Mattress guide videos

Here you can find videos on all aspects of our John Ryan By Design Mattresses to help explain the jargon!  We’ve produced these videos as sometimes some of the concepts are hard to visualise without a guide.  

If you want to see first hand how the memory, hybrid and latex foams we use work then our demonstrations are an excellent way to see for yourself.  We have also created guides to pocket springs and the internal workings of mattresses.  We know how talking about mattresses can be difficult to visualise, which is why we at John Ryan have published these videos.

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Guide to Memory Foam & Hybrid Foam Mattresses

What is Memory Foam?

What’s the difference between Natural Latex and Memory Foam?

What do foams feel like?  What’s the response rate of memory foam?  Why is latex more responsive?  Watch our demonstration on the response rate and feel of mattress foams here.

 What do Hybrid Mattress Foams Feel like?

What inside a mattress?

How do zip and link mattresses work?

Video guide to pocket springs

What is in a cheap mattress?

Do you want to see other demonstrations of mattresses?  Want to see how a component works or functions?  Then get in touch with us and ask!