December 2018

How You Can Stop Waking up to Aches And Pains In The Morning

Nothing ruins your sleep experience more than waking up each and every morning feeling stiff and sore. Unless you suffer from a medical condition like fibromyalgia, constantly waking up to aches and pains is unfortunately the norm for many people. These consistent and often painful niggles usually come down to your mattress and the way we often end up sleeping in  uncomfortable positions. They can lead to all sorts of other posture related issues so getting to fixing the cause is essential.

We know how important getting a great night’s sleep is, which is why we want to go through exactly why we wake up to aches and pains in the morning, and how we can stop them…

Neck pains

suffering neck pain

Let’s start with what maybe the most common complaint from many sleepers, waking up to nagging neck pain. Have you often woken up with a neck that feels stiff? Does the pain seem to fade after some stretching? Then this could indicate two things; that you’re often sleeping in an  awkward position, and that you may need a new mattress, because your current one isn’t providing enough support to your spine.

If you regularly sleep in an uncomfortable position, this causes the weight of your head to irritate the joints in between the vertebrae of your neck. When this happens, muscle spasms and inflammation will follow, leading to aches in the morning. If your mattress is either too soft or too firm, the this could also lead to your spine becoming misaligned during the night, and your neck resting at an unnatural angle as you sleep.

When your mattress doesn’t provide your neck with the support it needs, this can cause torticollis or ‘wry neck’ which means twisted neck. This is why it’s essential that your mattress is tailored to suit your exact weight and build, whilst also considering your sleeping position. Our Artisan range of Luxury Mattresses for Neck Pain for example, have been specially designed to alleviate neck pains by combining two different spring tensions. Try sleeping on your back, and ensure that your pillow is properly supporting your head.

Back and hip pains

suffering with back pain

Back and hip pains work similarly to neck pain, in that they are often attributed to the same sleep issues. If your mattress isn’t fully supporting your spine and surrounding muscles as you drift off, then your soothing slumber will end up turning into a stressful and painful experience.

Again, changing your sleeping position so that you’re on your back can help to evenly distribute your weight, minimising any pressure points and ensuring proper spinal alignment. Our Pocket Sprung Mattresses can easily soothe each of your body’s pressure points as you sleep, as each of the springs can react individually to the contours of your body. Don’t worry if you’re a side sleeper, as simply placing a pillow in between your knees when sleeping will help to keep your hips, pelvis and spine aligned, taking the strain off your back. You’d be amazed what this simple hack can do for you!

If you often suffer from hip pain, it’s good to perform stretches before bed, as this can help your muscles to loosen and relax after a long day. Performing gentle exercises to soothe your joints is always a good idea, but making sure that your mattress is giving you the perfect balance of comfort and support will ensure aches and pains are a thing of the past.  

If you suffer from aches and pains in your back or hips in the morning, take a look at our range of mattresses for hip pain, or our mattresses for back pain.

Alleviate aches with John Ryan  

artisan naturals mattress

Even if you’re not always prone to aches and pains in the morning, your mattress should ideally be replaced every eight to ten years, so that you’re truly getting the high-quality, satisfying and soothing sleep experience you deserve.

At John Ryan, we have a wide range of tailored and tested pocket sprung mattresses that can fully cater to chronic aches and pains. Our Artisan Naturals mattress and Origins 1500 mattress are a popular choice for those looking to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, without any niggling pain.

It’s essential that your mattress perfectly balances your bodyweight and sleeping position, and provides the best blend of support and comfort. For more information about mattresses for aches and pains, get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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