December 2019

Coir as a mattress filling

Coir is an excellent mattress fibre to help create firm support and resilience to a mattress. However, most people haven't even heard of it. With the rise of people looking for plant-based alternatives to animal fibres, Coir can be an excellent alternative. We explain why you need to consider coir when mattress shopping.

Coir is a fibre that has been around for thousands of years whether it is been used in matting, upholstery or textile making. We’ve been using it for years now in our Natural Fibre hand-made mattresses and thought it best to explain why this wonderful fibre should be more well known when choosing a new mattress!

What is Coir Fibre?

Coir fibre comes from coconuts and is a natural resource. The coconut fibre is collected from the coconut husk and due to the high amount of trees it’s a bountiful resource. Coconut palms grow on 10 million hectares of land throughout the tropics. Currently, only a small number of huge quantities of coconuts are collected for industrial use. The food industry is the main consumer focuses on the coconut meat and water for food products. Meaning quite often that the fibres are a bi-product. By using Coir you are helping reduce waste and CO2 emissions compared to man-made fibres.

Coconuts piled up
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How does Coir feel in a mattress?

Coir is super tough and robust fibre making it excellent to help firm up a mattresses upholstery layers or providing an excellent insulator on top of a spring unit.

Coir mattress upholstery layer
Coir is shown here in a cot mattress as the springy support unit. View our Vegan mattress here.

Coconut fibre has a very high lignin content which is why it is so tough. However, is also very elastic making it a great alternative to horsehair in terms of offering a springy support layer. The fibre hardly deteriorates at all over time. To make the fibre resilient and to make it possible to create very open and ventilating structures, the fibres are spun like horsetail into ropes before they are then turned into the upholstery pads. We use Coir in our Artisan Latex Vegan mattress and our Artisan Bespoke 003.

Coir as a Vegan mattress alternative

As Coir is plant-based it makes it an excellent mattress material in Vegan mattresses such as our Artisan Latex Vegan model. In this model, it is used alongside Hemp as the spring insulator layer directly on top of Calico encased pocket springs. The issue with the majority of Vegan mattresses is retailers are passing off cheaper polyester models as Vegan-friendly as they are entirely man-made. However, our model shows that just because you are a Vegan you shouldn’t settle for cheaper upholstery. Coir is the a true 100% Natural Plant-based fibre meaning you too can select a natural fibre mattress without animal hair.

Coir is an excellent Plant Based mattress fibre thats got a low carbon footprint
Coir is an excellent Plant Based mattress fibre thats got a low carbon footprint
Coir acts as a firm support layer with a elastic quality like Horsehair
Coir acts as a firm support layer with a elastic quality like Horsehair
Coir used in Plant Based Mattresses
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If you’re looking for an example of a Coir mattress then our Artisan Latex is a perfect example of how to use coir within mattress construction.

Containing Coir Coconut fibre, Organic Flax, Talalay latex, Rebound Cotton and Natural Bamboo this mattress provides deep comfort for the sleeper. The comfort layers are responsive to the sleeper wanting a cushioning sink before the 1500 Pocket spring unit provides the support.

Our Latex Mattresses are ideal for sleepers looking for progressive support or those who have been used to a moulding foam mattress before. This range will allow a slow sink into the mattress but progressive enough to allow ease of movement, unlike memory foam.

Featuring a huge 3150GSM of 100% Natural Fibre fillings this mattress is unbeatable in terms of comfort & value.

Two rows genuine Hand Side Stitching & Hand Tufted.

The Woven mattress cover is completely Chemical-Free using a Natural plant-based fire retardancy protection.

Artisan Latex Vegan Mattress
Artisan Latex Vegan Mattress
Total GSM 3150GSM
Depth 7-30CM
Rated Excellent Trustpilot
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Coir is an absolutely fantastic ethical mattress fibre which not only reduces the demand on animal fibres but provides a really resilience support layer for mattresses. Long-lasting, breathable and flexible Coir will provide a long-lasting upholstery layer to your mattress. It’s the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious or people wanting to avoid synthetic or animal products in a mattress.

If you have questions about coir why not get in touch and speak to our small friendly team of mattress experts on 0161 437 4419 or drop us a question below!

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