January 2019

Why Would You Choose to Buy a Handmade Mattress?

Choosing a new mattress is a hugely important decision, and no doubt you’ll be looking for the best quality sleep surface that you can find. Something that will not only give you the most relaxing night’s sleep, but also last you for the next 7 years or more.

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You may just be tempted to look at cheap mass produced mattresses or one of the heavily discounted next day ‘boxed mattresses’ which have just rolled off an assembly line somewhere. However, by doing this you’ll be missing out on the care and craftsmanship that goes into a luxury handmade mattress. You’ll be choosing a one size fits all rather than a tailored bed specifically for your needs.

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At John Ryan, we know how much is lost in the mass production process, which is why we are proud to offer the best handmade mattresses possible. We are dedicated to the real craftsmanship, endless hours and attention to detail that goes into the creation of every single one of our mattresses. So, to make sure you don’t regret your purchase, we wanted to go through the reasons why you should choose a handmade mattress…

The benefits of buying a handmade mattress

Remember, real luxurious comfort can never be rushed and although handmade mattresses take longer to make and can cost more, you’ll be investing in a much better nights sleep. Hand made mattresses provide premium support and use high-quality natural materials, designed to improve your comfort, health, and well-being.

By choosing a hand made mattress you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • A tailor-made mattress that’s been constructed, tufted, and stitched entirely by the hands of our skilled artisans, to suit your exact height and weight.
  • Fillings that have been carefully hand layered inside the mattress and tightly compressed into tufts to securely hold layers in place. Providing a plush consistent sleeping surface that wont dip or sag quickly like cheaper materials tend to.
  • A breathable comfortable sleep surface. Natural fibres are far better at wicking away any moisture and regulating heat than synthetic fibres or foams. If you’re a hot sleeper then a Natural fibre mattress is the answer to keeping you cool and fresh at night.
  • Much better quality materials that have been sourced locally to provide exceptional levels of comfort.
  • Individual and carefully cushioned Calico pocket springs, which are designed to instantly react and adjust to the pressure and movements the shape of your body makes. So that the whole of your body is always supported throughout the night.
  • Meticulous attention to detail that provides you with a longer-lasting, artistically designed and stitched mattress. No layers of foam, glue, plastics or polyester wadding to bulk them out. Highly skilled craftsmen and women create our mattresses the traditional way with high-quality natural fibres.

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You can check out the complete journey of your Artisan Mattress, to see the exact amount of skilful craftsmanship, unrivalled talent, passionate precision and attention to detail that goes into building our beautiful beds. Follow the whole 21-day process below so that you know exactly how a handmade mattress can leave you feeling rested and relaxed by offering the most serene, soothing support and comfort.

artisan mattress journey infographic

Helping you to compare mattresses so that you’re happy and entirely confident in your purchase is what we’re all about. Our small friendly team is here to offer all the specialised knowledge you need to answer any of your questions, whether you’re buying a Luxury Mattress from us or not.

Simply ask us a question and get a tailored answer. Or get in touch today for more information on 0161 437 4419.

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