January 2020

What is a mattress Spring Insulator layer?

In your quest to find out more about mattresses before buying one you may have come across the term 'Spring insulator'. This article will help explain exactly what a mattress spring insulator is and why your mattress should definitely have one!

When it comes to buying a mattress there a lot of information to take in and try and understand. If you’re looking at a Pocket Spring mattress then a mattress spring insulator will be something you really need to understand to be able to accurately compare mattresses. To spot the good from the bad in bed world and help whittle down your new mattress options.

artisan bespoke 003 mattress
Mattress spring insulators are a sign of a well-made mattress. Click here to see mattresses with spring insulators.

What is a mattress spring insulator?

A mattress spring insulator helps bridge the gap between the pocket spring ‘support’ layer and the softer upholstery ‘comfort layers’. Think of it as an upholstery bridge which stops fibres migrating between pocket springs and helps soften the transition between the firmer spring support and softer upholstery layers. It also helps provide a consistent surface between the springs and the other fibres above it. The insulator is usually a foam layer (in cheaper low-end models) or a coarse Natural Fibre in higher quality mattresses such as Coarse Cashmere.

What fibres are used a spring insulator layer?

The following fibres are all effective insulator layers.

Low end & cheap insulators you’ll want to avoid are materials like ‘Recycled grey fibre’ that entry-level mattresses will use.

Applying the insulator layer of a natural fibre mattress
Coarse Cashmere is used in our Artisan 1500 Mattress. Acting as a bridge between the spring and the upholstery layers. Click to see more.

If you don’t have a spring insulator layer the chances are that finer fibres will start to migrate and move between the pocket spring units. This, in turn, can lead to lumps bumps and irregularities in your mattress. Any bed retailer should be able to tell you what spring insulator is in the mattress and give you the full GSM of it. Just like we do! If they can’t then walk away.


Mattress spring insulators are a sign of a quality well-designed mattress. By being able to identify this layer or lack thereof, you can help accurately compare mattresses. A quality mattress will always far exceed and outlast a cheaper alternative. So by spotting the components of a quality mattress, you can avoid getting stuck with a poor bed purchase!

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