March 2020

Mattresses delivered next day – should you rush buying a bed?

You may feel that life has become pretty manic of late. Your boss may be pushing deadlines at you. Your phone is probably demanding your constant attention with notifications. Everything feels like it needs to be done right now. No wonder you're tired and looking for a new mattress. This article is going to explain why you may want to slow down your need to instantly purchase a next day delivery bed and give it proper consideration.

We’ve become accustomed to being able to buy pretty much anything in the click of a button during our lunch hour or commute to work. Which is great when you’ve run out of toothpaste, ordering that book for holiday or doing the food shop online. In fact, we’re proud to say that 13 years ago we were the first online bed retailer allowing you to buy a bed online without spending weekends in showrooms.

Someone ordering a next day mattress online
Rushing into buying a new mattress could be a big mistake.

However, buying a mattress in a rush without much consideration can lead to nights of poor and awkward sleep. The speed at which online shopping has advanced has meant that it is now more linked to speed than quality. Quality is something that you really can’t afford to sacrifice when it comes to sleep. We want to give you all the detail you need to get the best quality mattress no matter what your budget.

A luxury Artisan 1500 mattress in a room
No matter what your budget, take your time when mattress shopping to ensure you get the very best for your needs. There is no ‘One size fits all’.

Given you’re going to be spending 6-9 hours per night in bed isn’t it worthwhile doing some research to make sure you’re going to get the best sleep from it?

Why does sleep matter?

You may think of sleep as a bit of an inconvenience but it really does matter. When you sleep overnight your brain consolidates information where bits and pieces are transferred between long and short term memory. Helping give you a clear mind. Researchers have also shown that people with consistent sleep patterns retain information and perform better on memory tasks. Our bodies also require long periods of quality sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate. Sleep allows us to grow muscle, repair bodily tissue, and synthesize/create hormones needed for a healthy life. So we really should treat sleep with as much importance as going to the gym, making that deadline and paying it as much attention as we do to our social media feeds!

A sleeping couple in bed
Sleep is incredibly important and a good sleep regime with help your health and mental focus.

Next-Day Mattress Types

Whilst it may sound wonderfully convenient and expeditious to order a mattress online and receive it the next day, you need to consider the type of mattress this is likely to be. Making sure that the speedy mattress offerings are actually suitable for your sleeping requirements, body weight, height and health needs. Most people who speak to us always disclose a sleep issue or health requirements which are often overlooked when buying a mattress in a single click of a button.

Boxed Internet Mattresses

In the most part, these fast delivery mattresses are usually boxed and rolled models. Such as Casper, Eve, Simba, Leesa, which are a very specific type of mattress model. They are all predominantly foam, memory foam or hybrid foam mattresses that can be crushed and rolled. Which makes their delivery really convenient. Now if you’ve weighed up your requirements and these models tick all the boxes then that’s great. Especially if you don’t mind a one-sided mattress (you can only use one side) that will retain more heat (great for cold sleepers who like to be warm). However, we bet you hadn’t even considered that during your lunchtime search for a new bed!

Casper mattress reviewed by John Ryan
Boxed and rolled mattress are uber convenient. But are they the perfect match for your needs?

Warehouse Mattresses

They may also be stock mattress models held in warehouses. Given that warehouse storage is incredibly expensive, mattress retailers that offer speedy expedited delivery are no doubt holding stock of their models to get them out asap. To ensure that these models are not sat in storage for months at a time any savvy mattress retailer will only hold the broadest model offerings (one size fits all) so that they can appeal to the widest section of sleepers. ie a Medium tension cage sprung mattress with cheaper synthetic fibres to keep the price down. Which is fine if you fit this model with your bodyweight and sleeping requirements. But what if you don’t?

A cheap cage sprung mattress
A good test for a cheap mattress is if you can grab the side and feel the internal components. A quality mattress won’t allow you to do this.

Hand-Made Mattresses

These types of mattress are never available the next day as they are all hand made to order. Including ourselves, there are a handful of UK based companies that make such beds. With these types of bed, you have a huge variety of options from the spring type (based specifically on your exact bodyweight) the upholstery layers best for your sleeping preference and comfort not to mention other important mattress detailing. They are then made by hand rather than on a factory line or glued together like foam-based mattresses. You would be surprised how competitive these smaller companies prices can be compared to the mass-produced goliaths. ie you can often get far more for your money by using an independent mattress retailer.

The Artisan Naturals Mattress
Whilst it may take a few weeks, using an independent mattress retailer can mean you get far more for your money.

These mattress types may take up to 4 weeks to make and then deliver but you really are setting yourself up for years of sleep success. As this type of mattress is made specifically for your needs. When spending such a considered amount on a mattress you should expect to receive the very best mattress for your needs.

We’ve calculated the cost per sleep for all of our hand made mattress models, based on sleeping on your mattress for 7 years. We have summarised the price points below and cost per sleep each night.

MattressCostGSMSpring CountCost per sleep
Origins Comfort 1000£52512501000£0.20
Origins Pocket 1500£62015501500£0.24
Origins Pocket Reflex 1000£57510201000£0.22
Origins Pocket Latex 1500£89518001500£0.35
Artisan 1500£96543001500£0.47
Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000£112039602000£0.43
Artisan Naturals£123539501600£0.48
Artisan Bespoke 004£158036001600£0.61
Artisan Luxury£173546001476£0.67
Artisan Bespoke£185051001600£0.72
Artisan Bespoke 002£197536002508£0.77
Artisan Bespoke 003£277556002508£1.08
Artisan Sublime£302554002508£1.18
Legacy£6715168004200£0.73 (25 yrs)

Drop & Run Deliveries

It’s also worth considering the delivery options of next day mattresses. Quality mattresses are heavy and cumbersome items, in fact, you can see just how much a well-made mattress weighs here (up to 80kg in some cases). There’s no sugar-coating it. Unless there are two of you to help then moving a mattress around your house, boxed or otherwise takes some consideration.

Then there’s all the packaging that you will need to dispose of along with your old mattress. Most people don’t have the luxury of space to store their old mattress and the packaging. Like other hand made mattress companies we offer a 2 man white-glove service. Where your mattress will be assembled for you, packaging taken away and recycled. We also offer eco mattress recycling where your old bed for a small fee can be completely recycled and used for other purposes even material used to fill potholes!

A delivery truck full of next day parcels
Drop & Run or Drop Ship Deliveries will only deliver to your front door to keep costs low. You’re left with the packaging and lifting.

Why you should take your time when choosing a new mattress

Choosing a new mattress is an important and high-value purchase. Given the importance of sleep, it’s a good idea to make sure that your new mattress is as close to perfect as possible for you. If you’re buying a mattress just off reviews and price point the chances are you are going to overlook a number of key areas.

By taking more time in deciding you can avoid ending up with a costly mistake or a mattress that actually makes your nights sleep worse. Whilst many companies, including ourselves, offer a comprehensive Love it or return it policy. The best bet is to try and pick the correct mattress to begin with. Thus saving disruptive collections and exchanges.

Artisan 1500 side panel
Doing your research can save you making costly mistakes and regretful mattress purchases. Click to view our how to choose a mattress guide.

When buying a new mattress these are the main areas you need to consider:

This may sound like a lot of information to take in but it’s really important that you get the correct support, comfort level and mattress type for your needs. We have an article on how to choose a mattress here or use our interactive mattress selector to get you started. Just click the hover-over on the right.


By a mattress in a few minutes of your lunch hour may feel like the most convenient way to replace your old mattress. However, this convenience is likely to be at the sacrifice of finding a truly suitable mattress.

Given there are at least 4 different spring types based on your bodyweight and over 15 fibres to contend with it’s best you take some more time to fully understand what you’re buying.

We offer a no-pressure advice service so why not get in touch with our small team on 0161 437 4419 to advice on the best options for you or drop us a message below.

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