Why all those layers of little springs in a John Lewis mattress?

Alex asked
23rd April 2019

I am interested in your Artisan range. I have looked at the John Lewis range in store and am told about the many layers of tiny springs on top and below the main pocket springs. They also say that their pocket springs have two springs inside each case. It is confusing. Can you tell me why they have done this and if there is any benefit, before I buy an Artisan Luxury mattress please?

Thank you.

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Amy Woolley
answered 1 year ago

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your question.

HD (High Density) Pocket Springs or Micro springs are small pocket springs that many bed manufacturers use to vastly increase their mattress spring count. You can fit in thousands of these tiny springs in a mattress so you can sell a model as having 6000, 8000 or even 10,000 springs.

Truth be told, you do not need this many springs to support you while you sleep.  A quality Calico Pocket Spring will provide all the necessary support and progression for sleepers allowing them to turn and the mattress to respond to them.

Micro springs compress really quickly, which is probably where the benefit of ‘micro-adjustments’ comes from, as they are only about an inch in depth. So when using them as a support layer you need layer after layer of them to get any meaningful support. You need a lot more of them to do the same job as a Calico pocket spring. They provide a far more consistent sleep surface allowing for layer and layers of deep upholstery layers rather than excess metal. The advanced progressive comfort is a bit misleading as it refers to the spring unit being the only part of your sleep comfort when we know the upholstery layers are just as important.

Please have a read of our article all about HD (micro) springs.

Unfortunately John Lewis do not disclose the exact GSM count (Grams per square meter) of the upholstery layers used withing their mattresses which is one of the key details needed for an exact comparison. However, we have assessed their product specifications to help provide some guidelines. Please have a read of our John Lewis Mattress Comparison & Alternatives article.  

From the information I have read about the mattress you have mentioned I can see that it does contain natural fibres (of course we do not know exact GSM counts) and is Firm in feel. Our Artisan Bespoke is the firmest feel 100% natural fibre mattress in our Artisan range.

If you take a look at the link above there is a layer by layer breakdown of all the upholstery used within our John Ryan mattress with individual GSM counts.

I hope this helps, if you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419.

Kind regards,