April 2020

Bensons for Beds Review: Pure Indulgence Mattress Comparison

We get asked frequently at John Ryan to compare a mattress someone may have seen in a showroom to a model in our range. This can sometimes be very difficult, as a lot of manufacturers will not disclose the weights of the fillings used in the upholstery layers. One mattress we do get asked a lot about is the Benson’s for beds Pure Indulgence mattress. Here's our mattress geek analysis of the Bensons Pure Indulgence.

The Bensons for Beds Pure indulgence is a pillow top mattress that is also listed as a natural fibre mattress containing Bamboo, Alpaca, Pashmina and British Highland wool. However, as is usually the case the amounts of these layers is not disclosed, making it very difficult for us to say exactly what’s inside. Without knowing the GSM of a mattress it’s really a guessing game for both us, the mattress experts and you the consumer when trying to compare mattresses.

Bensons don’t give you the detail needed to accurately compare their mattresses such as GSM

We have compared the Bensons for Beds Indulgence to our Artisan Naturals model to show you how to undertake a side by side mattress comparison.

Bensons for Beds Review

Let’s see what analysis we can carry out though with the details they provide on their website on this ‘Premium divan bed set handcrafted by Staples‘:

Bensons for beds mattress review
The Bensons for Beds Pure Indulgence Mattress. A pillow top pocket spring model. Let’s take a closer look to see if it is suitable for your requirements. Image from: www.bensonsforbeds.co.uk/

Extravagant Pillow Top

The pillow top means this mattress is a non-turn model. The retail price for this King size mattress is £1349 at Benson’s for Beds as of June 2018.

Pillow top mattresses have become increasingly popular in the past few years, It is likely that you are seeing them advertised everywhere if you are searching for a new mattress. Before choosing a pillow top mattress, however, you should consider both the benefits and the drawbacks.

Pillow Top Benefits

Pillow top mattresses have an extra layer of padding between the sleeper and the springs within the mattress giving the user a softer layer to sink into.

Pillow Top Failings

Pillow top mattresses cannot be flipped. The Pure Indulgence model is a single sided mattress. Single sided mattresses still require rotation although they do not need turning. Single sided pillow top mattresses are well known for creating indentations. The biggest downfall is once this happens there is no way to resolve the problem because you cannot remove that top layer in the same way you could with a mattress topper, so essentially when that top layer loses its shape your whole mattress is done for, hence why the life expectancy is a lot shorter at 5 years compared to our Artisan Naturals model that comes with a 10 year guarantee.

2900 Pocket Springs

Bensons for beds lists the number of pocket springs in this mattress which helps give you an idea of the responsivity of the mattress. A rule of thumb is that a king-size mattress should at least have 1000 pocket springs moving up to 2000 in a kingsize. 2000 is the maximum springs you can contain within a kingsize. Another rule of thumb is the lower the spring count the thicker the wire vs the higher the thinner the wire so they can take up the same space of the mattress. i.e the space inside a kingsize mattress is fixed so the wire thickness has to change to accommodate this dependent on the number of springs.

Micro springs are sometimes used to artificially inflate the spring count on mattresses

Wire thickness has a bearing on the tension of the mattress. We go into that at great lengths here though on our pocket spring article. A heavier sleeper will require more support than say a lighter sleeper and the number of springs has a marked effect on this.

So for the Bensons indulgence to have 2900 pocket springs will mean a dual-layer of springs, for example, 2000 regular pocket springs with another row of 900 on top micro-springs.

Without the spring gauge or tension, it is impossible to make any meaningful comparison. Secondly, Bensons don’t state what kind of pocket springs these are. Are they synthetic spun-bond cases or Calico? If they were Calico surely Bensons would list this as its a premium pocket spring?

Hand-tied Calico pocket springs are the highest quality you can buy vs synthetic which are glued together

Our Artisan Naturals features 1600 Vanadium coated Calico pocket springs that are hand-tied. We can provide these in either a soft, medium or firm spring gauge.

Artisan Spring TensionWeight Range
SoftAvailable as a Bespoke Product (Please Call)
MediumUpto 16 stone / 101kg
FirmOver 16 stone / 101kg

Layers of natural Bamboo, Alpaca, Pashmina and British Highland Wool

The Bensons Indulgence certainly sounds high end with the fibres listed. These natural fibres are both responsive and high wicking meaning that they are breathable. However, there’s no GSM listed which is a real shame as this makes any comparison impossible. Is there 1000GSM of Bamboo? 100GSM? Is it a blend or pure Bamboo? What is the GSM of the Highland Wool?

We have detailed here the benefits of natural fibres and what the expect from a price point. It’s important to note that some mattresses state they contain Alpaca for example but in reality, its such a meagre amount that it is worthless. Anything under 200GSM is going to be a thin layer that’s only in there so retailers can list the mattress as ‘containing’ said fibre.

You need to be able to compare like for like and below is our Artisan Naturals upholstery table listed with the GSM. We have seen evidence of some major bed retailers having tiny portions of natural fibres blended into polyester synthetic pads, just so they can claim their mattress contains ‘natural fibres’. Sometimes even multiple fibres in tiny amounts so they can claim multiple natural fibres. For example, you may see contains ‘Cashmere, Mohair, Bamboo and Wool’ when in reality its a small amount of each in one synthetic pad. This is why seeing the GSM is the only way to know.

We’re not for one minute saying Bensons undertake this practice. However, we are making consumers aware that the term ‘natural fibres’ can sometimes be misleading especially if its a blended fibre. If in doubt always ask the retailer to qualify and confirm the amounts.

 John Ryan By Design Artisan Naturals
11200gsm Blended British Fleece Wool and Cotton.
2Hairproof Cambric Cover
31250gsm Rebound Poly Cotton
41500gsm 100% Pure Mohair
51600 Calico encased Pocket Springs [ 49mm ] [1.28mm ]
Total GSM3950gsm

Upholstered in fine Belgian fabric

There’s a vast market for mattress upholstery and covers ranging from natural cotton to synthetic stretch polyester. We have a really detailed guide here on whats out there. Again, without knowing whether its a damask, cotton, polycotton, viscose or synthetic polyester cover its impossible to compare.

We use a Belgian Damask Viscose cover on all of our Artisan range.

Posture Perimeter Plus for true edge-to-edge support

We’re guessing that this ‘perimeter plus’ is a row of firmer springs for a true edge. Again Bensons doesn’t tell you how many rows of these springs to be able to compare. Is it one row? Two?

We also zone the perimeter sides (2 rows) of the mattress with a slightly firmer spring than the main tension to aid the edge support. This stabilises the mattress when sitting on the edge.

All quality mattresses should have perimeter support, to stop any roll off or instability around the edge of the mattress.

Made in Britain

This is great to see. Not only does it support the UK mattress industry but it also means that the carbon trail of the mattress from Bensons will be significantly lower than a bed that’s been imported from either China or the middle east.

We manufacture our entire mattress range in Yorkshire, all made by Hand here in Great Britain.

Guarantee on the Bensons for Beds Pure Indulgence

The Bensons Pure Indulgence comes with a 5-year guarantee. Whereas our Artisan Naturals comes with a 10-year guarantee. Twice that of Bensons. We have written extensively about the difference between a warranty and guarantee so it’s important to read up on that to know what kind of guarantee you’re getting.

Comparing Bensons for Beds Pure Indulgence Mattress
We show you the detail you need to accurately compare

Artisan Naturals Summary

Our Artisan range of mattresses are our natural fibre pocket sprung range. The Artisan Naturals model is the most popular mattress we create,  is described as the ‘true medium’ of this range, we offer either a soft, medium or firm spring tension to suit individuals of different weight requirements. This mattress is an 85% natural fibre and is upholstered with 3950 GSM per side of the mattress, meaning this is very well upholstered double-sided mattress, that comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee. Retail Price for King size £1140 at John Ryan By Design.

The Artisan Naturals model is a double-sided fully turnable mattress, that requires regular turning and rotation. This is because our John Ryan mattresses have substantial layers of upholstery filling and need turning to ensure an even settlement across the entire surface of the bed.

You can see by looking at the comparison just how much guesswork you’re going to need to work out exactly what’s in the Bensons Pure Indulgence. It’s a real shame that Bensons won’t tell you what’s in their bed. We contacted them but they still wouldn’t divulge the GSM or spring gauges.

Artisan Naturals
Artisan Naturals
Artisan Naturals Bensons Pure Indulgence
1200gsm Blended British Fleece Wool and Cotton. Pillowtop Coarse & Fine Wool (No GSM)
Hairproof Cambric Cover Sumptuous layers of natural bamboo, alpaca, pashmina and British Highland wool (No GSM)
1250gsm Rebound Poly Cotton NA
1500gsm 100% Pure Mohair NA
1600 Calico encased Pocket Springs [ 49mm ] [1.28mm ] 2900 (unknown gauge - probably synthetic)
Total 3950gsm Unknown
Rated Excellent Trustpilot
You should always ask what's exactly inside a potential mattress purchase

We’ve tried to break down the components of the Bensons Pure Indulgence to compare to our Artisan Naturals mattress. It’s always really difficult when retailers don’t or won’t disclose the GSM of the upholstery. Given this is usually the largest component of the mattress it’s impossible to make an informed decision without this detail. We think you should always show caution in you can’t find out the very basics of each fibre layer in a mattress.

It can be a confusing world trying to ascertain what is in a mattress to compare to another. Our small friendly team are always on hand 7 days a week to speak with you to help clear up some of the confusion! Why not get in touch today on 0161 437 4419?

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