How Can Wool in Your Mattress Help You Sleep Better?

swaledale sheep from John Ryan Website

It’s difficult to believe that a mattress material such as wool could be a key factor in helping you get a better, more soothing night’s sleep, but it’s true. Wool is actually an amazing natural fibre, which is why we use only British Wool in our Luxury Natural Fibre Mattresses. It’s also a natural sleeping…

What Makes Coir Such a Great Natural Fibre For Luxury Mattresses

Coir mattress upholstery layer

Natural Fibres are unsurprisingly far more functional, sustainable, and healthier than any other man-made alternatives. They are the finest quality of mattress components, used frequently for their breathability, responsiveness and durability – one of the best Natural Fibres out there, is Coir, a central ingredient in our Natural Fibre mattresses. Now when you hear if…

Mattress Shopping? Why Tufting Matters!

Mattress tufts and tools

Are you looking for a brand new mattress? If so then you’ll obviously be looking for the best quality sleep experience for your money. You’ll need a mattress that’s supportive, responsive, durable, breathable and comforting. You’ve probably already seen a number of online mattresses some with tufts and some without. Maybe wondering what they are…

Is There Really Such a Thing As An Anti-Dust Mite Mattress?

Woman with allergies from John Ryan Website

You’ve probably seen the ‘anti-dust mite’ mattress advertisements before from various bed retailers. Often memory foam or latex mattresses are equated with being able to prevent dust mites, due to them not being able to pass through the mattress material’s solid structure. However, it’s really important not to get sucked into buying mattresses from sellers…

Why GSM is The Most Important Feature of Your Mattress

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At John Ryan, we pride ourselves on giving you all the details that really matter the most when it comes to purchasing your new mattress. Unfortunately, we know that the vast majority of manufacturers actually hold back on a key piece of information, because once you know and understand this, it’s the only way you…

Why Do I Constantly Get So Hot And Bothered When I Sleep?

Fan for hot sleeper from John Ryan Website

Your body temperature when you sleep is very important, and can actually play a pivotal role in your sleep cycle. The weather and what you do throughout the day, can of course cause your body temperature to constantly fluctuate. But at night, just before you drift off, it will drop in order to induce sleep.…

Do You Really Know Exactly What Goes Into Your Mattress?

John Ryan Artisan Luxury Cutaway

Deciding on a new mattress isn’t just about physically going somewhere to lie down on one for a few minutes. Because this doesn’t really tell you anything about what you’re looking at, or how it’s meant to feel. In reality there’s really no need to physically try out a mattress if you already know exactly…

How are Artisan mattresses made?

Close up of John Ryan Handles on Mattresses

At John Ryan, our passion and dedication are skilfully woven into the crafting of every single one of our Luxury Mattresses, to create the very best mattresses for your money. We understand that the little details really matter when it comes to getting a soothing night’s sleep. Did you know each Artisan mattress takes around…