May 2019

How Can Wool in Your Mattress Help You Sleep Better?

It’s difficult to believe that a mattress material such as wool could be a key factor in helping you get a better, more soothing night’s sleep, but it’s true. Wool is actually an amazing natural fibre, which is why we use only British Wool in our Luxury Natural Fibre Mattresses.

It’s also a natural sleeping aid, so if you’re really struggling to get some decent shuteye, then switching to wool could be the best way to improve your sleep quality. Here’s how Wool can help…

Effective heat exchange

Wool possesses extremely effective heat exchange properties, keeping you cool when you need it, and warm when you don’t. It’s a natural insulator that can dissipate the humidity your body produces, keeping you at the optimum sleep temperature, without causing you to overheat.

Also, it’s very breathable, which means it works to keep you nice and cool if you happen to be a hot sleeper. With the ability to warm you up in winter and cool you off in the summer, Wool will work wonders for enhancing your sleep quality all year round.

Stopping those night sweats

Other materials such as cotton can only absorb a small percentage of its weight in water, which can contribute to you often waking up sweaty and uncomfortable.

artisan naturals mattress

By comparison, Wool is one of the most high wicking Natural Fibres around. It’s able to absorb and draw moisture away from your body, much more effectively than bedding made from synthetic materials. With wool, you’re a lot less likely to wake up to the clammy night sweats.

Defeating dust mites

Dust mites are common in every household, and if their numbers grow too much they can cause

itchiness, reddening of the eyes, sneezing, and inflammation in the skin in the form of eczema. Luckily, proper mattress care and maintenance can keep their numbers at bay, and so can Natural Fibres such as wool.

Warm, moist environments are where dust mites can thrive, and Wool offers the exact opposite of this. Wool’s ability to regulate temperature and release moisture, make it a perfect choice for repelling dust mites.

Fights against fungal spores

Swaledale Wool

Cheap synthetic fibres can end up trapping heat, which creates a moist, humid environment that’s ideal for fungal spores to grow in. Before long any allergies you may have will start to flare up in the night, leading to sneezing, coughing and dry, itchy eyes.

Thanks to its unique combination of heat and moisture regulation and hypoallergenic qualities, Wool is very effective at repelling fungal spores. Leaving you to settle down for a more deep, regenerative sleep, without the sneezes!

Want to know more about the Natural Fibres we use in our Pocket Sprung Natural Fibre mattresses? Please get in touch with our small team of experts on 0161 437 4419 or [email protected]

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