September 2018

The Science Behind Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Science and sleep should always go hand-in-hand, after all we’re all aware of how important sleep is to our bodies and minds. Sleep isn’t an exact science though, as many scientists still don’t really understand why we need it, but they all agree that it’s essential to our health.

Research is always being conducted of how our sleep can be improved, especially when it comes to mattresses. At John Ryan, we take the science of sleep seriously, but we also like to keep things simple in regards to getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

With this in mind, we wanted to be honest and open with you about how exactly our pocket sprung mattresses work to provide you with all the comfort and support you could ask for, when you settle down for a soothing snooze. So, let’s take a look at why pocket sprung mattresses are at the forefront of luxury, sleep enhancing science…

A mattress that’s uniquely comforting

Breaking down the science behind a quality mattress can help you understand exactly how it provides you with a wonderful night’s sleep, and give you the insight you need when deciding which mattress is best suited to you.

 pocket sprung mattress

Our resilient and flexible pocket sprung mattresses are meticulously designed and tailored to each person’s bodyweight, in order to provide the maximum amount of support and comfort your body needs. The real key to the science behind this, is of course the pocket springs themselves.

The soothing science of pocket springs

As the name suggests, each individual spring in a pocket sprung mattress is wrapped in its own pocket of material. Because the springs aren’t directly attached to each other, they can all work independently, unlike traditional cage spring mattresses.

Calico firm pocket springs

Each cushioned pocket spring can effectively absorb all of your movements, reacting and adjusting themselves to the pressure the shape of your body makes. Not only does this prevent you from disturbing any other sleepers (if you happen to toss and turn at night), it also provides full support for the whole of your body as it stretches out across the soothing pocket springs.

A pocket sprung mattress works to distribute your weight evenly, with each individually wrapped spring pushing against the contours of your body. Blissful relaxation follows as pressure points are gently cradled, and your joints are collectively soothed and supported by the pocket springs and comfort layers.

Pocket springs in our Artisan collection are also constructed with a corrosion resistant Vanadium coating, which helps to make the mattress extremely durable, and our higher models of pocket sprung products come with a Natural Calico covering for even more breathable comfort and support.

It’s not just about the springs

Although the unique pocket springs can cater to any sleeping position that you prefer, through effective weight distribution, muscle and joint relief. They are also supported by luxurious layers of Natural fillings.

mohair filling

These layers are usually a mix of Natural fibers, such as Cotton and Wool blends, but there are also horsehair, Alpaca, Mohair and Coir fibres in our high end models. All of them provide differing layers of softness before a final layer of padding delivers that extra important bit of cushioning. Because each mattress is refined with elegant side stitching, they can easily maintain their shape and structure. The fillings of a pocket sprung mattress is prevented from shifting thanks to the high-quality tufting giving a plump feel to the top of the mattress.

Our body temperature can rise during the night, which can negatively affect the quality of our sleep. Even with their multiple layers of spring and upholstery, our Natural Fibre pocket sprung mattresses are very breathable, allowing for ample natural air flow between your body and the material, to give you that cool calm feeling as you drift off.

We believe in the science behind pocket sprung mattresses

At John Ryan, we don’t believe in basic. We believe the right mattress can transform your life, helping you to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. Especially those that are beautifully built to offer exceptional quality, with a blend of luxurious depth, softness, firmness and detail – giving you a sumptuous and satisfying feel.

So, take advantage of the science behind our pocket sprung mattresses, and help your mind de-stress, as the generous comfort layers begin to caress your whole body. After a few moments of being nestled in soft and supportive comfort, your bedroom will be transformed into the most tranquil of environments.

The combination of the comfort layers and pocket springs will provide you with unrivalled support, making these mattresses ideal for any kind of sleeper. Especially those who prefer a bit of extra bounce and springiness to their mattress, instead of that sinking feeling.

What pocket sprung mattresses do we offer?

Our diverse and extensive range of luxury pocket sprung mattresses come in both Natural Fibre and Man made fibre

Artisan naturals pocket sprung mattress

They are split between the Origins and Artisan range, with the Origins Pocket 1500 and the Artisan Naturals being our most popular choices.

We always want to be certain that you’re happy with your mattress, which is why we operate under a 60 day ‘Love It or Return It’ guarantee. We’ll come and collect the mattress free of charge with a full refund, if you’re not satisfied within the first 60 days.

For more information on pocket sprung mattresses get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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