Soft mattress for disc and pevic problems

Paul asked
23rd October 2015

I am replying to you as you are the first person that has ever made any sense.
I have suffered greatly from disc and pelvic problems and cannot at any price lie on a firm bed, in fact if I do I wake up early in great pain.
So I prefer to lie in a bed rather than on it.! I need a beautiful soft mattress but it has to be supportive at the same time. Im 14 stone and 5-9 and have the luxury of having a double all to my self. I am not impressed with memory foam at all, I once lay on it on holiday and had to put the settee cushions on it to ease my pain.I think i need pocket sprung but I need to sink into the mattress at the same time.
My own mattress is a medium andI had to put on a pillow top about 2 yrs ago so I think I need a softer …. med to soft/soft side.
I have around £600 to spend but it must be made from natural material/fibres. I was looking at a Sealy Murino for £629 recently but think its too hard.
Submitted on 2015/10/23 at 20:17
The lady who earlier said she wants a firm mattress for her back problems really needs to try out a soft one first. Many people have told me to use a hard bed for a bad back,
20 years ago I lay on a bed with a door under the mattress and after 3 months I could barely move. My back was much worse.
Hard beds will ruin a good back and that is why I would listen to your advice on supplying my mattress for you actually make sense.
Submitted on 2015/10/23 at 21:31
one last thing…..
Many years ago I remember sleeping over at Grandmas house where I just couldnt wait to get into bed.The bedroom had an open fire place that was lit in winter ! and Wow the mattress was an old open sprung type that was worn thru almost. It had some tears in it that showed the horse hair and wool sticking through but it was the most comfortable thing ive ever laid in. I remember the mattress “giving way” as I fell into it, I actually lay IN the bed not ON it, it hugged me like a blanket comforter all night. I remember falling off to sleep in that comfortable bed watching the flames of the fire……..mmmmmmmmm
Now that im not 7 anymore and nearly 00 I just want the same comforting nights sleep that I had back then. Is it at all possible?
Close to building an open fireplace in my bedroom can I actually get the next best thing and get a proper mattress.

1 Answer
answered 4 years ago

Hi Paul,

You are so right; the advice for people with back issues used to be to go for a firm mattress, however, recent advice from the Institute of Chiropractors contradicts that.


Ideally, you need support for your body weight from the spring unit with the upholstery providing the comfort and in your case that “sink in” feeling.


Although you have suggested you would prefer a soft mattress, I would recommend our Origins Pocket 1500, which has a medium feel in the spring with softer comfort layers of upholstery. This currently retails at £480.00 for a double and I would suggest you view the details of this product on our site prior to placing an order.



This is ideal for your body weight, but in the event that you find this slightly firmer than required, you could then apply a topper.


I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards, Mike.