October 2018

Hot Sleeper? How You Can Stay Cool at Night

Does your sleep suddenly get interrupted because you’re simply too hot?

Do you often wake up sticking to the sheets? Do you feel like your body temperature just isn’t settling? The longer you spend trying to get to sleep the hotter you become?

You’re not the only one. Getting too hot during the night is an all too common problem, and it mostly comes down to the materials used in the construction of your mattress. Many people have turned to memory foam and synthetic fibre mattresses due to advertisements of ‘space age comfort’, however, these are the warmest mattress materials you can choose. With the wrong mattress, it won’t be long before you’re feeling sweaty, clammy and losing sleep on a constant basis.  Especially as memory foam relies on heat retention there’s no way to cool it down other than to stop sleeping on it.

At John Ryan, we take the quality of your sleep seriously, especially when it comes to keeping yourself nice and cool at night. With this in mind, we wanted to take you through our quick and easy guide to help you stop tossing and turning, and to make overheating while sleeping, a thing of the past.  

Keeping your sleep environment cool  

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Let’s start with the room you’re sleeping in first, as this can also seriously affect your night if you happen to be a hot sleeper. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure your room is as comfortably cool as possible:

  • Ensure airflow is maximised, by simply leaving a couple of windows slightly cracked open throughout the night.
  • If possible, give all that warm air somewhere to go. Hot air rises, so if you happen to have an attic room with a window, leave it open slightly, so the heat can escape.
  • Electronics give off heat, so making sure that you turn off any gadgets and gizmos in your room is essential when seeking to lower the temperature.
  • On sunny days, sometimes it helps to keep the blinds in your bedroom shut. This will help keep the daytime heat at bay, and prevent the room temperature from rising.

Keeping your body temperature regulated

hot sleeper

Like any hot sleeper, you’ll already be aware that keeping your body temperature regulated is a challenge. So, before we get to how the right mattress can give you a cool night’s sleep, we’ve got some tips to help you keep your body temperature at a comfortable level too:

  • Avoid eating late in the evenings, as this can cause your body temperature to rise as your metabolism works overtime. Have a lighter meal earlier if you can.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, because if your body doesn’t have enough fluid to sweat, it can’t effectively regulate its core temperature. Have a glass of water by your bed just incase.
  • Stop exercising late in the evening. Regular exercise is great for your sleep, but too much late in the day can make it difficult to completely cool down before bed time.

Keeping cool with the right mattress

So, you’ve got your room temperature sorted and your body heat sorted, now it’s time to make sure you get your mattress sorted. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may find that your current mattress simply isn’t solving the problem. Perhaps it’s too thick, is filled with synthetic man made fibres, or just holds onto heat longer than you’d like. At John Ryan, we’re proud to offer hot sleeper solutions that are perfect for when you want to grab some soothing shuteye.

Artisan Bespoke

To help avoid overheating, we recommend that you opt for a more natural and traditional mattress. One that’s been tried and tested during its construction method to combat the heat, like our bespoke Artisan Range of mattresses.

They are not only designed to offer high-quality comfort and support, but these traditional Pocket Sprung Mattresses are made with completely natural fillings. These fillings provide a cool sleep surface, one that’s refreshingly more breathable, responsive and durable than other  synthetic counterparts. Making them ideal for anyone who identifies as a hot sleeper. This is because Natural Fibres, such as Wool, Bamboo and Alpaca are both breathable and high wicking. Meaning they allow air to flow much more efficiently between you and the fibres whilst also wicking moisture away from the body.

mattress natural fibres

Combine your mattress with all-natural comfort layers to fully support your body’s pressure points and overall temperature regulation. You’ll wonder why you ever looked at a heat retentive memory foam again! Your preference for a soft, medium or firm comfort layer is of course down to you.

Whether you prefer the softness of the Artisan Luxury, the medium balance of the Artisan Bespoke 004, or the supportive firmness of the Artisan Bespoke. With us, you’ll be able to find the mattress that will work wonders for keeping your body cool, calm and utterly relaxed, allowing you to gently drift off into your dreams.

If you have any other queries about how you can stay cool at night, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0161 437 4419.

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