December 2020

Get Your Spare Bedroom Ready To Greet Guests This Christmas

Christmas is creeping up once more, and soon the festivities will begin, and so will the quintessential Christmas parties! So it’s important to get your spare bedroom ready before family and friends arrive, and that includes everything from the mattress to the temperature.

We wanted to go through some quick tips that can help you make your guests as comfortable as possible this Christmas. Let’s get that spare bedroom ready…

1. Cleanse that clutter

It’s time to banish the clutter from the bedroom. We are all guilty of using the spare room as an easy storage space, constantly filling it with odds and ends. It’s, therefore, a good idea to tidy up and put things back in their place before the guests arrive. A well organised and stylish looking bedroom will help to keep your guests feeling utterly relaxed. It’s also a lot easier to quickly clean when those unexpected guests appear.

A deco bed frame by john ryan

By cleaning away some of the clutter it provides more space for your guests when they arrive and can provide a really calm and easy to clean space. Ensuring that windows can be opened to let in fresh air so the room can be well ventilated when needed.

2. Fresh bedding & quick mattress fixes

Artisan bespoke 003 luxury mattress

Your Christmas guests will always appreciate fresh bedding with a supportive and comforting mattress. You don’t have to go all out when it comes to the bed itself, you’re better off looking for a good all-rounder pocket-sprung mattress that an accommodate mixed weights, like our Origins 1500. The experience of any guests sleeping over will be greatly enhanced if they can sleep soundly on a quality mattress. 

Adding clean fresh bedding will give your guests that pampered feel and it is well worth the effort to improve their sleep.

If you’re looking to revitalise an existing mattress then adding a mattress topper can help breathe life into an old mattress. Turning and rotating a mattress can also help freshen up a tired mattress before your guests arrive. Check out our mattress maintenance guide here for more detail.

3. Add some floral fun

flowers in bedroom

One of the best ways to keep your spare bedroom looking as fresh, vibrant, and inviting as possible, is by adding in some beautiful flowers. There are plenty of bedroom friendly flowers available, which can all help to create a soothing, and comforting atmosphere for your guests to drift off in. From the naturally relaxing aroma of Lavender to the air purifying qualities of a Peace Lily, the choice is yours.

Green is a colour known to relax the mind so by adding a few houseplants here and there you can create an oasis of calm during the excitement of Christmas!

4. Harness that hotel feel

towels on bed

If you really want to make your Christmas guests feel pampered and looked after, then consider placing a stack of fresh cotton towels on the bed. I mean who doesn’t love that hotel feel when they go away?

Use scented candles, or an aroma diffuser to really add that finishing, guest hotel touch. Keeping your spare bedroom stocked with extra essentials and a few travel size toiletries will go a long way towards making guests feel welcome, even when any sleep-overs aren’t planned in advance. After all, it’s Christmas time so why not help pamper your guest bedroom!

5. Keep it light and cool

For any guests, a bedside light is an absolute must to help them fully wind down and get ready for some restful sleep. Without one, they’ll have to put up with the glare of the ceiling light, or they might end up stumbling around in the dark. So the comforting soft glow of a nice table lamp is practically essential.

One of your guests might be a hot sleeper, therefore you should always allow fresh air to circulate in your spare bedroom, by keeping windows open for short periods during the day. Turn that radiator down a notch to prevent the room from becoming stuffy.

Natural sleep with wooden Headboard

It’s not just your guests who deserve a luxury, satisfying and soothing sleep quality experience this Christmas, you do too! In fact, once you’ve revived your guest room you may start to look twice at your own mattress.

At John Ryan, our team can assist you in choosing your ideal tailored and tested pocket sprung mattress, which has been designed to meet all of your requirements. Whether it be a 100% Natural fibre pocket sprung mattress, such as our divine Artisan Bespoke 003, a split tension or zip and link, we have bespoke offerings for all sleepers. Why not treat yourself this Christmas to the Luxury sleep experience?

Please get in touch with us for a chat today.

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