Mattress sales tactics

Buying a bed should be an exciting and rewarding process. You’ve decided for a number of reasons you need a new bed and mattress. You’re looking forward to a more comfortable nights sleep or a more suitable mattress. You’re armed and ready to go buy a mattress, or so you think! Let us help show you what you need to watch out for an avoid when buying a new mattress.

Sale must end todayUnfortunately for most the experience is at best confusing and tiring and at worst misleading and expensive! Busy retail shops, misinformed staff, sketchy product descriptions, jargon, lying awkwardly on show beds and artificial lighting and prices.

So take the guesswork out of the equation, understand the means and methods that are sometimes used to sell you a mattress, any mattress in some cases, and take charge of getting a truly suitable bed.

We have a condensed our top 5 tips for those of you who are halfway out the door to their nearest showroom, and more detail for those of you who want to consider the arguments a bit closer.

Bed Sale of the century?

So you’re in a position to go looking for your new dream bed. The first stop for many people is to go and do the rounds at the retailers, after all, they are the experts? Am I sure they are? Are they?

As you arrive you see massive red and white sale signs, further reductions, half price, free base with selected beds and interest-free purchase signs which almost blind you. It is a bed sale of the century!

Origins reflex0007 3

The sales assistant makes their move as soon as you step foot through the door. What kind of bed are you looking for? The golden million dollar question, but I bet most people simply state the size of bed they want rather than anything specific. With just a few soft, medium firm style questions as you’re marched off around the store.

Then you’re taken on a journey of confusion, try this, try that and ‘this one has xx off, this one comes with xx and this has been recently reduced further’.

I can almost guarantee no discussion over bodyweight, the bed you currently have or any problems you have encountered will be asked at this stage. Which is of vital importance when considering a new mattress.

You get bombarded with the killer question ‘how do you find this one?’ after your 15 seconds awkwardly sprawled on the beds they have on trial. Nothing is given in writing all the advice is face to face and almost impossible to keep up with and follow.

Divans vs bedstead bases
Rows of confusing vaguely detailed retail mattresses

Any discussion about the components of the mattress will be discussed at an incredibly high level, confusing you even further. If you ask for any more information you will probably get even more high-level confusion or just shown even more beds. You get further and further confused.

The bottom line is none of this is helping you choose the correct mattress. It is just helping you choose something, anything that will make a sale. Let us stop that scenario. This is where we come in. There is no need to go through any of the above. Using this site or speaking to one of our friendly experts can help you understand the right mattress choice much faster and with zero spin

Top 5 Mattress Sale Tips

1 – You don’t need to physically try out a mattress. In fact, often going about it this way means you miss vital research and information required to choose a suitable mattress. A 15-second session lying on a showroom bed won’t give you a good indication of the comfort, durability or structure of the mattress.

2- Gather your requirements for your new mattress first, to really understand what you need it to provide you with and any weight considerations, especially if it’s a shared bed.

3 – Do your research before you set off to an online retailer or retail shop. You’re unlikely to get the level of information you require from sales staff. Use our guides so you know how to compare mattresses before you step out the door.

4 – Be wary of Sale signs, especially given the recent office of fair trading enquiry into misleading RRP prices and sales of retailers. Do you feel the bed you’re looking at ever was worth the RRP? Your requirements should come first and then budget close second, a perceived good deal is not a good buy if it’s not the right bed for you!

5 – Ask ‘what does that mean?’ don’t just take someone’s word for it. If you’re given product details query what that means for you in terms of comfort, durability and support in the mattress. What is the density, depth and construction method of these memory foams or latex layers? If you feel uncertain then trust your instinct!


If you are unsure, you can speak directly to an expert who can provide honest advice without the spin. If you’re planning on visiting a mattress retailer read our top 5 tips to at least be armed with some guidance to save confusion. You could always choose the alternative which is to give our small friendly team a call on 0161 437 4419 and chat through your options from the comfort of your own home. We can provide comparisons if you do want to hit the shops to test some out, but with our 60 days love it or return it guarantee you probably won’t want to!

We also have our own online outlet were we discount returned mattresses. Far more transparent than a fake sale or alternatively you can buy our discontinued range in our eBay shop. Why not have a look?