How to look after your mattress

We are often asked how to look after your new mattress.  We send out our mattress maintenance guide with all our models which details what you should and maybe shouldn’t be doing with your mattress to keep it in prime condition.  This article takes you through some of the considerations you need to bear in mind with your new purchase.Artisan Naturals Outlet Mattress template

Immediately after delivery, your mattress should be aired for at least 8 hours, to freshen from storage and transportation. Ideally, this should be done when the mattress arrives or the next day.  You should try to air your mattress on a weekly basis, by turning back your bed linen for a few hours.

How and when to turn

All two-sided mattresses should be turned and rotated regularly. John Ryan mattresses have substantial layers of upholstery filling and need turning to ensure an even settlement across the entire surface of the bed. Ideally you should always be looking at a 2-sdied mattress so you have two sides to even out the wear. If you have a one sided mattress you simply wont have as much longevity in the lifespan of your bed.

You should turn and rotate your mattress every month

Rotate the mattress 180 degrees and turn over completely once a month. If not turned regularly indents will form in the sleeping area and settlement will become uneven.

One sided mattresses still require rotation although they cannot be turning. This is because they use foams or gels that are layered up on firm foam. If you turned it over you would crush the softer materials and be sleeping on very firm foam. You can read about the potential drawbacks of One-sided mattresses, such as Eve, Casper and Emma models here.

It is recommended that two people turn the mattress as they are heavy.

Mattress Care Guide

Topper or protector?

We strongly recommend the use of a protector or topper. The type of topper or protector you use will depend on the results you require. Some people opt for a simple protector that can be washed with the linen in order to protect the mattress. Others opt for a thicker topper for a softer feel. As always we are happy to give advice.

By using a topper or protector of your choice, you will extend the life of your mattress.

Natural settlement

You will notice that the area where you sleep will settle more than the area where you don’t. This is the case with all mattresses and is especially noticeable in king and super king size mattresses where the users sleep on opposite sides of the bed.

Common sense dictates that the mattress will compress more in the areas that are used the most. The settlement is natural and no cause for concern.  Failure to regularly turn and rotate your mattress will result in an uneven settlement.

Sitting on the edge of the bed can put undue strain on the springs at the edges and can damage the border.

A new bed may seem unfamiliar at first, please allow time for your body to adjust and the filling to settle evenly.

If you follow these recommendations then your John Ryan bed should give you many years of comfort and support.

Castors and feet

The feet/castors are best inserted with the aid of a rubber mallet. This ensures that they don’t crack or mark as they would with a hammer. If you find you have any difficulties in fitting your castors or feet to your bed base, it could be that the grommet (fixing that the factory has already put into the base) may have a small splinter of wood inside, this can be easily removed with a flat headed screwdriver.

Castors are not suitable for hardwood floors as they can skid and move around. We always recommend glides for a hardwood floor or if a bed is being moved frequently, such as a bed and breakfast.


When you bed arrives there will be a fabric strip that is stapled over the drawer. This is for transportation and should be pulled firmly to remove. Once removed it is advisable to check that the staples have come out fully from the frame so they don’t catch on the floor or your hand.

Cleaving and Vacuuming your Mattress

We also advise that you vacuum the top of your mattress at intervals to avoid the accumulation of dust. This will be dependant on each individual but is god house keeping to keep your mattress fresh.

Staining & spills

If your mattress gets stained due to spills or liquids we advise you sponge the stain as soon as possible. Please dont use a heat source such as a radiator or hairdryer to dry a spill. Mop it up as best you can with clean dry clothes and then let the mattress air dry. If you try and dry it any other way you will damage the mattress and internal upholstery.


We have even more detail on mattress care found here if you want to go one step further.  Turning and rotating monthly are key to new mattresses to help even out settlements.  There is a lot of common sense with new mattresses and they will take a few weeks to get used to.  If you look after your mattress, though, you can ensure many years of use out of your mattress.

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