What is Silentnight Mirapocket?

Justine asked
10th November 2014

Hi, thanks a lot for posting that article-your all advice are so helpful But while looking for a perfect matteress for me I got really confused. It’s about Silentnight Mirapocket system. Is Mirapocket a pocket sprung system or a continuous coil???

From their website’s description it looks like it’s a pocket but in your earlier reply to some person comment you said it’s a continuous coil topped up with with a layer of mini springs. I am quite confused now as I do want a pocket sprung mattress. For now I have 2 mattresses to choose from (all about the same price) however I also found a 3rd one that may be still the same thing as a 2nd one (or maybe not-this is what I am also so confused about). 1.Coolmax 1000 Pocket Sprung memory foam Mattress 2.Silentnight Essential Pocket 1000 Memory Mattress 3.Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Mirapocket Memory Mattress Is the 2nd and 3rd mattress same thing or nor??

Which would you recommend to buy?

I would be so grateful for your reply and many thanks in advance Justine

1 Answer
answered 8 years ago

Hi Justine,


Thanks for your excellent comment.


From what we can see mattresses 2 and 3 are the same.


The two mattresses referred to as 1 & 2 have separately encased pocket springs and each has memory foam. We receive a lot of feedback that memory foam is very hot; This makes sense as memory foam requires heat retention in order to adapt to your body movements.


Have you chosen these two because you have a preference for memory foam and what size of mattress are you looking for?


There are two types of springs, Miracoil & Mirapocket and both are unique and exclusive to Silentnight. The miracoil is very similar to an open coil mattress which we advise against. Please read our article here for more information on cage sprung mattresses here. The Mirapocket is their version of a pocket spring more on everything about pocket springs here.



We would need to know your body weights, preference of feel in the top layers and budget as these are the minimum requirements when considering a new purchase.


As you have specified that you require a pocket sprung mattress, I would suggest you take a look at the mattresses in our Origins range, but if your budget permits, it may be worth viewing our Artisan range.


Our Origins range is a range of traditional pocket sprung mattresses with synthetic fibres in the construction. Our Artisan range is a range of pocket sprung mattresses with natural fillings in the construction. The Artisan range, from the Artisan Naturals upwards, uses Calico Pocket Springs – Generally considered to be the higher end of pocket springs – and the natural fillings provide a cool sleep surface; Ideal for anyone who identifies as a hot sleeper.


I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you need any further assistance please contact our office on 0161 437 4419. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.


Kind Regards, Mike.