact the whole Artisan range have natural upholstery layers and as such, we would recommend that if you do opt for a topper at a later stage, you select one which also has natural fibres.

We endeavour to match the customer to the product and that includes the spring tension and comfort layers in the Artisan range and so think it would be unlikely, but not impossible, that you would need a topper. There are many mattress protectors out there, but cotton is cool and there are a number of retailers who supply good quality protectors made from this. They are also washable and can be dried within a day so can be back on the bed ready for that night’s sleep, although as they are not too expensive, it may be prudent to buy two.


We trust that the above is of assistance to you, but if you require any further information, please call our office on 0161 437 4419, kind regards.