New Ikea pocket sprung mattress feels hot when you lie on it?

Mark asked
6th January 2017

After spending 15 years on an old Silentnight coil spring bed with sprung divan base, which seemed to have no support left in it, we plumped for an Ikea Hokkasen pocket sprung King Size mattress in Medium Firm (nearly top of their range and the softest available) after trying it in store, plus the a new unsprung divan base with 2 drawers (this seemed to be the only choice available). Total price about £650.

I am 6ft tall, 11st 9lb and my wife is 5’7″ and 9st. Just had our first night on it and oh dear! Was expecting it to feel a bit firmer than we are used to – may get used to it – but the worst thing was the overheating! Where we lay on the bed, it felt like we were burning up. I had to pull off the duvet to cool down, and ended up cold on top and hot underneath.

I am going to return the mattress and base (I’ve already spoken with customer service) and now need to find a bed which will keep us at a comfortable temperature and be comfortable side sleeping. She is a side sleeper and I move between side and back.

We would like to get a pocket sprung mattress and a base (sprung?) for about £1000, but given how important an investment it is, are prepared to go above £1500 if we can get something super good. Which of your products would you recommend and why?

Also, from your chart we seem to be just about in the ‘medium spring tension’ category based on height and weight, but only just, and would appreciate your advice as to whether soft or medium, or half and half, would be best.

1 Answer
answered 5 years ago

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are sorry to hear of the issue you have with your new Ikea product. Having viewed the product details on ikea‘s own site, we would have suggested that medium/firm is not correct for your body weights. The reason for your over heating is the top layer of memory foam and this is the reason most people return such products.

Foams retain far more heat than Natural fibres which is why many people in foam or memory foam beds overheat during the night. You want to move away from foam to reduce heat retention.

Please view the Origins Comfort 1000, which has a standard medium spring tension together with softer man-made upholstery layers suitable for a side sleeper. The medium spring will still provide you with the support you need. This could be paired with a platform base with drawers for storage as an option.

Alternatively, you could look at the Artisan Naturals, the best seller in that range, which should be selected with a medium spring tension and has natural upholstery providing an overall medium feel. This is a fully breathable mattress due to the high Natural fibre content at 85%.

We trust that this helps, but if you require any further advice or guidance, please call our office on 0161 437 4419.

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Kind regards Gary