September 2018

Is Your Mattress A Pain in The Neck?

A significant number of people report that the simple act of sleeping on their mattress can lead to them experiencing aches, and constantly waking up to nagging neck pains. It’s a more common problem than many people realise, and can often be caused by adopting uncomfortable sleeping positions. However, more often than not, the sharp sensation of neck pain in the morning can just be down to your actual mattress.

Signs that your mattress is causing neck pain

It’s true that there are numerous causes of neck pain, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where your aches are coming from. At John Ryan, we know that the little details matter the most, and we also know that a poor mattress can be a major factor for increasing neck pain. If you too suspect your mattress is to blame, there are a few clues to look out for.

Take a note of when you experience the most neck pain. Is it when you first wake up? Does it fade away after a few minutes of stretching? If so, this could indicate that your current mattress is doing more harm than good to your neck. Also, if you find yourself constantly tossing and turning, and waking up during the night, this can all mean that you need a new mattress. Remember, even if you are not prone to aches and pains in your neck, you should still ideally replace your mattress every eight to ten years which is the current lifespan for a quality mattress.

Choosing a mattress with the right support

artisan mattress support

If you believe your mattress is leading to neck pain and causing you to be concerned over your lack of sleep, then it’s important to take immediate action. It’s essential that you choose a mattress that has the perfect balance between your bodyweight and sleeping position, and the best blend of support and comfort.

Many people make the assumption that the firmer the mattress is, the better it will be at alleviating aches and pains and supporting their pressure points, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, to ensure that you have a serene night’s sleep, it’s better that your bed isn’t too hard or too soft. A super soft mattress will cause your body to sink into the bed, resulting in you falling asleep with your spine misaligned and you neck at an unnatural angle, the rest of your body would also be left unsupported.

Your mattress needs to be tailored to suit your exact weight and build, in order for you to rest in complete comfort. This is where we can help, our Artisan range of Luxury Mattresses for Neck Pain, are built specifically to help relieve your aches and pains.

A soothing night’s rest regardless of sleeping position

Your sleeping position, combined with the quality of your mattress will have a huge effect on your neck. You must make sure that you start adopting a sleeping position that puts less physical stress on your pressure points, this is why lying on your back or side is the safest option. Sleeping on your stomach is much more likely to cause you both neck and back pain, as your spine ends up in an arched position, with your head turned to one side.

Of course, even if you improve your sleeping position it won’t make a difference to your neck pain unless you have the right mattress. Whether you’re sleeping on your back, or side, your  spine and neck should be supported, and your head should be in a neutral position in line with the rest of the body. The mattress itself shouldn’t sag or bow, and should keep you comfortable, taking into account your height and weight.

The right support makes a massive difference to your cervical spine health, which helps to decrease neck pain as you settle down to rest and relax. Speaking of support and comfort, our Pocket Sprung Mattresses can help to easily soothe each and every pressure point. This is because each individual spring in a Pocket Sprung Mattress is able to react individually to the contours of your body.

We specialise in mattresses for neck pain

Artisan bespoke 003 mattress for neck pain

At John Ryan, we take your night’s sleep seriously. We believe everyone deserves a high-quality, satisfying and soothing sleep experience, especially if you suffer from aches and pains.

We have a wide range of tailored and tested mattresses that cater to chronic neck pain sufferers. Our Artisan Naturals mattress and Origins 1500 mattress are particularly popular for those seeking to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, without that constant pain.

When it comes to your mattress, never settle for second rate. Whether you’re looking into our Pocket Spring Natural Fibre mattresses, our Latex Foam mattresses, or our Hybrid mattresses, we’ll help you choose the ideal mattress that will make the pain in your neck a thing of the past.

For more information about mattresses for neck pain, get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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