April 2019

What Makes Coir Such a Great Natural Fibre For Luxury Mattresses

Natural Fibres are unsurprisingly far more functional, sustainable, and healthier than any other man-made alternatives. They are the finest quality of mattress components, used frequently for their breathability, responsiveness and durability – one of the best Natural Fibres out there, is Coir, a central ingredient in our Natural Fibre mattresses. Now when you hear if coir you maybe thinking of door mats, coconut stands at fairs or tropical beaches but there’s so much more to coir!

What is Coir?

coir fibres

Coir is the outer fibre produced by Coconuts. Coconuts are renowned for being an abundant hardwearing source of Natural Fibres. Coir is a super substance derived from the husks of ripe coconuts, and used to make healthy mattresses, among other things. It’s created by pressing the coconut husk into sheets of springy and breathable fibre, which are perfect for the filling of a mattress. Super tough coir has been used for years in hardwearing fibres such as door mats and as a support unit in upholstery.

What’s great about it?

This super resilient fibre is positively packed with sleep-enhancing goodness when compared to synthetic alternatives and brings with it a number of great benefits, including:

Plenty of rebound

As well as being resilient, Coir is also incredibly tough yet highly elastic, which means it can provide fantastic rebound properties, similar to that of horsehair. This makes it ideal for offering lightweight support. It can also be made more resilient for heavier sleepers by spraying it in natural latex, to make it a little tougher. Plus, unlike synthetic fibres and foams, Coir is naturally very springy and durable.

Very breathable

Coir is not only naturally absorbent and supportive, it’s also incredibly breathable. This allows the fibre to enhance the overall sleep experience, making you feel more comfortable each night. The task of getting the recommended 8 hours of shut-eye a day will be easily achievable, which is vital for all of the health benefits that brings.

Eases allergens

Any asthma and allergy sufferers will very much appreciate the properties of Coir, as the fibre naturally supports better breathability thanks to its anti-dust mite qualities. Any mattress containing Coir could significantly reduce allergens from flaring up, leaving sufferers to sleep soundly each night.

Naturally insulating

Artisan bespoke mattress

Thanks to its great properties, Coir can be used as either an insulator against a spring unit or in layers as a natural spring unit. Combined with its breathability, this all helps to regulate body temperature and ensure a sublime sleep experience. Our Artisan Bespoke 003 utilises a Coir insulator layer on top of a dual spring support system and in our Artisan Latex vegan Mattress. So why not have a look at how humble Coir is more than just a doormat or tropical cocktail?

Want to know more about Coir and other Natural Fibres? You can read all about them here, or get in touch with us today for more information, on 0161 437 4419.

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