August 2020

Hot Sleepers: Tips for a cool nights sleep

Are you one of the millions of hot sleepers in the UK who struggles to sleep because of overheating? If so then this guide should help you in getting a cooler more restful nights sleep. We've helped thousands of sleepers over the years improve their bedrooms for a better nights sleep.

Being a hot sleeper is no joke and can turn bedtimes into a real struggle to stay cool. Sleepers may have legs out of the bed, fans on full blast and still feel too warm to get a good night sleep.

A mattress on a divan base
We provide our top mattress tips to staying cool at night

How to stay cool in bed

Here are our top 10 tips to help you overcome the issues of being a warm sleeper. Helping to keep you cool and comfortable in bed at night.

  1. Choose the coolest mattress type
  2. Eating before bedtime will make you warmer
  3. Choosing the correct bedding to reduce heat
  4. Checking your heating schedule during the night
  5. Increasing airflow for ventilation
  6. Switch off electronic devices
  7. Pick the right mattress size
  8. Picking breathable mattress support
  9. Stay Hydrated
  10. Avoid late-night exercise

1. Have you picked the coolest mattress?

Did you know that memory foam and synthetic foam mattresses, like the boxed rolled ones you see online actually retain heat? Yes! It’s true they keep hold of the heat your body produces which is what allows them to mould. This can become unbearable for warm and hot sleepers, especially during the summer months. If you’re a warm sleeper than a Natural Fibre mattress is the coolest type to help wick away moisture and heat keeping you cooler. They are also far more resilient and less likely to sag and degrade.

Artisan Sublime close
Choosing a Natural Fibre Mattress that’s tailored to your body weight can help keep you cooler at night.

We’ve spoken to thousands of people who have suffered from foam mattresses keeping them awake at night due to heat. If you’re already a warm sleeper then Natural Fibres should always be chosen over man-made synthetic fibres

2. Are you eating just before bedtime?

If so you could unknowingly suffer from gustatory sweating. This is where you start to sweat and feel hot after eating. If you’re eating just before bedtime then you could inadvertently be making yourself warmer before getting into bed. It’s always advisable to have a one to a two-hour gap from your last meal before bed to let your digestive system settle. This can also prevent indigestion and discomfort whilst trying to get to sleep.

Table full of food
Are you a late-night snacker? Did you know this can increase your body temperature before sleep?

3. Choose natural fibre bedding to keep cool

Polyester blend bedding has meant that mattress covers have become far cheaper and readily available. Did you know that polyester is one of the least breathable fabrics for bedding? Meaning that if you get hot it keeps the heat trapped beneath it. If you’re looking to stay cool at night then a cotton-rich or natural fibre blend would be preferable. They may cost more but you really do get what you pay for and it can help keep you far cooler. The same goes for your duvet as well. Make sure you’re choosing the lowest tog duvet you can find and consider natural fillings such as wool and goose down if possible. These are far more breathable and high wicking meaning a cooler nights sleep all round and make them a worthwhile investment over white fibre bedding.

White cashmere cross section
Cashmere, Wool, Cotton and Bamboo are some of the most breathable natural fibres available for bedding

4. Check your central heating or Nest heating schedule

It may sound obvious but is your heating or Nest thermostat coming on in the middle of the night? You’d be surprised just how many times we hear this from customers that they’re waking up with the hot sweats and when they check their heating is set for during the night. If you’re a really warm sleeper then make sure your bedroom radiator thermostat is turned off to prevent heat from waking you up.

5. Ensure good mattress airflow

If you’re a warm sleeper then providing good ventilation during the night is key. Leave a window ajar at night to ensure that cooler air can circulate. Opening a window an hour before bed can help ensure your mattress is cool when you get into it. Fans can help keep you cool but will increase the noise in the bedroom which in turn can lead to disruptive sleep. It’s better to ensure the bedroom is cool before you go to bed by having fans running an hour or so before you go to bed. Then switch them off when you get into bed.

Natural fibre mattresses will help keep you far cooler during the night
Natural fibre mattresses will help keep you far cooler during the night
Changing your bedding from polyester to cotton can have a dramatic improvement on sleep temperatures
Changing your bedding from polyester to cotton can have a dramatic improvement on sleep temperatures

6. Switch off electronics before bedtime

Did you know that all those chargers, Tv’s and electronic devices in your bedroom are emitting small amounts of heat? We advise that you move as many electronics out of the bedroom to help keep it cooler at night. Also, its good practice to limit the amount of blue light that phones and laptops give off just before bed as they can overstimulate your brain, meaning its harder to get to sleep.

7. Choose the correct mattress size

If you’re sharing a bed with a partner do you have enough space in your current mattress to allow each other ‘breathing space’? If your room size allows it a larger mattress can result in a cooler night sleep as there is more airflow between you and your partner. Zip and link mattresses can be an excellent choice to allow both of you your own spring tension and reduce transference during the night. Both of which can lead to disturbed sleep!

We have a handy guide here about every mattress size so you can check which one is best suited for your bedroom. The bigger the mattress then the more room you will have to stay well ventilated and cool at night.

8. Do you have the most breathable mattress support?

The type of mattress support you have will also affect the temperature of your bedroom at night. Foam mattresses may be initially cheaper than their pocket spring mattress rivals but they do retail an awful lot of heat. As the support layer is usually foam too so air gets trapped and then heats up keeping you red hot at night. Where possible a pocket sprung mattress can really help keep you cool at night by allowing proper airflow through your mattress. A pocket sprung mattress will also be far more breathable than a synthetic memory foam model. Air can pass through the pocket springs far more readily than foam.

9. Stay hydrated before bedtime

Staying hydrated before bed can ensure your body has everything it needs to stay cooler during the night. If you’re dehydrated then your body temperature will increase. This is because your body does not have enough fluid to sweat properly and regulate core temperature.  Therefore your temperature will rise. We recommend keeping a glass of water by the bedside table to ensure you’re well-hydrated during the night.

10. Avoid late-night exercise

If you’re a night owl you may be used to working out late at night to keep on top of your fitness schedule. However, this can play havoc with your core temperature and can lead to late-night overheating. if possible it’s always better both for your body and sleep regime to exercise first thing in the morning.

Blue exercise equipment on a matt
Late-night exercise can increase your core temperature and lead to restless sleep

If you’re a warm or hot sleeper getting to sleep can be really difficult. The biggest areas for improvement are avoiding memory foam mattresses and opting for Natural Fibres in your mattress and bedding. Ensuring the bedroom is cool before you go to bed, staying hydrated and not eating just before bedtime can also dramatically improve your sleep temperature.

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