How much should you spend

The answer on how much you should spend on a mattress should be to spend as much as you can to get what you want. The tricky part is do you actually know what you want? This article will explain what you can get for your money and the minimum standards to look for. Helping you separate out all those ‘bargain deals’ from the real quality mattresses.

Artisan Naturals Outlet Mattress template

The bottom line is spending as much as you can afford. It’s the same line that is trounced up and down every bed shop in the country making you think that to get even better you have to spend more and spend even more for better still.  There will always be a more expensive model available, in fact, it culminates at £115,000. Your dilemma is, where between £99 and £115,000 do you set your budget? £99 will get you a incredibly cheap basic mattress but how much more do you want to spend to get better?

Your dilemma is, where between £99 and £115,000 do you set your budget? £99 will get you a cheap mattress but how much more do you want to spend to get better?

For some, it can be an easy choice. For everyone else, it is more difficult to actually pinpoint what you need. Your partner fidgets, differing weights, rolling together, back problems, heat problems, neck problems, hip problems and every single problem absolutely individual to you. Is the mattress you need actually out there?

It is a fact that no matter how clued up you think you are, it is unlikely you really know what you can expect for your money. This post will give you an indication of what you can reasonably expect in relation to your budget.

Mattress retail pricing explained

Firstly, there are a few things that you should know in relation to retail pricing.

All components used in mattresses cost the manufacturer relatively the same price. Just because ‘Brand X’ uses a container full of springs on a weekly basis does not necessarily mean that they are paying substantially less for them. It then follows that it will be the same for fabrics, waddings and fillings.

The raw cost price of a mattress will generally be the same, for a ‘like for like’ model, for all manufacturers. You are then quite right to wonder why there are such huge price differences for essentially the same mattress. Well, once the mattress has been manufactured, additional costs have to be added by the manufacturer to the raw cost such as:

  • Advertising, marketing and promotion
  • Transport
  • Licensing to retailers
  • Cost of shop floor space
  • Logistics
  • Mark up

Depending on the size of the manufacturer depends on how high these additional costs can go. The bigger the manufacturer, the higher the costs. After all, there is then the retailer’s costs to consider. Shop costs of rent and rates, staffing costs to sell the bed, delivery costs to get the bed to you and so on. The retailer adds on their markup, or share of the profit, in order to keep their business growing or to divide among the shareholders.

When you find your “like for like” mattress, virtually tear them apart to see where all your extra money is going!  Is it on the mattress or on the Brand? You can only do this by knowing the GSM (Grams per square meter) that are in your mattress.

What fillings should you have in your mattress?

Even though there are well over 4000 models of mattress out there you really don’t have much of a choice. How so?

Bear in mind when considering budget, is the fact that there are only four general types of mattress build:

  1. Mass produced – Polyester as upholstery
  2. Mass produced – Mainly Polyester – Minimal natural fibre.
  3. Mass produced- Mainly natural fibre – Minimal polyester
  4. Mass produced – 100% Natural Fibre.

For a budget of around £600, the main upholstery will be either/or polyester or visco-elastic memory foam nothing more. And when I say nothing more, I mean any other waddings added that can offer a significant improvement to the mattress comfort, other than having it contained in the specification and this inclusion could be relatively worthless. Knowing about a mattresses GSM times table is essential and we have a detailed post about it here.

Mattresses that contain natural fibres (lambswool, cashmere, hair, cotton, mohair etc,) in such a quantity for them to be beneficial or to make up the mattress completely, just do not exist for budgets less than £850.

The higher your budget means the higher up this list you can go.  Because of this manufacturers recognise that the inclusion of some kind of natural fibre component can sway you to their product rather than their competitors. If the price is significantly increased for an insignificant amount of natural fibre  then your money would be better spent on tweaking the cheaper mattress by use of a separate topper.

There is one final type; the Hand Made mattress which is the highest standard of mattress manufacturing. Usually, this carries a hefty price tag but smaller independents can offer hand made mattresses that can compete in terms of quality and price with some of the mainly polyester models sold at retailers.

If you can stretch your budget to a handmade mattress, your odds of choosing a higher quality product increase significantly. All of our mattresses are handmade here in the UK.

What your money can get you?

How much to spend on a double mattress?What can I expect for my money?
£250Will not get you much at best a 13.5 gauge open coil / cage sprung with a thin polyester layer.
£350Could get you a fairly OK orthopaedic mattress or the beginnings of a basic pocket springs with 800 – 1000 count. No substantial amount of filling other than foams and synthetic materials
£500Should get you away from most low-mid ranges and into the basic pocket spring models
£700Should get you an average pocket sprung mattress.
£850Should get you many manufacturers mid-range models.
£1000-£2000Should get you a hand made primarily Natural Fibre Mattress
£2000+You should expect 100% Natural Fibres and traditional construction methods
£5000+A bespoke hand made sleep system, high end spring units & featuring the Worlds Most Luxurious Natural Fibres

Take a quick look through the models we have on offer here. Our mattress range starts at £395 for our Origins Comfort which shows you exactly the handmade quality you can expect. Use this as a starting point as we think they are quite difficult to beat. Let’s say for example your budget is around £450 (Double size). I say that this amount can get you  1000 pocket springs, Double Sided with a decent polyester wadding, reflex foam aiding the support and longevity and an above average fabric. Incidentally, this is our minimum standard, we do not sell a lower quality of build than this.

Moving up to our Artisan range that compares with the likes of Vi-spring. All of which are handmade here in the UK only for us by us. Use this as a starter point for £1000 plus mattresses being dubious of any retailer that can’t or won’t tell you the GSM content of the beds you are looking at.

Do your comparisons

Using the basic comparison details of 1000 Pocket Springs, Reflex Foam (25mm) and Polyester (1250gsm) you should then search each shop or site looking for a similarly built mattress for a similar price. When you have your list of possible candidates for comparison you then look at all the additional details such as fabric quality, detailing, service, guarantee etc

Use the same initial principle no matter what your budget. Find out what it can get you and then try to match it or beat it for comparison.

I’m adding a little disclaimer here. If you are looking at high-end mattresses with premium weight natural fillings as the main components then prices will indeed be in excess of the £1000 plus ballpark. Our comments here relate to mass-produced mattresses without a predominant ‘natural fillings’ content.

Do not expect to be able to get everything you need to be included. For example, you have found a 1000 pocket sprung mattress. The fillings used will no doubt be polyester (1200 gsm should be expected at the very least). You may then have to add a supplementary comfort layer in the form of mattress topper or enhancer to give you an additional comfort layer and assurance to extend the longevity.

The rule of thumb is to get the best ‘components’ your budget can buy. If £500 can get you a pocket sprung mattress – why settle for a cage sprung mattress for the same money? When the budget is an issue it is better to complement an average pocket sprung mattress by adding your own comfort layers.

Bear in mind that as polyester is the most basic component of mattress upholstery hence the cheap price it really does not have a very long lifespan. Without taking the above measures of care, it will not be too long for the mattress to develop dips and indents where the polyester refuses to spring back to life. Bear in mind that we all perspire through the night and this is the mattress’ worst enemy. It is better to replace the topper or whatever every so often than it is to change your mattress.

Find all the details you can

Keep notes on what you see and make sure that you are comparing like for like/component by component. After visiting a few sites without them, you will become lost and forget the important specification details. However, and unfortunately, you will soon see that these basic fundamental details are missing from many descriptions. If they are vague then phone/mail the retailer or manufacturer and ask.

These missing details are done purposefully so you just end up through sheer frustration, sticking a pin into a long list of potentials and hoping upon hope you have made the right choice. Don’t be embarrassed by asking what the mattress is composed of by weight in GSM. This is the only way you will be able to tell the construction build quality of any mattress.

Have a look at Vi Springs site (and ours) as a good example of how descriptions should be listed. They tell you and show you in great detail what is inside their mattresses, how the components are put together, and you are in a better position to see exactly and without any shadow of a doubt where your money is going.

Consider this. The finest Cashmere costs around £4000 kilo. How far down the Cashmere Quality chain do you think the mattress is that contains this product in any great quantity?


There is a claim that the more you spend on a mattress the better it will be. This is true when you are talking about premier league manufacturers. Mass produced mattresses are not in the premier league. If you need advice or help in knowing how much to spend to get a mattress that exactly suits your needs, get in touch with us.  Please browse our online shop to see exactly what you can get for your given budget.


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  • Gregor says:

    Dear Sirs
    My wife and I are finally about to move in to a new house after spending 3 years in rented accomadation sleeping on beds ranging from double to king size and on very dubious quality mattresses. We want to buy a very good bed as I think it is very important as you spend a third of your life in it! We would like a super king size and have been told that a zip and link mattress is a good option as it is easier to turn and you are less able to ‘feel’ your partner move if they are having a restless night.
    I am 12.5 stone and my wife is 11 stone. I am very concious of back ache and see an osteopath quarterly.
    We would like a divan base including drawers and headboard which would be of similar design,quality and appearance to the vi-spring and JL brands. We have looked at Vi-spring, tempur and John Lewis but would be grateful for your advice. I know it is a question that probably cannot be answered, especially without trying the mattress, but could you recommend a bed or brand?
    Thank you and we hope you can help.

    Hi Gregor. Of course we can help you. Firstly, for you and the benefit of all other readers, you mention that it is a question hard to answer “without actually trying the mattress”

    Ryan and I between us have tried hundreds of mattresses, all different builds, all different qualities and all from a myriad of maufacturers. We know what components work well with different spring types, with different overlaying and underlyng upholstery and with different finishing techniques. Plus, we also know what upholstery components and structure would be entirely suitable for your individual bodyweights for comfort, support and most importantly, longevity.

    When you, or indeed anyone is trying out a mattress, you will fail to identify any inherant shortcomings as you will be only looking at one particular aspect – The comfort. And by way of emphasising this point, if bouncing around on a mattress for a few minutes in the shop was all it takes to find your perfect mattress (for your budget) then why are there literally hundreds of different questions about the ‘right mattress for individual needs’ on this site, or indeed throughout the internet. This is what Ryan and I do for a living day in and day out and our feedback is testament to our passion.

    The first step you should take is to read as much of this site as posible. Only when you yourself understand the basics of mattress manufacture to a degree, will you be able to see whether the advice proffered by a salesman is in your interests – or theirs!

    For the second part, give Ryan a call on the number above. He will be able to talk you through many options for your own personal requirements and give you plenty to consider before purchase. Good question Gregor. This will help many people in a similar position. John.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Need some help to get a decent mattress. Am having surgery for back problems (cervical spine) and also have knee problems. Am 5ft 10 and about 19 stone. Need mattress to be able to cope with me ‘log-rolling’ out of bed. Am using king size bed frame with slats. Need to raise bed height – was thinking of using ‘elephant feet bed raisers’ from British Red Cross website. Suspect this will put extra pressure on edges of mattress. Am on benefits for now so do not have a lot of spare cash. Would be grateful for your advice.

    Hi Elizabeth. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately, you do not have many options and of course a low budget reduces these even more. I would suggest a high density foam core would be beneficial – topped off with a suitable comfort layer. Of course there will be no edge support but this will have to the compromise you make. For starters do a general search for foam products such as to see what they can provide. Please let us know how you get on. John and Ryan.

  • Carl says:

    I’ve been looking at buying a new mattress and divan base for a few weeks now and have come across your site and found it quite informing, you give more information about mattresses than any site i’ve come across, anyway i’m looking at a new bed as i’ve said, i weigh about 24st, i sleep on both my side and front, i would prefer a firm/firmer bed and i have a budget of about £650, could you please recommend a bed for me.,
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Carl, Thanks for the thumbs up. Your weight is the primary factor here and so correct support is paramount to ensure you are not looking for another mattress a few months down the line. The comfort layers, although important are secondary. I would advise the use of supplementary comfort layers such as topper / comforter as it will be these layers that will be taking the brunt and it is easier to replace these in time rather than the whole mattress.
    Please give Ryan or me a call and we can take it further. It is not an easy thing to get right but not impossible. Your budget is in the right area. John and Ryan .

  • David says:

    Hi John & Ryan.

    Excellent site – well done! I have spent (wasted!) a great deal of money over the last 5 years on new mattresses, then a mattress topper, then bought a new divan + matching pocket sprung mattress (soft) only 2 years ago, and here we are searching for another solution. I just wish that I had seen your site 2 years ago. I am 18 stone, my wife is 8.5 stone. We both suffer from sore hips during a night’s sleep and I also suffer from sore shoulders as well at night. Our current king size bed was expensive, but offers little comfort and also has annoying indents (your article on this subject was most illuminating). We have come to the conclusion that 2 x single matresses on a king size base, possibly as a zip&link is the solution. Any advice?

    Hi David. The ziplink will be the solution, however it has to be put together with due consideration of weight difference. The most important aspect for you is the support, whereas your wifes priority will be the comfort. At 8 and a half stone she will not really be utilising the springs at all. We will be able to put together a set for you, so please give us a call to discuss. John and Ryan.

  • hi , i am just about to buy a baronet by hypnos – what do you think ? all this research is exhausting!
    Hi Hilary. the research is exausting because you are not being told what you [and everyone else] needs to know.

    In order to answer your question with any degree of certainty you will have to phone Hypnos direct [Customer Service 01844 348200 ] and ask them what the exact specification of The Baronet is:
    If they say wool – you say How much?
    If they say Cotton – You say how much?
    if they say White Fibre – you say “do you mean polyester?” If so, how much?
    Only when you have this essential information will you be able to do any sort of comparison. John and Ryan.

  • Chris Marande says:

    Hi John and Ryan,
    This is an amazingly informative site which has been a great help while narrowing down possibilities for much needed new mattresses. I wonder if it would be possible to have your opinion before ordering a mattress from you.

    My husband and I are currently sleeping on 2 wooden slatted single beds, we have these pushed together and use one set of super king bedding on them. This has worked well for quite a few years but the very elderly open coil mattresses we are using on these beds desperately need replacing. We will probably only use these bed bases for a year or two more, until we gut the bedroom and replace everything in it, so don’t really want to blow the budget at this point!

    I am wondering whether your extra king, zip and link, comfort mattresses would fit the bill nicely. I weigh 9 stone and seem to have spent half my life saying that my mattresses are too hard and are giving me shoulder pain. My husband is just over 13 stone and seems to be able to sleep anywhere ( though when we’ve slept on firm hotel mattresses he has complained of hip pain). I really do feel I need a soft mattress but obviously don’t want this to be at the expense of my husband’s comfort.
    I would value your advice and guidance.
    Many thanks,

    Hi Chris. The ideal solution would be a ziplink model whereby it can be made for your bodyweight and your husbands. The Origins Comfort would be ideal for you but definitely not for your husband. However, keeping to your budget The Origins Reflex would suit you both.

    Obviously being on two single bedframes it will not be posible to zip the mattresses together. Speak to us and we will be able to inform you of what can be done until you renovate your room. John and Ryan.

  • Stuart Hutcheson says:

    Hi… January Sale??

    Hi Stuart. Please read this post. Genuine mattress sales are rare. All you are doing is taking the word of a salesroom that a particular mattress has been reduced. Unless you know the actual worth of a particular mattress there is no way whatsoever will you be able to tell for sure if a sale price is a genuine sale price. Ryan and I do not subscribe to this underhand practice, our prices are the best we can offer all year round. John and Ryan.

  • terry henderson says:

    Hi Guys,

    Well done what a fantastic site! I have dealt with the public for 23 years and yous are on the same views as me. Give genuine info.

    My wife and i have just purchased a new suite and are now looking at a new bed and mattress. And guess what? yep Minefield. My wife is 9stone five six. i am 15 stone and for feet. lol no am five eight. The boss dosn wand a divan base and would like a leather bed frame,curently we have a kingsize frame with a built up mattress from IKEA. iT IS 8YEARS OLD AND HAS MORE NOISES THAN A HAUNTED HOUSE.
    I have three de-hidrated discs in my back and we do a lot of cruises. The best sleeps we have had is on a carnival comfort bed. I wanted to buy the complete bed but wife say too much. We would consider 1- 1200 pounds. and for the record we arent at saga age yet with the cruises my wife is 44 and i am 49.
    I look forward to your reply and indication of supply times.
    Regards Terry.

    Hi Terry. Thank you so much for your kind words. To make life a little easier just go and bite the bullet and get the Artisan Naturals. It falls within your budget and can be customised to take into account your wifes extremely low bodyweight and your musculkar frame. We would need to talk through your requirements to ensure we can do everything posible to accommodate your back troubles. FYI – The Artisan has an approx three week lead time from order to delivery. John and Ryan.

  • Steve says:

    Hi. This zip and link business: what happens if you lie in the middle?
    Hi Steve. Zip and Links are the compromise for a one piece mattress – either extremely fidgety partners, limited access routes, the need to separate when you have an argument! , Guest House suitability etc. If there is no requirement to have a ziplink mattress / set, then a one piece mattress is the way to go. But bear in mind – not many properties have the access to take such a huge mattress [ours do not bend]

    If you lie in the middle then sure enough you will realise that there is a join there. However, it is not the zips you feel (as they are situated about an inch below the seam on the internal side panel) but the tension(s) where the mattress edges are.

    The one and only way to avoid feeling any of this, is to use a topper of sorts (such as a feather and down) in a complete Superking size to add a complete additional comfort layer over the two mattresses. This will be held down and in place with your fitted sheet. Hope this helps. John and Ryan.

  • linda says:

    Hi there.
    I love your site and think it is probably the best I have seen. There is so much on it and very interesting it is too.
    I am opening a small B & B very soon and need a Superking sized mattress. Firstly, I am concerned to have something that is very comfortable and luxurious. I had thought of going with Vi Spring hotel range but think I would prefer getting a mattress from you and knowing what I am getting. Secondly, I am concerned about budget as I am not 5 star but would like to be one day. I also wonder what your opinion is with regard to how long a b & b mattress should be kept. What would you recommend in your range for my specific needs that meet the fire regs obviously and isn’t enormously expensive but does meet most people’s expectations of a comfortable, luxurious bed?
    kind regards.

    Hi Linda. Thanks for the compliments. I’m a bit embarrassed as this site has become so dis-organised and many of the posts are in dire need of updates. Thankfully, our new site is now on the horizon and will shortly be relaunched. Anyway, back to your question:

    Beds for Guest House or Bed and Breakfast use is a depreciative purchase. This means that whatever you pay has to have the ability to return the purchase price in a set number of years. Lets say for example the mattress you choose is The Artisan Naturals Ziplink Set at £1500. Also as an example your room rate is £75 per night. If you contribute 10% of the room rate to pay for the next mattress (£7.50) – you will have saved enough over 200 occupied nights to buy a replacement. At 5% of the room rate (£3.75) means it will take 400 occupied nights to save for a replacement.

    Fire regs in relation to Guest Houses / B and Bs, are not as rigorous/strict as they are in relation to Hotels. Previously they were under the domain of the fire enforcement officer. Now, it is the proprietor (you) where the buck stops. FIRA in association with the EBFC [Executive of the British Furniture Confederation] have produced an interesting guide which you may find useful Read Here

    Finally, I am a great believer of using every single possible means of keeping your guests bodies away from the mattress. The use of a premium quality protector / mattress enhancer/ topper etc should be costed into your mattress purchase. £150 is not considered expensive and this product can be costed at £1 per occupied night and easily renewed every six months.

    Hope this helps Linda. I know you are going to do well because you are putting the comfort of your guests first. John and Ryan.

  • Michelle says:

    A wonderful site and it’s amazing how covert the whole bed selling industry is. We want a king sizes mattress that fits this criteria if at all possible:
    I’m 10 stone whereas my husband is 23 stone.
    I suffer with sciatica pain whereas my husband suffers with arthiritis.
    A kingsize mattress that needs turning is difficult for us to cope with.
    We both sleep on our side but whereas I stay put, my husband tosses and turns a fair bit.
    We both love a very soft, springy bed that feels as if we’ve sunk into it.
    I feel pain in the kidney area if a bed is firm, and my husband is prone to pain in the hips when he sleeps on his side on hotel beds.
    Our present mattress is a Sleepmaster pocket sprung 1200, which has been fine, but it’s now 9 years old and we’re ready for a replacement. Ideally we’re looking to spend £500 – £800 but if there were nothing suitable for us in this budget range, we could stretch this.
    I know it’s a big ask but is there anything that you would recommend?
    Many thanks. Michelle.

    Hi Michelle. Covert? You don’t know the half of it!
    Firstly, do not underestimate the weight difference between you and your husband. To find a mattress that will suit you both adequately is going to be nigh on impossible for the budget you have set yourself.

    My first recommendation would be The Artisan Naturals at £895. This has a choice of three spring tensions and can be split so that the support on your side will be right for you and the support on your husband’s side will be right for him. There is well above average upholstery so the comfort will be in keeping.

    If this does exceed your available budget, the next option you have is to buy a mattress with adequate support and add your own comfort layers in the form of a mattress enhancer or topper. However, keep in mind the support your husband requires will be a lot different to yours and as there will be no option to have dual spring tensions there will have to a compromise of sorts. Hope this helps/ John and Ryan.

  • Sheila says:

    Hi John & Ryan
    We are in the market for a new mattress and I’ve just found your site. It’s fantastic, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the information. We need a kingsize – I am 5ft 9ins and just over 14 stone and my husband is 6ft 1in and about 18 stone (yes, we’re going on a diet after Easter!). Our (fairly new) bed has sprung slats. I was looking at the Artisans Naturals and was wondering what advice you could offer.

    Hi Sheila. Thanks so much for the appreciative comments, it really does mean a lot to us.
    The Artisan Naturals is where we set the bar based on quality of construction and price. It would be practically impossible (but please do try) to find better. Moving one step up to The Artisan Luxury will give you a mattress that would fall into many high end manufacturers top of range products but at a considerably lower price. The Artisan Bespoke is to show you what we can do. If you have found a mattress from ANY top end manufacturer such as Savoir / Vi Spring / Hastens etc, we will be able to produce for you a similar model for about half the price or less!

    The information we provide, although overwhelming, is there to encourage you to dig deeper by not just accepting salesman’s spin or marketing blurb. Once you are ready to order we will be speaking at length to determine the correct spring tensions for you and your husband. John and Ryan.

  • Richard says:

    I weigh 14 stone the wife’s 11 stone I do have problems with knee dislocation and artheritis i’m only 30, we have a slatted bed frame and are looking for a good mattress what would you recommend to us as a good/better/best solution. I have tried out one of simmons ifusion 1000 mattresses and found it quite comfortable if that helps any, just don’t want to buy it if it’s not a very good mattress I am aware it’s cheap though.

    Hi Richard. The Simmons ifusion 1000 is a basic construction of 1000 pocket springs in a Foam Encapsulated unit with 4cm of Memory Foam as the primary layer £599 KS. For slightly more (£670) we would pitch our Origins Latex 1500 as a far better ‘pound for pound’ alternative. However, this may still not be suitable for your requirements and it may transpire that even though the ifusion is of a lesser quality, it may be that it is ideal for your circumstance.

    In cases like yours it is always best to try mattresses from stores that are deemed ‘good’ and use the opportunity to try a well made traditional built mattress to get an idea of what constitutes a ‘good’ mattress so that you are aware of what constitutes run of the mill tat most often retailed from the multiple sheds. Hope this helps. John and Ryan.

  • Richard says:

    cheers lads, went and tried a few vi sprung matts what a difference. Will need to save up and look to getting one of your better traditiional matts. Just bought a topper and protector for my mattress until i can afford a good one looking at one of the artisans, which would you recommend me and the wife like them to be medium not too hard not too soft but giving the correct support? And as i also said got an outlast protector and a feather and down topper from the duvet shop.

    Hi Richard. It goes to show the difference between run of the mill tat and what can be considered a ‘good’ mattress. To be quite frank, that feeling of comfort you experienced can be gained from our Artisan Naturals and upwards. To get the correct comfort and tension you require is all down to your bodyweight – the right spring tension for your weights will give you the correct support – Simples. And, you do not have to spend a fortune to get it. When you are ready just give us a call. John and Ryan.

  • Jackie says:

    Hi – I’m in the market for a new bed. I’m 5’2″ and 12 stone so a bit chunky!
    I also have a tendency to lower back pain, which my current bed ( a slatted base with a cumflux Diana mattress) is making worse. As it’s too hard I’ve added a 2″ foam mattress topper which is a bit of an improvement, but not much.
    For many years (i.e. 25+) I slept very happily on a free-flow waterbed; but it was the old 70’s Scandinavian near floor level hardsided sort & now I’m in my 60s I could no longer get in and out of it, hence current bed. Any advice on what sort of bed would most closely replicate my beloved waterbed? The trouble with the waterbed is the difficulty of moving it it around at all without dedicating 2 days to the operation!

    Hi Jackie. My first instinct is to direct you towards our Artisan Naturals mattress (Soft tension). I have no doubts that this particular model will give you all you crave. It would help considerably if you gave us a budget to work against, this way we can also offer comparisons to other offerings on the market and offer further explanations of which the better buys are. John and Ryan.

  • Tony Ford says:

    Hi John\Ryan,

    This may already have been asked before but with the absolute wealth of information on the site I haven’t been alble to find it.

    Can you tell me what, in simple terms, the actual differences are between the Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000 and the Artisan Naturals that warrent the extra £110 please.

    Also, as like most couples we are 2 differnt sizes I come in at 6ft and 17st and my wife 5ft 2ins and 12 stone. I suffer from bulging discs and my wife various joint complaints In your opinion would a medium or firm mattress be the better option?

    Many thanks for an extremely formative site.

    Hi Tony. Purely and simply it is the spring unit – Nothing else. Is the spring unit used in The Artisan Naturals worth the additional £100 or so – Absolutely! But why?

    As Iv’e said countless times before, to get a true measure on what a quality mattress consists of you have to look at the very best. In this country the ‘best’ consists of less than five manufacturers; Savoir Beds, Vi Spring, Hastens (OK Swedish, but available here), Marshall and Stewart, .. hmm struggling now to think of others .. Anyway, Savoir Beds and Vi Spring do not use any kind of mass produced spring unit – their minimum standards for spring support are Calico Springs – sewn, hand formed and strung together into units. It would be unthinkable for them to use a mass produced spunbond encased spring in any of their products.

    The difference in how these [springs] make the mattress feel is undeniably beyond comparison. Inorder to get a true measure of this statement, it would be a good exercise for you to go to Furniture Village, John Lewis or any other high end department store to try out the differences between a Vi Spring mattress against the tat offered in the High Street bedsheds. Of course there is a price variance that would make the strongest man weak at the knees, but once you know what you want – and you WILL want these – it becomes relatively easy to find alternatives (by finding us you are halfway there!).

    As for spring tensions, the general logic is that they have to have some give under the weight applied (through numerous amounts of upholstery) for them to work correctly. However, it’s not as simple as that. Your weight at 17st dictates a firm spring (around 1.50mm) although classed as firm it should not be so rigid as not to have any element of movement as you move and turn in bed. Put your back problem into the mix and you may require something slightly firmer (less give): to fathom out what tension to actually provide you with we will have to talk further and in detail. Believe it or not, I think your wife will benefit from a soft spring tension (<> 1.30mm) taking into account her weight and height proportions. Hope this answers your question Tony. Please let us know your thoughts. John and Ryan.

  • Michala says:

    I have skimmed your website and the information is overwhelming but good. I would like advice on a mattress for myself and my husband. I’m 10 stone 5.5ft and suffer with neck problems and fidget a lot (apparently).

    My husband is 16 stone 5.7ft. We would very much like a good quality pocket sprung mattress with a topper. We did look at a one with a latex topper (are these not warm to sleep on) which retailed at £800, wondering what your advice would be. General needs firm support and comfortable! Thank you

    Hi Michala. You don’t need firm support and to some extent neither does your husband. A crucial thing to look out for is the option of different spring tensions, particularly taking into account your budget reference. The bulk of all mattresses within this price range will be utilising a ‘one tension fits all’ spring which may not suitable for people of a very light bodyweight (such as yours) or a higher than average bodyweight (17st plus).

    Latex (as a comfort layer) falls into the mid range of mattresses. Far superior to Polyester comfort layers, and superior to memory foam. At the end of the day both these materials are foams in one way or another and despite the incredible marketing that is usually associated with these products it is best to keep them in perspective.

    If £800 is in the realms of your budget I would be inclined to agree with you. Purchase the mattress and topper separately (it’s advisable to utilise a topper with any mattress anyhow) so I would look at The Origins 1500 (which will be supportive enough for you both) and complement this further with a two inch latex topper. Bear in mind at this stage that The Origins 1500 is about 11″ deep. The topper will add a further two inches to this and so extra deep bedding will be required to hold them together.

    The heat element of latex is minimal compared to memory foam. However, all foams have a tendency to retain heat more than breathable natural fibres. Usually, complaints about heat retention can be resolved by adjusting the duvet tog rating to a lower tog. Another good tip is to have separate single duvets rather than a shared one to reduce the shared build up heat underneath. Hope this helps Michala. John and Ryan.

  • Jane says:

    I am looking at buying a king size mattress & divan base
    My budget is around £1200. We need a mattress that supports both a 11 stone person & a 22 stone person. The 22 stone person sleeps on tummy & side, and tosses and turns quite a bit ( but that could be due to present bad mattress) the other person lays mainly on side. I I have looked at Marks & Spencer, at the fresh 2200 mattress with coolmax and the classic sprung divan with 2 drawers. The mattress is on offer at the minute at half price £749.50 and then a further £339.30 for a two drawer sprung divan base. I notice you say there is no such thing as a sale, so wanted to know if this is a suitable mattress, is it a bargain and what would recommend from your range.

    Hi Jane. Sorry to say that your purchase is not going to be an easy one. A person who is 22st needs an adequate level of support. Personally I would look at Ziplink options as the 11st person will not require half the support. Whichever model you opt for will of course require a quite substantial topper. A 22st weight will not take too long to breach the upholstery layers to an unusable level.

    The lack of information on the M&S Breeze prevents me from offering an informed opinion but if they are willing to divulge the contents to you I would be more than happy to do so. From our range I would ask you to look at our Artisan Tailored Pocket. This can be manufactured with a dual spring tension (Medium and Firm on a one piece) and Soft and Firm on the Ziplink. Hope this helps. John and Ryan.

  • Stuart says:

    We are looking to buy a new bed and have found your site of great help and have spent the last few nights reading all the information. I am 5’ 10” and weigh 12.5/13 stone, my partner weighs 8 stone and is 5’ 4”

    The arrangement we have now which is a 4’ 6” pocket sprung mattress on a slatted bed seems too firm for me and causes me to suffer from lower back pain, but partner does not suffer in any way.

    Our budget is between £750 and £1,000 for a king size base and mattress. Ideally I am leaning towards a sprung edge divan base. So I believe the ideal would be the Artisan Naturals but at £1575 is outside my budget but should I push it?

    Otherwise I feel it comes down to:-
    Origins Pocket Latex 1500 at £1045 for no particular reason I am unsure about latex and a no turn mattress.

    Would it be possible or right to consider your Sequence Pocket Suspension or Origins Pocket 1500 on sprung edge base? at £920/£845.

    Just for consideration I have also seen the Millbrook Countess 2000 Divan At £790.
    Your advice and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

    Regards, Stuart

    Hi Stuart. This is interesting in the fact that your partner at 4st less than you does not have any complaint about the firmness of your current mattress and it would be interesting to find out why that is – theoretically it doesn’t make sense.

    Your bodyweight at 12-13st is not excessive to say the least. Therefore, it would be equally interesting to know the model of the mattress you currently have that causes you such dissatisfaction.

    As for which mattress / set to opt for, I agree that a sprung edged divan will be the initial right choice but also it seems that a ‘forgiving’ mattress will satisfy both your needs. Ideally, the Artisan Naturals is a perfect choice, and although it may fall outside many peoples budget it really is a fabulous mattress for the price asked. By comparison, the offerings from Dreams / Bensons et al, for a similar price bracket will put this model into perspective.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of upholstery contained within the mattress. This can easily be described as a scale >Polyester (cheapest upholstery) which forms the bulk of all mattresses >foam > Memory Foam > Latex > Natural Fibres. A simplistic overview I agree, but knowing this will enable you to put your purchase (and budget) into context.

    The basis of your question asks if it is worth spending £500 more for the Artisan Naturals than the Origins 1500 and I would say Yes! If you look at the descriptions side by side you will see where this £500 or so extra is going. Ultimately, £1500 or so for a bed set is not considered overly expensive.

    As a sidenote, I would consider your current bed size. A double (4’6) is rather an inadequate sleeping space for two people and I would consider at this stage an upgrade to a Kingsize set up. Hope this helps Stuart, John and Ryan.

  • Jez says:

    Firstly, what a great website with loads of useful info. Bit of a long comment from me, but it may help potential buyers.

    Mattress buying unlike any other purchase is rather a unique and frustrating process with the big retailers/manufacturers using some rather underhand techniques to remove you from your hard earned cash. Two years ago we were desperate for a new mattress, old one we had was long past its use by date, and wife had chronic back pain.

    Out we went to our local reputable department store to hopefully find a mattress. we did the customary lying down test on 6 or so with the salesman eagerly following us. As per usual, wife only found expensive ones comfortable (way over our initial £500 budget).

    Spending up to a £1000 on something I really needed to make sure we were buying right. After asking a few technical questions about the various mattresses we were interested in and receiving a few wishy washy answers from the salesman, I decided more research was required.

    I researched and researched but just ended up going around in circles (had not found your website) and unable to make a sensible decision. BTW I research everything I purchase and can usually make a sensible/informed decision, but this industry is something else! Anyhow unable to justify spending so much money on something I knew so little about or could find out about scared me.

    So on the recommendation of my sister-in-law (we saw and tried their mattress) and in desperation we purchased the same via fleabay-a king size pocket spring, with memory foam top, cant remember the exact spec, but is called “**-Pocket Memory” and price was cheap (or not! as I found out, cost vs worth!). It arrived and looked good quality, although i must admit it did look slightly distorted in cross section (parallelogram shape). Took it upstairs or should I say man handled it, it was hell of a weight, which I thought “hey, this must be good quality, feel the weight of it”.

    As mentioned it is supposedly memory foam, I believe it is because you get so damn hot. It seemed ok-ish to start with, but as mentioned in another post, almost anything would have been better than our old tired mattress. After a year it started to become more and more uncomfortable. we rotated it etc, but now it has permanent dips in it, we have resorted to turning it upside down for now. A couple of questions about this and other mattresses,…..

    Our mattress is heavily tufted, albeit it has a memory foam top, is this normal?

    My wife insists on using a mattress fitted electric blanket, would the heat from the electric blanket affect the memory foam? Or indeed potentially damage any mattress construction?

    Just taken the bed covers off to have a better look at it now I am better informed, looks as if there is no side stitching, definite curvature over length of mattress, about 50 or 60 mm of foam on top (looks similar to pillow top I.e. separate mattress attached to top). Label (stick on) has no info except for name and made in UK. I believe they are manufactured in the north of England.

    So the process of buying a new mattress starts again and the £300 spent on the last mattress is down the pan, in just over a year. Will be giving you guys a ring shortly to discuss our requirements as your honest and open approach leaves me with no qualms about placing an order with you, keep up the good work.

    Hi Jez. before you go out and buy another mattress I think you may be wise to try and make the best out of a bad situation. There is no doubt about it that the spring unit itself will still be performing it’s main function as adequate support. It seems to me (obviously based on what you have said) that it is the memory foam layer that has deteriorated to such an extent that the comforting properties have completely gone.

    Memory Foam is completely and utterly over marketed. Peoples expectations of this particular bedding component are quite rightly on the verge of mattress Nirvana – but in reality, in most cases it will not live up to the hype it is afforded.

    The crucial part of your mattress is the memory foam layer. At 5-6cm deep it is a generous amount and I don’t think you have overpaid for the mattress as a whole. However .. it is unlikely that the actual memory foam component is of a satisfactory quality. A 65kg/m3 foam will not have dipped so severely within the space of a year which leads me to believe that the actual density of this is far less – probably 45kg/m3 or so (I’m only guessing here).

    The use of the electric blanket ‘could’ have had an impact on the actual foam. As memory foam reacts to body heat (and softens because of this) the heat generated from the EB may have caused the foam to deteriorate quicker. This is obviously pure speculation – I have never been able to obtain categoric confirmation that heat from an EB will actually do this and I have heard completely opposing views from manufacturers on the subject. Some say it’s OK to use – and some say it isn’t!

    Going back to your mattress, I would assume the dip cannot be anymore than 50% of the actual layer (2-3cm) and so the addition of a further memory foam layer will be all that is required to rejuvenate your current mattress. I would be inclined to add a bridging layer on top of your mattress and underneath the new MF topper in the form of something relatively substantial, such as a cheap hollow fill duvet from Tesco. This is to bridge out the hollow / dip and provide a fairly stable platform for your new topper.

    Hope this helps Jez. Please let us know if this makes a substantial difference to the overall comfort of your mattress. With the money you potentially save we can go out and spend it on Gin. John and Ryan.

  • Sara says:

    Hi John & Ryan,

    Firstly, what an informative an honest website, I am so glad I have found you in my search for a replacement bed!

    Myself and hubby currently have a Sealy mattress that is about 13 years old, I can’t remember the model but it was what I considered quite expensive at the time, about £500. We are now looking to replace this and the base (although keeping both as a rarely used guest bed).

    Our budget is approx £2k for king size base and mattress and I started looking at your Artisan Luxury range and then the next model up, the Bespoke and now I am looking at the Bespoke 02. Will we really notice a difference for the extra £200?

    Also, will I completely negate the superior quality of a mattress in this price bracket by buying a sub £500 base? Currently looking at wooden frames with slatted base. And finally what type if topper would you recommend. I am happy to up the budget if needed but obviously don’t want to spend £2.5k if I don’t need to!

    Info about us, depending on time of year (chocolate and exercise!) we both weigh between 11 and 12 stone although I would like to get myself down to the 10 stone mark at some point.

    Any advice you can offer would be hugely appreciated as this I want to avoid making an expensive mistake with this purchase.

    Many thanks

    Hi Sara. Firstly the mattress. The Bespoke 002 would be more suitable for people of a higher bodyweight than yours – this was introduced purely for people whose requirements needed an extra element of (forgiving) support. For you, this will be over egging the pudding.

    As a direct recommendation I think the Artisan Bespoke (Soft spring tension) will be more than suitable.

    As for the base. Ideally the sprung edged divan base is the perfect partner. However, I personally prefer the aesthetics of a well crafted slatted bedframe. This does have one drawback in the fact that all bedframes do not offer the cushioning required for a premium pocket sprung mattress. To address this issue we have commisioned the production of a mattress pad that sits on top of the slats (these will be on site within two weeks) I have trialled these and they work a treat. Something to be aware of, they do take the height of mattress plus pad up a further 4 inches. The added suspension is worth this compromise.

    Toppers are a personal choice. I favour the feather and down combos, and Marie (Office Manager) swears by the Ultimate Australian Fleece Wool from D&PW. Hope this helps. John and Ryan.

  • Keith says:

    Dear John and Ryan,

    I am in the process of moving into temporary accommodation for 6-12 months before eventually buying and furnishing my own place. Eventually I will be looking at getting a king size bed and buying an appropriate mattress but in the meantime I’ll need a double mattress which I’ll need to get up two flights of narrow stairs. I am 5’9″, weigh 22st and tend to sleep on my side or front. I don’t tend to move if the bed is comfortable enough! I’ve been looking at getting a memory foam mattress (mostly because if they come vacuum packed I’ll be able to get it up the stairs) and ideally would want to spend under £400 but I won’t bother if they might cause me problems through lack of support. What do you advise?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Keith. You are right. In this case support really is key and if you get it wrong you will be paying the price. For now I would recommend you get a high density foam mattress (vac packed to take into account your access issues). Look at Ergoflex 3rd Gen Memory Foam mattress with an 85kg/m3 density. This will be just right for the support you require but it will take you just over a £400 budget. I would also supplement this with an additional MF topper (about 3cm) to take the wear and tear but it will also be a softer density (about 60kg/m3) which will give you an additional layer of comfort.

    This combo will last you more than the 6-12 months you are looking at, but pound for pound is a better investment than buying cheap and unsupportive. John and Ryan.

  • Sara says:

    Thanks for you reply John and Ryan,

    Ok so the bespoke it is, can you recommend a similar mattress with a similar spring tension that we could try at a shop? We will be looking to order in the next few weeks and would definitely look at your new mattress pad to supplement the mattress itself. I guess the bed will be high with a topper as well but I quite like a high bed and if that gives ultimate comfort then so be it!

    Thanks again for your help.

    Hi again Sara. When spending this amount of money I agree that you need to spend a half day sampling the feel of ‘better built’ mattresses. I would suggest you hunt out your nearest Furniture Village who always have the best part of the Vi Spring collection on their shop floor.

    The most similar built mattress to our Artisan Bespoke is The Vi Spring Chatsworth from John Lewis. Please note that we do not claim this to be an identical model – the combined upholstery weight in our Artisan Bespoke is a massive 5100 gsm compared to >< 3250 in The Chatsworth. This additional level of filling will have an impact on how the finished mattress will feel - and obviously this additional filling will give the mattress a slightly more supportive feel. As a secondary example, our Artisan Bespoke 004 is quite comparable to The Vi Spring Regal Superb (hunt this out in FV). As the combined upholstery weight in The Artisan Bespoke 004 is 3600 gsm and 3100 gsm in the VS-RS you may find this model will be more suitable for you (our Soft tension on this mattress is quite similar to their Medium tension). The mattress pad we will be shortly offering is about 4" in depth. This comprises of a 2" mini pocket spring support core at 1.15mm, a 600gsm RPC (Rebound Poly Cotton) pad cushioning the mattress side and a 600 gsm High density poly pad that will be cushioning the slats. I have trialed this now for about two weeks and you can definitely notice the difference in comfort. My mattress is The Artisan Luxury on a sprung slatted bedframe. I did keep the MDF boards bridging the slats and placed the pad directly on this. Hope this helps Sara. Remember to speak to either Gary or Marie prior to ordering just to ensure all your bases are covered and that you have made the right choice. John and Ryan.

  • Barbara says:


    I stumbled across this mine of information when researching a new mattress for myself. I have what I am sure you will consider a ludicrously low budget of £150 – but as a single parent I’ve saved for nearly a year for that, so I can for the first time in my life sleep on a brand new mattress, having only ever owned second hand ones before.

    So my question is, what would be the best mattress for that money? I want to avoid memory foam if possible as my 2 year old still comes into my bed most nights, plus I’ve read some things that concern me about the chemicals used in its manufacture. I’m 5′ 8″ and about 10.5 stone. Although I’m single at the moment I’d still like a double (I live in hope!). I’m well aware I will not get anything amazing, but would welcome any pointers as to what to look for.

    Many thanks, Barbara

    Hi Barbara. First of all I would not unduly worry about the chemical make up of foams or Memory Foam or indeed any man made composites. Our homes are full of the stuff – in your sofas, in your carpets, in your bedding, your duvets, your pillows and so on. If there really was anything radically wrong it would have come to light years ago.

    Your choice of mattress is of course limited. There is no possible way you will get all you require in a mattress without doing a little jiggery pokery of your own. The best way to spend your money is buying your support – fortunately for you, your bodyweight requires very little and I would suggest something like The memory Sleep from Matttressman at £168. for the Double Size. This by itself will not be substantial enough to offer a great degree of longevity – the Memory Foam part is just 3cm but for the price you cannot expect any more.

    You will need to add something on top of this that will take the wear and tear and at a minimum I would suggest you place a Value Pac Duvet from Tesco at about a tenner (online). Cover this with a cover and strap it all together with a fitted sheet. Obviously, the duvet will flatten within a few months (all hollow fibre does) but it will be more economical to replace this every once in a while than to replace the entire mattress.

    Hope this helps Barbara, let us know how you get on. John and Ryan.

  • Jane says:


    Wondering if you can advise. My husband is a real fidgeter, so much so that we’ve been sleeping separately for the last few months (since our baby came along!). We both want to rectify this and are considering a zip and link bed. Would you recommend a particular one? We tried a zip & link mattress but to be honest it was fairly cheap and didn’t help. Our budget is up to £1,000. Any help much appreciated!

    Hi Jane. Funnily enough I have just answered a similar comment here. The response will apply to you as well.

    As for which Ziplink bed with a budget of £1000 is rather difficult. Take a look at our Origins 1500 at £845 (set) and use that as a starter. Feel free to speak to Marie or Gary at the office in order to determine if it is suitable for your bodyweights. Congrats on the birth of your baby. John and Ryan.

  • Leigh says:

    Hi 🙂
    My wife and I just paid off our wedding but our bed is intolerable – gives me back ache so I end up on the sofa mostly!
    Our budget is up to £300 – looking for a double preferably firm to ortho with a topper. Neither us of have liked any memory foam so want to eliminate that. Any recommendations for us?

    Hi Leigh. As you now know, £300 or so is not a significant budget at all. Also, despite the fact that you are not keen on Memory Foam it really is the way to get a fairly decent support structure and use two toppers to give you some level of comfort (and to keep you away from the Memory Foam element).

    I would suggest you spend your money in the following way;
    Memory 3 Sleep (Silentnight) from Mattressman: £168.00 (This has 3cm of MF on a 15cm MD Reflex base)
    Duck Feather Topper (D&PW) £40 – 5cm deep: Use this on top of the mattress for a bit more support
    Luxury Microfibre Topper (D&PW) £50 – 7cm deep: Use this as you primary comfort layer.

    [Read here about how to use the toppers]

    This combination is a far better practice than trying to find a sprung mattress for this budget and you still have some cash back for some nice pillows. Please let us know how you get on. John and Ryan.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Guys, what a terrific site and very informative, if only you could be mind readers and tell us all the perfect bed, but who knows so here goes…..!

    We currently have a Harrison Inspiration 1728 spring mattress that we bought about 13 years ago and it sits on a divan with four drawers. For the past few months we have both had disturbed sleep and back pain, which we don’t have whenever we have been on holiday and stayed in other beds. We therefore realise that its time to get a new bed.

    We tried some beds out yesterday but to be honest I was getting very confused and as I was quite tired they all started to feel comfortable. I would appreciate your feedback on the following we tried:

    Ikea Hesseng Pocket Sprung K/S Firm mattress with Sultan Torod mattress topper and an Engerdal sprung mattress base, which we both thought was comfortable. However having read your guides I wonder if the matress topper was lulling us into a false sense of security? Total price £1400.

    We then tried a Fitzgerald 5000 pocket sprung K/S mattress in a 7 tension for me and 8 tension for the OH from Feather and Black. Price £1600 (didn’t discuss the base).

    Finally a friend swears by the Keymed K3Gel but haven’t been able to try one.

    My OH is about 15.5 stone and I am 10 stone we are looking for a complete new bed and one that hopefully lasts us as long as our present one?

    I would appreciate your advice as to what you would recommend for £2k please?
    Kind regards H.

    Hi Helen. A budget of up to £2k is quite generous and therefore I would be inclined to do preliminary research in dept store such as Furniture Village, Barker and Stonehouse, John Lewis etc. This will give you a better idea of what constitutes a well made mattress and more importantly what you can reasonably expect to gain from a budget of this level. I certainly wouldn’t be at Ikea or any of the bed sheds.

    A weight difference of 5st between you indicates the need for a dual sprung mattress or ziplink option – I would say that a spring tension of Soft for yuorself (at around the 1.3mm gauge) and a Medium tension for OH at around the 1.4mm gauge). POI; a spring gauge of around 1.5 can be considered Firm.

    Feather and Black models incorporating the Revolution spring system are as you may know, manufactured by Harrisons and therefore construction comparisons can be made with models under the John Lewis label. It would of been more beneficial to you in your comparisons if component weights and breakdown were openly given by F&B, JL, Harrisons etc , but they are not. I’m sure in-store sales staff will be knowledgeable enough to do this for you.

    From our range I would be inclined to point you towards our Artisan Bespoke 004 (with dual tension springs). As you have pointed out, the addition of a topper will indeed tailor this to your own comfort requirement as well as providing the extended longevity to the mattress. John ad Ryan.

  • Paula says:

    We’re on the look out for two new mattresses (single for our 6yr-old and king-size for us) on a limited budget of £400ish. Haven’t don’t much research yet but what I have done has left my head hurting. Your website is fabulous!

    I’ve just found this on Groupon offers though and wondered what your thoughts were? I know if they sound too good to be true they usually are but thought it was worth looking into….

    They’re offering a Bonnell Spring Orthopaedic Mattress (doesn’t say if it’s pocket sprung or not), hand tufted, flag stitch handles, multiple layers of polyester & wool filling, damask fabric.
    £399.98 reduced to £129.98.

    Any advice much appreciated.



    Hi Paula, I can understand the constraints of budget but would advise that for £400 you would struggle to get a quality kingsize mattress let alone a single as well. Our cheapest high quality mattress the origins comfort is priced at £425 for example. I would advise for your 6 year old you look at a basic reflex and memory foam mattress in a soft tension, this should be fine for the age and assumed size of your child.

    As for you Paula we would need to know your weights and heights to fully advise. We would advise against this sort of ‘bargain’ as in reality it will be a low quality unit that simply won’t last. I’d guess the wool element would be maybe 5% in the synthetic material blend and the damask is just a fancy word for patterned material covering which tells you nothing. It’s certainly an open coil mattress (Bonnell spring) which will be the most basic of all beds.

    For that budget of £129, again, your best bet is a cheap reflex and memory foam mattress matched with a decent topper. You simply can’t get anything worthwhile for £129 I’m afraid. At best you will be looking at a 12 month investment before either needing a new bed or being uncomfortable. We would advise hang fire and look to buying a quality bed that will be a longer investment than a £129 coil sprung bargain basement bed.

    Apologies for the bad news Paula, we are always honest as to what you can expect for your budget and requirements. Please give us a call though to discuss further as we may have a return /show model that could be suitable at a reduced price as we sometimes have some available that we don’t list. This may help with your budget issue Paula. All the best in your search. Lee

  • Karen says:


    We need a new mattress desperately. My boyfriend, aged 44, and 19 stone with serious lower back problems (waiting for operation) and as a consequence also tremendous hamstring pains.

    Please advise the best mattress for maximum support.

    Many thanks,


    Hi Karen,
    I am sorry to hear of your boyfriend’s problems. Although you have not provided your weight and preferred feel details, it does seem that the best option would be a split tension mattress, providing the appropriate feel for you both. All of the mattresses in our Artisan range can be made in a split tensions, either soft/medium or medium/firm. If you require soft/firm, this would need to be made in a zip and link set of mattresses as a one piece mattress cannot be made with such differing tensions. If you require more specific advice regarding the most appropriate mattress for your weights, preferred feel and budget, please call either Marie or Gary on our office number. Kind regards Mike.

  • Sheila King says:

    Hello there

    I have read your site with great interest.

    I am looking for a double mattress, not memory foam because of the heat and sink-in feel. I’m not sure of my budget but would prefer to stay under £1000, mainly because my husband is impervious to what he sleeps on and unconvinced of the need for a new mattress. I am generally restless in bed with some vague lower back, hip and neck discomfort. The present mattress is old and lumpy and obviously not helping. I weigh 9 & 1/4 st and my husband 11&1/2.

    Having tried quite a few mattresses I have preferred the feel of firm open spring ones as I like the sensation of being supported up that I get from them and dislike the dead feel of the pocket springs I have tried, although realise these are the better type.

    Do you have any advice or suggestions from your range. I appreciate a topper is advised by you.

    Many thanks

    Hi Sheila,
    Aside from mattresses in our Contemporary range, all our other mattresses contain pocket springs and I note your reluctance to opt for this type of mattress. Putting aside your reservations, I would suggest that you look at our Origins Pocket 1500 mattress, which would provide you both with a medium feel and currently retails at £480. If you would like further advice or assistance, please call our office number. Kind regards Mike.

  • Katie ashplant says:

    I love your site and am rapidly becoming a mattress geek myself! My husband and I currently have a memory foam mattress which we no longer find comfortable. It is too firm, we both suffer with lower back and joint pain, and very disturbed sleep. We are considering the vi spring herald superb, which I have sourced at a seemingly good price of around £2600 including Channel Islands delivery (vi spring retail this at around £4500 inclusive of VAT). I’m also very keen on your artisan bespoke, however there are delivery challenges. My husband is 6’3″ and around 95kg, I am 5’7″ and around 78kg. Our budget is up to around £2500, and we are happy to spend for the right support and comfort level. Any advice or comment on our considered choices would be very much appreciated. Keep up the great work, I never new mattress construction could be so complex and interesting!

    Hi Katie, Our comparable mattress to the Herald Superb is the Artisan Luxury, although this has softer top layers. We only deliver free of charge to the UK mainland, which would mean you could have it delivered to a port of your choice, but onward transmission to the Channel Islands would need to be arranged by you and would have an associated cost. If you are able to secure the Vi-Spring model for the reduced price inclusive of delivery, I would say that this might be your better option. I trust that this helps, kind regards Mike.

  • Catherine says:

    hello John & Ryan

    An excellent site and so much information!

    We are in the market for a new bed & mattress with a budget of up to £1500 – £2000. One of us is 14 and a half stone and has arthritis and suffers with lower back frame, the other is 11 and a half stone, sleeps on the side and likes a fairly firm feel.

    We currently have a Vi spring bed & frame and have tried a Harrisons Kuhliko 5520 with topper that in a very short try, we liked – me the ‘medium’ side, he the ‘firm’.

    Would you recommend a mattress from your Artisan range? I would
    appreciate any advice or observations you could offer.

    thank you Cath

    Hi Catherine, I have tried to find the specification for the Harrisons bed you refer to in order to provide a considered response, however, despite a comprehensive search on the internet, I have been unable to locate the information. I wonder if you have been provided with any specific details? I note that you require a split tension mattress, which would only be available within our Artisan range, which are comparable to certain mattresses in the Vi-Spring range. Our Artisan Naturals and Bespoke 004 are comparable to the Vi-Spring Regal Superb, the Artisan Luxury is comparable to the Vi-Spring Herald Superb, the Artisan Bespoke to the Vi-Spring Chatsworth and the Bespoke 002 to the Vi-Spring Tiara. The full specification for each of our Artisan mattresses can be viewed on our site and if you have any further queries, please call either Marie or Gary on our office number. I trust that this helps, kind regards Mike.

  • Zahra says:

    Hiya john&ryan,

    I’m so glad I’ve found your site by chance! I was just about to give up On my search. Well,my husband and I are currently sleeping on a dying ikea mattress he is 12st 6ft1 and I’m 8st 5ft6. He is looking for a soft feel and I prefer hard so we’ve agreed on medium feel. Double in size on £500 budget. I turn a lot and he has a minor back issue. I’ve been looking into dfs latex pocket mattress.
    Plz help desperately in need for direction!

    Thank you

    Hi Zahra, If you are looking for a pocket sprung latex mattress, please view our Origins Pocket Latex 1500, which currently retails at £480 for a double. This mattress is one sided and has a softer top layer and provides an overall medium feel. I would advise you to call our office after you have viewed the mattress for further advice and confirmation of it’s suitability for you. Regards Mike.

  • Kevin Fryer says:

    Hi John & Ryan. I hope you can help us! My wife stared getting a bad back about 6 months ago. Our Dreams 800 pocket spring double sided mattress is about 6 years old – we weigh approx 16 and 18 stone and are side sleepers. We got ourselves a Soak & Sleep mattress topper as a temporary measure as our minds were blown looking at all the different mattresses. It was a great fix for a while but obviously didn’t solve the underlying problem. My wife back has flared up again to the extent that she is on painkillers however think a big part of the problem is the mattress although obviously the weight doesn’t help! The problem we have is that we are on a limited budget and have limited access to our bedroom which is a loft conversion with tight stair turns. So we are now back on the trail of a new mattress. We previously tried a memory foam mattress and it was awful – we didn’t get on with it at all. We have found some pocket sprung mattresses that are delivered rolled, which we need for access. The two we found are the Ikea Hovag pocket sprung medium firm 5ft King size for £250 and the HomeBargains Premium Cosy pocket sprung rolled mattress King size for £160. Are either of these any good for our criteria? Or can you recommend anything? We looked on your site but your pocket sprung ones seem beyond our current means and don’t seem to be rolled. Many thanks in advance for your help and thanks for the info on your website. Kevin

    Hi Kevin, There is nothing within our ranges to suit your specific rolling requirement or budget. Out of the two you have looked at, the Ikea option would appear to be the more suitable, although I would suggest going for a firm. This in itself is not a recommendation for the mattress but merely an observation taking into account the construction and the price of that mattress. I trust that this helps, kind regards Mike.

  • Mark Wilkin says:

    Hi John & Ryan.

    My wife and I are in the market for a new bed after both developing discomfort from our 2 year old tempur memory foam mattress. I am 5’10″and 13 1/2 stone and my wife is 5’2″ and 8 1/2 stone. I prefer my bed to be medium-firm whilst my partner would prefer a medium support.

    Our current memory foam mattress seems to be too soft for both of us and doesn’t offer enough support. This also aggravates the long term lower back problems that I suffer with (2 bulging discs and spondylosis of the lower vertebrae). The memory foam also seems to trap unwanted heat.

    After a night at a well known budget hotel chain, I was pleasantly surprised to wake the next day without the usual pain which forces me to get out of bed. I believe this chain uses beds made by Hypnos.

    With this information in mind, would you please be able to advise a bed from your pocket sprung range given a budget of between £1000-£1500.

    Many thanks


    Hi Mark, Memory foam is known for heat retention and I am surprised that the Tempur mattress is appearing too soft, as these are normally on the firm side. Unfortunately, Hypnos do not provide specific details of the fillings or upholstery layers, making any comparisons impossible.

    From what you have said it is clear your are looking for comfort and support without heat retention. However, there is a 5 stone weight differential, which would tend towards a split tension in the mattress being applicable. The only mattresses we manufacture that can be made with a split tension, if required, are our Artisan range and I would suggest that you call either Marie or Gary on our office number to obtain specific advice as to the suitability of the mattresses in that range. Kind regards Mike.

  • Ed says:

    Hi John & Ryan,

    My girlfriend and I are looking to purchase our first bed together! Exciting stuff, however the industry is simply too confusing for us mere mortals to figure out. We used the age old tactic of going to furniture village, bensons for beds to name a few and lay down on some of them to see. We liked one model in particular (bensons option below), however having discovered your website I question our decision. We have not placed an order yet!

    At Bensons we found the following:
    Bespoke Collection Opulence Supreme mattress
    2650 pocketed springs with posture perimeter plus
    Pillow topped
    Handtufted through layers of merino wool, alpaca wool, cashmere, silk, rebound cotton, supersoft reflex foam and soft white fibres
    Firmness rating of 3
    Including the sprung divan with 4 drawers and full size headboard for £1700

    At Furniture Village we found:
    Boutique 1700 by The Handmade Bed Company
    The 1700 pocket springs are hand nested and the mattress is hand filled with all-natural materials
    •Mattress has all natural fillings and is covered in Egyptian cotton
    •Coil sprung divan base
    •Firm-edged divan base available in a range of colours
    •Handmade in the UK
    Medium firmness

    Firstly can you cast some judgement on these two options.
    Secondly can you pass some judgement about our options:
    I am 6ft 85kg
    My girlfriend is 5ft8 65kg

    These two are right at the very top of my budget and only viable options thanks to the finance options available. Ideally I would prefer to be in the 1000-1400 range if possible without compromising too much.

    Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer us!


    Hi Ed, As you can see from the details you have provided in respect of your two preferred mattresses, there is no specific detail given in respect of the upholstery layers (fillings). Instead you are given very vague descriptions and neither provide the GSM (grams per square metre) details, which makes any comparison or recommendation impossible.

    Our Artisan range are mattresses constructed with pocket springs and natural fillings the full details of which are provided on the site. Given your weight details we would suggest that a medium feel mattress is likely to suit you both, but before going into any greater detail I must point out that we do not offer credit terms and all mattresses are paid for in full at the point of order. If this does not cause a problem, please call our office to receive specific advice regarding the suitability of our range. Kind regards Mike.

  • Mary says:

    Hi John and Ryan,

    I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about all the different mattresses explained on your website. I am about to purchase bunk beds (without mattresses) as space is short for my grandchildren when they stay approximately four times a year. However, occasionally an adult may have to sleep on them. Any suggestions to the type of mattress I should buy? Thank you.

    Hi Mary, I am pleased that you found our site informative. Before we can provide a recommendation in respect of a mattress, it would be useful to know the ages and weights of the children at present and also the dimensions of the mattress area of the bunk beds. When you have this information, please call our office to receive more specific advice regarding a suitable mattress. Kind regards Mike.

  • chika says:


    I’ve enjoyed reading your articles on mattresses – thank you for the hints and tips. I’ve got a budget of between £25 – 400 max and I’ve found 2 mattresses i’m currently looking at.

    One is the Relyon memory royale 1250 for £400 with a depth of 29cm and 50mm of memory foam from Mattress man. I tried to find this same brand on other sites but the closest i could come up with is another one called :

    Relyon pocket memory 1250 with a depth of 23cm and 50mm of memory foam valued at £289 from Mattresses world. The only obvious difference i can see between the 2 is the depth. All other specs seem to be the same including the 5 year guarantee. It doesn’t seem to make much sense paying an extra £100+ for 6cm depth difference does it? Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Interestingly I went on Relyon’s site to check out the mattress specs and discovered that the 1250 count is only for the king size. I’m going for a double which actually comes up to a count of 1060. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say its the same mattress the 2 different retailers are selling but named differently. Also it seems Mattress man is the only one stocking this particular Relyon brand which makes me wonder why?

    Hi Chika, The issue with both these mattresses is that they are one sided meaning you can only ever use one side. Whilst this is a necessary evil for this construction method it will provide a draw back. You would be better buying a decent pocket sprung mattress and then a topper that can be turned and rotated. It also means you can replace this rather than the entire mattress when it dips and sags after a few years, which it will. Whilst they have a 5 year guarantee this is proportional so anything after 2 years suddenly starts to degrade and its not a full money back guarantee.

    To be honest at your price point you would struggle to get a decent pocket sprung and memory foam bed. I would advise you either buy a quality pocket sprung mattress then add a topper or buy a cheap memory foam on relfex foam mattress betting on replacing it in three + years than try and tick all your boxes with your budget as the quality of the components is going to be really low I’m afraid.

    I’d need to know your weight and height to really recommend. My advice based on the assumption your not more than say 15 stone would be to look at our origins comfort and then buy a cheap memory foam topper if you want that sinking feeling. Then you can rotate both parts and you will have an infinitely better mattress that will last far longer than the models you are looking at. Lee

  • chika says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for responding so quickly. I weigh 8 stone and I’m 5’7 so I’m basically petite. I actually have a memory foam topper which I bought about 20 months ago and used on top of a pocket sprung mattress which was causing me a lot of body aches. The topper has now started to dip in the middle sadly so it seems that neither (i.e. the topper and a one-sided pocket memory mattress) hold much benefit, short of going for an expensive range. I’ve spent weeks trying to find a decent mattress and it’s like a minefield – have to admit I’m getting frustrated!

    Hi Chika, No worries we try and respond as quickly as possible as waiting to find a decent mattress can be torture! Ok so you’re only slight. The issue with all memory foam is that it has a relatively short shelf life compared to say latex which has a huge shelf life, but is far more expensive. I’d put money on the fact that a decent pocket sprung mattress with some deep comfort layers will remove the need for you to even tolerate memory foam. I’d recommend you look at our Origins Comfort. I used to have that mattress and is has a very soft top layer but will be supportive enough for you. Its two sided and will far out compete the models you have been looking at. Lee

  • Alex says:

    Hi Lee,
    found your website and was amazed at the info provided. we are after a new 4ft6in double mattress as my present one causes us backache. im 6ft and weigh 13 stone and my wife is 5ft 6inch and weighs 11 stone ,we sleep on our sides and found the orphopedic mattresses to hard and uncomfortable. our present bed is a Sleepeezee cool sensations 1400 4 drawer divan. we bought it from dreams 5 yrs ago, after trying out most of their beds, it is rated as a 4 in firmness but we find it too soft. when we stay in hotels like Holiday inn or premier inn we find their beds really comfortable and my backache goes away after a couple of days. i have been told they use Hypnos beds but not sure of which one.

    Could you advise a suitable replacement mattress in the £600-£750 price range, we want to keep the 4 drawer divan as its perfect for our needs.

    Best Regards


    Hi Alex,
    It is not possible to provide advice as to a similar product to either your current mattress or the Hypnos used in Premier Inns because the descriptions provided in respect of each are very vague in terms of upholstery layers used. Memory foam is very heat retentive and I note that your current mattress has what are described as “integrated hydrophilic fibres”, which seems to mean that they absorb any excess moisture produced as a result of the memory foam layer.

    For your body weights I would recommend the Origins Pocket 1500 mattress, which will provide you both with a medium feel with soft comfort layers and this can be accompanied by a divan base for a current cost of £640.00. Please view this model on our site and prior to placing an order, call our office for more specific advice as to suitability. I trust that this helps, kind regards Mike.

  • Alison Richards says:

    Hi Lee,
    Thank you for such an informative piece on mattresses – I’ve been so confused between miracoil and pocket sprung. However, you have now clarified that for me.
    My existing bed is a Layezee pocket sprung and pocket sprung base. The mattress gave up the ghost 12 months ago at the grand old age of 11years.
    I currently have a cheap pocket sprung mattress with separate mattress topper, but memory foam is a nightmare with my night sweats. I have ME/CFS and Osteo arthritis so I find I need support, but I have very tender pressure points and feel bruised all over.
    Having looked at the sales and finding plenty of polyester 1/2 price mattresses which confused me, I now realise that I would be better off with a mattress constructed from natural materials.
    In the long term it would be an investment, as a cheap quality mattress might deteriorate within the 5 year guarantee period.
    Can you please advise me on the likelihood of acquiring a reasonably priced quality double pocket sprung mattress under £500 from yourselves?
    I’m probably way off the mark price wise but would appreciate some realistic advice please.
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards

    Hi Alison,
    Naturally upholstered pocket sprung mattresses are quite expensive primarily because of the cost of the natural fibres used. The cheapest double mattress in our Artisan range (naturally upholstered) is £785. Our Origins range has a number of models, which represent excellent value for money and are quality synthetically upholstered pocket sprung mattresses. I note that you have not specified your body weight, but would suggest that you view the details of the Origins Pocket 1500 on our site. This mattress will provide a medium feel with soft comfort layers in the top for someone of average body weight. If you are interested, having viewed the product and would like further advice regarding the suitability, I would ask that you call our office. Kind regards Mike.

  • Tina S says:

    Hi we needed to replace out mattress, after trying various ones in Feather & Black, we opted for a ‘Bronte’ 3000 pocket sprung in tension 6. I have back and shoulder problems and it seemed good mattress for us both, taking into account weight difference.
    The mattress has arrived and the first 3 nights I slept very little so uncomfortable, week later bit better but not sleeping well. We have option of changing mattress, but despite reading all your help and speaking to store, we are very confused about what to do. The next mattress up is ‘Tennyson ‘4000 springs, with no other difference, after that it is ‘Owen’ 5000 springs turnable. The Owen was lovely in store but about £400 (in current sale for King size)more than we can really afford, but we are so confused now we don’t know if we should go for ‘Tennyson’ & hope higher spring count will be better, bust ourselves financially for the ‘Owen’,or brave it out with our current mattress as we have been advised until it settles. Please, please help!

    Hi Tina,
    You should always allow at least two weeks for your body to get used to a new mattress. Incidentally, increasing the number of springs does not necessarily mean that you will receive a more comfortable mattress. This is because the additional layers of springs tend to replace upholstery layers and in terms of comfort, do not afford you the same levels as natural upholstery. I note that the published description of the upholstery used in the Bronte is somewhat vague and does not provide you with specific details of the GSM (grams per square metre) of the upholstery, making any advice as to the suitability of the product practically impossible.

    If you do opt to return the product and obtain a refund, I would suggest that you look at the products in our Artisan range, but be aware that lead in time for these products is 4 – 5 weeks. Kind regards Mike.

  • Lynn says:

    I was just about to purchase a mattress from Groupon. I have recent lower back pain and it feels like burning sometimes. I can’t be sure that this isn’t due to strain, but my mattress is over 6 years old so it’s time to move on.

    I like the fact that this mattress seems good and I have read reviews on Amazon that are very good in relation to Happy Beds’ mattresses.

    This is the deal on Groupon. It’s very affordable to me cause of the saving. Just wanted your opinion. I have read that for lower back pain a medium to firm mattress is the right kind, not totally firm.

    Your opinion on this mattress would be appreciated before I go and purchase it.

    Hi Lynn,
    Having viewed the offer on Groupon and because the specific details of the upholstery and spring units are not provided, it is impossible for me to provide an opinion as to the quality, performance or value of this product. Having said that, if this falls within your budget, which is always a major factor in addition to the feel required, then it may be right for you. It is described as medium and I would agree that you ought to opt for this rather than a firm mattress if you have back issues. I am sorry I could not provide a more positive response. Kind regards Mike.

  • Mal says:

    Hi Alex

    Currently have a Sealy Premier Divan…over 30 years old…and until recently we thought it was fairly comfortable…but we are now convinced we need a new one.

    Looking for a double size…natural materials..preferably soft (if advisable)
    …wife 54kg, myself 69 kg.

    Would you recommend keeping the old platform top base and investing more in the mattress and topper….or compromising on the mattress and getting a new base.

    Hi Mal,
    First of all, can I say how well you have done to get 30 years out of your current mattress. If the base is in good condition, there is no need to replace it and the mattresses in our Artisan range, which have natural upholstery layers can be used on a platform base, although they will feel slightly firmer than if placed on a sprung base. The softest model in the Artisan range is the Luxury and for you both a soft tension would be appropriate. Please view this model on our site and then call our office for more specific advice as to its suitability for your requirements. Kind regards Mike.

  • Ellen flack says:

    I need to replace a single mattress for a wooden slatted base.It s for a spare room,but at moment i m using it as my husband is ill and needs his own space.I may be using it for a while so would li,e it to be quite a good one.My budget really is £300. I definatly don t want memory foam as it s too warm.My local John Lewis is where i automatically think of,can you advise me p.ease ?
    Submitted on 2015/10/05 at 15:59

    I need to add that because of back problems i need a supportive bed,firm to medium i think thanks

    Hi Ellen,
    There is a misconception that if you have back problems you ought to opt for a firm mattress. This is in direct contradiction to the current advice provided by the Institute of Chiropractors and perhaps you should read this Unfortunately, none of our products are priced within your budget, but what you should be looking for is support from the springs and comfort from the upholstery layers. I am not able to make any specific recommendation in respect of alternative products to ours on the market because of the lack of published information regarding the same. Kind regards Mike.

  • Alan Wyllie says:

    Hi John & Ryan,

    I’m looking to buy a high quality std double or kingsize mattress/bed and I’ve found your web site to be a great help explaining the fetures and pros and cons involved in making a short list and final selection.

    I’m 6ft and just under 13st while my wife is maybe 5ft6 and usually under 8st. We are both in our early-mid 60s and have typical aches and pains in backs, shoulders and hips especially after a night on our (20 year ?) old Sealy Posturepaedic mattress. Our budget could stretch to £2500.

    Our current base is an even older Myers 2-piece unsprung drawer divan which seems to have wooden slats running lengthwise, covered in a thin layer of foam and material. So, my first question is whether we should go for a more expensive mattress and retain the existing base, or split our budget to include a new base and if so then what would be your recommendation for the relative importance and budget split between mattress and base ? If we keep our old base, should we consider using some MDF board similar to your suggestions for a slatted base, and if so would you recommend using something like a Vispring bedstead mattress pad between the MDF and the mattress ?

    We don’t want a memory foam or laytex mattress and are pretty much decided on a pocket sprung mattress. Given our weights, the suggested spring tension would be medium for myself and soft for my wife. So my second question is would a single tension (medium or soft ?) be suitable, or should we be looking for either a dual-tension mattress or a zip & link ? I would imagine the restrictions on ability to turn/rotate would be similar for dual tension and zip & link, unless the latter had zips on multiple edges of each mattress. Although you imply this might be an extra cost option, I can’t find any specific details.

    What would be the additional cost for dual tension ? I would also imagine that zip & link will be more expensive than the equivalent one piece, but how much more would be resonable ?

    At the moment, my short (?) list contains your own Artisan mattresses, the John Lewis own brand Natural Collection and the Vispring mattresses made for JL. Would you agree that these 3 ranges have very similar offerings, with the JL Naturals perhaps lying between the other 2 in terms of price points for similar specs, but what are your views on the relative merits.

    With regards to specifications, JL provide details of the spring counts and the various upholstery layers but do not give any GSM figures. I’ve also looked at the Vispring web site and they only give the same details as JL, and I can’t find any GSM figures contrary to what you suggest in your replies to other comments. Your Mattress Comparison page has very detailed GSM figures for Vispring so could you confirm where you obtained those figures.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Any additional advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Hi Alan,
    You are correct is suggesting that the appropriate spring tension, bearing in mind your body weights, is medium for you and soft for your wife. There are no additional costs associated with a split tension mattress, although zip and link sets are more expensive in any event. We do not make zip and link sets with zips on all sides and it is not something we are intending to adopt at present because there is a significant cost implication associated with this.
    I note that your short list includes the John Lewis Natural Collection, made exclusively for them by Harrisons, the Vi-Spring models made for retail by John Lewis and our own Artisan range. In short, I am unable to provide an opinion as to the benefits or otherwise of the Natural Collection or exclusive Vi-Spring models as the published details of the upholstery used are not specific. In Vi-Spring’s own products, they used to disclose the GSM of upholstery, but have recently opted to leave this information out of any published specifications. The comparisons we make are with the previously published details provided in Vi-Spring catalogues. As you know, we fully detail the GSM in our products and from that point of view and price, in my opinion, we represent the more appropriate selection i.e. you know exactly what your are buying.
    As far as your base is concerned, there is no need to replace this if it is in good order, however, not to do so may be a false economy in the short term. All our Artisan mattresses are paired with firm edge sprung bases as these provide the most suitable surface for those products. Having said that, all the mattresses in that range can be used on any type of base. I trust that this is of assistance to you, but if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call our office. Kind regards Mike.

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