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Kirsty asked
27th January 2016

Hi, i’m looking for some advice/guidance please. I’m on the verge of buying a new king size bed. I’m 5 ft 7 and approx 72/73 kg. I currently sleep on an ancient double bed with a memory foam topper. With a broken headboard. The whole thing needs to go! I’m on ‘project bed’ which is to create a sumptuous space for me to curl up in. I’ve been eyeing up a wooden bedframe with slatted base which i’ve seen online, but choosing a mattress is tricky. I get befuddled with all the choice. I came across your website a couple of weeks ago and am thinking of something from your range. My budget will be in the Origins range and i was thinking of the Origins 1500. However, i did start reading your info about latex, and began to wonder if i should consider delaying my purchase to save up for the Origins 1500 latex. I just don’t know if it would be worth the difference in price for me. if it helps, i have been to Bensons for Beds to lie on a few mattressess to see what i like. I seem to have a preference for firmness ratings of 3/4 (their’s go up to 5), so medium-firm, probably slightly more 4’s than 3’s. I liked the Sensaform 3000 which is 1050 pocket springs and has memory foam top, but i’m thinking of moving away from memory foam because they do get hot. I also like a 1000 pocket sprung one called Ophelia Ortho Comfort. Also, I tried their version of a latex topped mattress (Geltex) which i liked, but it was over £1000, i also tried some of their natural filled mattresses (wool, silk, cotton, cashmere) but the sales assistant couldn’t tell me what percentage compositition they were. These were called Splendour, Santiago, and Grandeur (Reylon made beds i think?), and were very nice and comfy but out of my price range (i don’t know why i tried them!). It’s probably not relevant but i also want to mention that i do a lot of sport training, and so i do crave a mattress which will provide the best support and rest for my often tired muscles and joints, – as does everyone i suppose! If you could offer any guidance i’d be very grateful. Thank you Kirsty

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answered 7 years ago

Hi Kirsty,


Thank you for your question.

Using your description of a “sumptuous space for you to curl up in” I would steer you towards the Origins Pocket 1500 rather than the Origins Pocket Latex 1500 because the latter of the two would provide you with a firm feel as opposed to the medium feel of the former.


The Origins Pocket 1500 has 1500 nested pocket springs for support and 1550 grams per square metre of upholstery for comfort and will feel luxurious. In addition, this mattress represents excellent value for money when compared to other products on the market.


BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium (1.4mm)
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm (1.6mm)
Available in Bespoke Products (Please Call)Soft (1.2mm)

As you have stated, memory foam does retain heat and is not suitable as the primary component of a mattress. In addition, with your body weight I would not recommend any product with “ortho” in the description as these are likely to prove too firm when slept on regularly. I would point out that I am not able to provide an opinion as to the suitability of the other products you have mentioned because the details of the construction and upholstery are limited.



I trust that this helps, but if you require any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind regards Julie