Spring Count numbers and how do they work ?

David asked
10th January 2019

how can somnus fit 24000 springs into a mattress (150 or 180cm? Imperial mattress) when vispring only have 1326 (150cm Devonshire mattress). Incidentally, I have tried them both and they feel identical, bearing in mind they were in different shops.

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Guy Blundell
answered 3 years ago

Hi David,

Thanks for your question,

The way that they manage to get the spring count up to that level is by having layers of mini springs in addition to the usual sized pocket springs. The layers of mini springs take the place of upholstery layers and while in some cases, this may feel beneficial, there is no evidence to show that such a system of spring is better than the traditional pocket spring.

In some respects, the level of springs disclosed as 24000 is a marketing ploy as most people will think that more is better. In fact, in a standard king size mattress, 1000 springs are sufficient to provide the level of support required by people of average body weights.

Calico soft mattress spring

In summary, therefore, it is not the spring count you ought to be looking at but the levels of upholstery provided as the upholstery layers are responsible for the comfort of the mattress. The springs are there for support and an individuals body weight determines the tension of these.

The maximum amount of pocket springs you can fit in a king size mattress is 2000, which will help you identify whether manufacturers are using a dual-layer of spring or more often than not the less suitable layering of micro springs.

Spring TensionWire diameter (Gauge)Weight Range
Soft1.2mmBespoke Tension (Please Call)
Medium1.4mmUpto 16 stone
Firm1.6mm16 stone plus
Extra Firm / Orthopaedic1.9mm20 stone plus

In our opinion, you’re better off avoiding them an opting for full-size pocket springs instead,

I hope this helps if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419