April 2019

What Makes Bamboo Such a Great Natural Fibre For Luxury Mattresses?

When it comes to crafting a Luxury Natural Fibre mattress, there has been a growing movement towards the use of Natural Plant Fibres. Not only are they an ideal ethical choice as a mattress upholstery material if you want to avoid animal products, but they are also in plentiful supply, unlike animal fibre alternatives. At John Ryan, we have been leading the way in plant-based mattresses with our Artisan range providing you with some innovative sleep solutions.

Whether you prefer plant fibres because of allergens, or certain lifestyle requirements, their environmental benefits, or you just love the luxurious feel; they are certainly a hugely popular option. In particular, bamboo is one of the most remarkable natural fibres around and can provide you with a really soft & cool mattress comfort layer. So, what makes it such a great Natural Fibre choice for a Pocket Sprung Mattresses?

Fast growing, versatile and eco-friendly

Bamboo is a plant most people can easily identify and no doubt you’ve heard of it before. But perhaps you didn’t know that it’s one of the fastest growing and most versatile plants around, making it an ideal material option for mattress makers. This fibre is known as Bamboo cellulose and we use it in our Artisan range as a mattress upholstery layer. Interestingly Bamboo is from the grass family Poaceae so is a distant cousin of the humble garden lawn.

It’s also very environmentally friendly, releasing more oxygen into the environment and requiring no pesticides when it’s being grown. Did you know that 40 million hectares of Bamboo are grown globally and it uses a fraction of the water to grow?

So, choosing bamboo in a Luxury Natural Fibre mattress, will mean you’re choosing a bed that not only helps protect the environment, but you’ll be able to rest assured knowing no herbicides or pesticide chemicals have been used when it was harvested.

Great for temperature regulation

Bamboo is incredibly breathable, much more so than other products, and has even faster moisture wicking properties than cotton. This explains why it is more expensive, as Bamboo absorbs moisture much more effectively meaning it provides a fresher sleep surface.

If you happen to be a hot sleeper, then bamboo can provide you with a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It’s incredible properties will keep you cool on warm nights and cozy on cold nights, as your temperature is always regulated and moisture is quickly wicked away from the body so it can evaporate rather than stay damp like Polyester and other man-made fibres.

Offers superior comfort and support

artisan sublime luxury mattress

A mattress crafted with 100% Natural Fibres is always going to feel fantastic, and Bamboo fibre is no different. As well as being a tough and flexible fibre, it’s also very soft when processed, making it one of the most comfortable fibres around. It’s even softer than cotton, and it can maintain its comfort level no matter the season due to its high resilience. Meaning as much as it is soft, it’s also super hard wearing.

If you’re looking to purchase a new mattress, especially a healthy one that provides relief from pressure points and allergies, then Bamboo can be one of the best options. It’s also itch-free and hypoallergenic, which means you won’t suffer if you have asthma or other skin allergies. We include a massive 800GSM in the top layer of our Artisan Sublime, in order to offer a higher level of body-cradling comfort and progressive support from the Calico springs/” class=”” >pocket spring unit which is tailored to your bodyweight.

 John Ryan By Design Artisan Sublime
1800gsm Bamboo
21200gsm Alpaca
3Hairproof Cambric Cover
41200gsm Pure Horsetail
51200gsm Organic Flax
61000gsm Coconut Fibre Coir
72508 (2 tiers) Calico encased Pocket Springs [56mm] [1.40mm]
Total GSM5400gsm

Bamboo can be an ideal comfort layer for you, whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or front sleeper. Giving you a soft yet resilient top comfort layer in our bamboo mattress which is far more breathable than synthetic polyester or foams. It also has a huge lifespan when compared to man-made fibres. Want to know more about plant fibres? Why not read this next Plant Fibre article or for more information, please get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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