May 2019

All Natural Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

natural sleep

It’s 2 AM and you’re tossing and turning, checking your phone, and counting backwards from 100— you can’t sleep! Unfortunately, we’ve all been there, and for some, sleeplessness has developed into a regular nightly occurrence. Finding your sleep can be more than frustrating, and oftentimes can lead to developing a dependency for unhealthy sleep remedies. It’s time to (quite literally) stop losing sleep over the matter. Below are a few helpful tips and all-natural sleep remedies to try next time you’re suffering from sleeplessness.

Herbal Tea:

For centuries, herbal teas have been an easy and reliable remedy for relaxation, and sleepless nights. Among the most popular, and effective, are Chamomile and Valerian Root teas, because of their sedative-like effects on your body. Try having a warm mug of tea before bed to help you relax and unwind.

Essential Oils:

These all natural, and fragrance-filled oils are extracted from plants like Lavender and Cedarwood, and  are very effective in improving relaxation and sleep. By either breathing them in, or absorbing these oils on your skin,  you can activate chemicals in your body that are involved in controlling sleep cycles. Investing in these could have significant effects for relaxation and sleep.


Studies show that using smartphones, laptops, TV screens (anything that produces blue light at night) disrupts our brain’s production of melatonin. This makes your brain more alert, and less tired, even when your body should be resting. Try replacing a screen with a book before bed, or get blue-light blocking glasses—your body will thank you later.

Herbal Supplements:

In order to tackle sleeplessness, doctors’ first line of defence is oftentimes to suggest  that their patients’ use herbal supplements to regulate sleep patterns. Supplements such as Melatonin are very effective in promoting our natural sleep hormones, and calming our brain. Take the recommended dosage of your preferred supplement as you’re winding down, right before bed.

Invest In Comfort:


It is possible that your sleeping arrangements have something to do with your lack of sleep. If this is the case, try investing in the proper mattress to compliment your sleeping patterns, and your body’s needs. There are several sleeping options out there, so make sure you’re doing your research to make sure that your bed is the perfect one for you!

Perfect Your Bedtime Routine:

If you’re tossing and turning in your mattress, try committing to a bedtime routine. Our body’s internal clock gets used to our daily activities in order to prepare for what’s ahead. So if your body is preparing to sleep at the same time every night, this could help lock in quality sleeping patterns. At the same time each night, try unwinding with a warm bath or reading a book. Then set a reminder to get to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

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